The sudden death of our favorite male singer Achaley has put a spike in our hearts. His journey never to return has left a void in the music industry. Humour King Saraboro is a social media expert and a great fan of Achaley, expressed his feelings after the demise of the singer. Hear him below.

We keep typing RIP and they keep dying. Let’s start typing NEVER AGAIN!!! It makes sense asking a deceased aged person to RIP, that is to Rest In Peace. But when a youth dies and we still type RIP, it’s like we are accepting that it is normal that they leave us at such tender age. Rest is something you yearn for after prolonged and tedious work.

What have children like the one we have here done for themselves that death is inviting them to rest? Just look at the golden voice Achalle whom we have not finished discovering. The “Star de Demain” whose “demain” is untimely death. He has a video album titled Ebolo coming soon, and this is it we are watching now.

Is this drama or cinema? How old is he to battle with cancer? Dear reader, this generation has to do something about sudden and juvenile deaths. We are celebrating death too much, it’s like we are just conforming to anything the cold hands of death is offering us.

IT IS TIME TO RISE UP AND SAY “NEVER AGAIN!” How long shall the spirit of death continue to snatch our youths while we just stand aside and type RIP? Is it not time we start cancelling this epidemic called untimely death? SAVE US O GOD BEFORE WE ALL PERISH UNDER A FORCE WE DON’T COMPREHEND.

Heavenly Father the worst is hunting us and only you can put a stop to it. Do something about premature deaths in our generation O God. See to it Lord that we NEVER AGAIN loose any of our youths before the appointed time. Hide and defend us with the blood of the Lamb and take the glory for keeping us safe in Jesus name.

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