Cameroon is noted for her love of  football likewise its patriotic citizens who have always had a great expectation when it comes to the National team. As the female African Cup of Nations is fast approaching and Cameroon being the hosting Nation a lot is expected from Cameroonians for this exciting event to make a hyper-success. Unfortunately, the Official Clip of the AFCON 2016 Theme Song that was recently released is currently facing great criticism from Cameroonians.


This AFCON 2016 Theme Song  which is titled ‘hommage au footballeuse’  is a product of a great  duo Charlotte Dipanda and Richard KINGS who perform in honour of African female footballers. Charlotte Dipanda represented the french speaking section of Cameroon whereas Richard King represented the English section. This video features a variety of Cameroon cultural outfits like the Toughou from Bamenda, the Bamileke traditional attire, etc, all designed by Fabric Doctor Cameroon’s uprising Fashion designer.

In some opinions expressed on daily news Cameroon, criticisms have been showered on the slow rhythm of this song . One will think they are singing for female footballers who have lost their lives on a football pitch, or for the Cameroonian children who are orphaned by the Boko Haram crisis in the North. Meanwhile, the song is supposed to be a celebration of women in football.

What a shame!Cameroon has a fine breed of artists who have produced catalogues of good music that have made people worldwide to dance. How does a celebration song get to sound like a funeral song, and then get approved by the country as a theme song for a BIG event like the African Cup of Nations…How?

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According to Karawadairy,  the video was shot in the South West Region but it is going to be edited in France as if we don’t have award winning video editors and cinematographers here. Recently the video was released and ridiculously looks like it was shot with an old Nokia phone. Many Cameroonians have been reacting about it on social media.

Well, Charlotte Dipanda and Richard King are Cameroonian musicians that Cameroonians look up to. But taking all the negative comments about this recent release shows that something is absolutely wrong. It’s never too late. Something could still be done pertaining this situation.

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