Throughout the decades, the stories have been told of how the world is aiding . The sad reality is that the other side of these stories have not been told of how Africa is feeding fat the economies of the so-called developed countries.

As revealed in this research, conducted by a coalition of African and UK researchers, Africa loses $192 billion to the rest of the world as opposed to the $30 billion it receives as aid annually. The loss is six times more than the aid received.

Therefore, Africa is aiding the world and not the world aiding Africa.

The loss here highlighted is such that can amount to one and a half the amount of additional money Africa needs to deliver affordable healthcare to everyone in the world!

At this rate, the African economy, especially, the startups (Tech, Agribusinesses, solar energy, etc sectors) will keep encountering very harsh financial climate thus hindering progress. It is, therefore, time for African leaders to reconsider their trade and commerce transactions with the world to secure a vibrant Africa in the nearest future.

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