European economies stand strong today because its citizens were encouraged and are still being encouraged to embrace entrepreneurship. They have successfully built strong economies, which many Africans envy and do everything possible to work in those countries. We, Africans have been blessed with natural resources and human skills. All these, if properly harnessed and used, the rest of the world will envy us. Unfortunately, many youths in Africa are falsely groomed with the mentality that the quest for a better life can only be found abroad.

But I believe that Africans can use their skills and potential to change the continent for the better. As a spoken word artist, I use my works to inspire young people into entrepreneurship and job creation. Most African youths lack self-confidence and are scared of daring and taking risks associated with creating businesses.

The fear of the unknown always looms in their minds whenever they concede the idea of entrepreneurship. Fear, which is only an illusion, is as a result of negative thoughts by the inner mind and only exists in the mind.

Entrepreneurship in Africa: Why African Youths Should Harness Their Skills

A new generation of Africans would leapfrog into entrepreneurship

Usually, I’m inspired by the desire to see a new generation of Africans who believe in themselves and their capabilities and are ready to go against the current beliefs to build businesses for themselves, and to create opportunities for others. One of my major challenges is trying to convince people to change the wrong mentality which they have long conceived about embracing entrepreneurship.

Over the years as an Artist, I have written more than 40 slams, performing them in front of national and international audiences.

Entrepreneurship in Africa: Why African Youths Should Harness Their Skills

My journey to entrepreneurship and Spoken Word Artistry hasn’t always been easy. Like any other entrepreneur, I’ve been faced with challenges and setbacks. But in the face of that, the passion and love for Art have always been the driving force that keeps me on my wheels.

I believe youths can rise and work in building the Africa they all love and want to see. This is something that pushes me every day to keep working to make this a reality.

Not for a second have I forgotten to give praise where it’s due. God has always been by my side and has been my guide throughout. He has helped me in overcoming major challenges in my career. While this may sound strange to some, but I believe God destined me to do this.

Through my works, I’ve positively impacted thousands of lives, more yet to be. Now more than ever, the continent needs more young people who strongly believe in a brighter future of Africa. Sooner than expected, Africa will be the talk of the world by its incredible inventions. Yes, Africans can!  

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