Wanna give your brand an African touch? Affiliating your brand with African prints could be interesting. Basically, you can spice your brand using elements of the African culture such as fabrics in your logo, company culture, and product lines.

Businesses and personal brands are beginning to understand the essence of culture and that people easily relay profoundly with a certain aspect of their culture. Branding entails the impressions you create about your company or product in the minds of its targeted customers.

african touch

African fabrics are irresistible. An assortment of beautiful colours and a variety of patterns make fabrics from Africa unique and identical. Therefore, associating African prints and having regards for its culture eventually gives your brand an African touch.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how you can spice your brand and make it have that African touch.

Hook up with Fashion Designers

Africa’s fashion designers come forth with exotic designs year in year out by infusing these fabrics to reflect certain aspects of African culture. You can probably meet a top notch fashion designer like Louis Fame McCarter to develop a concept how to fuse in African print to your brand.

This could be done by selecting a print that matches up with your corporate colours. Incorporating African print to your corporate attire speaks well of your brand. For instance, waiters and waitresses of Iya Restaurant Buea wear attires that are designed with African prints give an African touch to their brand.

Use  Paintings to get an African touch

There are so many prolific African painters out there who can do you great artistry work by coming up with an astounding and decent work of paintings that reflect what your company stands for.

African portraits are simply the best as it gives your office that African touch together with sculptures and artefacts of the African heritage. for example, Iya Buea which is a fine-dining gastronomic experience drawing on Cameroon’s rich & varied cultural heritage.

Iya has got a great sense of the Cameroonian culture incorporated into its brand. Take a critical look at the pic below. What are you waiting for? Give that brand of yours an African.

Iya has got a great sense of the Cameroonian culture incorporated into its brand and also serve as a Rendez- Vous for tourist visiting the German colonial capital. Take a critical look at the pic below. What are you waiting for? Give that brand of yours an African.

african touch

Use African Prints on Office Couch and pillows

What if your couches and pillows are designed with African fabrics? I’ am definitely sure this will uplift the elegance of your working space. In this case, your reception should have traits of the African culture.

Especially, use the Ankara prints; which has got an assortment of colours which brings out that unique beauty that triggers and leaves a long lasting memory of your brand to visitors.


Institute a day of honouring the African culture

It’s appropriately an awesome idea for brands to inculcate in their corporate culture days of honouring the African Culture. This is mostly common in the banking industry where certain days of the week (Fridays) the dressing code expect workers to appear in the African outfit.

The Afriland first bank has got a deep attachment to culture as it associates Cameroonian artefacts to its brand.

african touch

Start thinking of sponsoring cultural events

Associating your brand with cultural events is a good strategy to build trust and confident in the minds of the inhabitants of your locality you operate. Culture plays an essential role in the life of every African man.

A mere disregard of the people’s culture can create your brand as they will be force to shy away from a brand who doesn’t respect the norms of a people.

In Cameroon, multinationals like MTN, Orange and Guinness are so proud to part take in cultural events such as the Ngondo festival of Douala via their sponsorship. This act helps their brands to perfectly associate with culture.

African touch

To win a greater share of the market and maximise ROI, companies need to understand the culture of the environment they operate in. If you promote their culture they shall eventually promote your business.

Remarkably, giving your brand an African touch all boils down to culture. Don’t hesitate to use the above tips to incorporate your business with certain Cultural aspects of Africa. This will brand experience an African touch


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