About AfroHuster

Afro Hustler is a Cameroonian Media/News startup. It is the main blog in the Silicon Mountain Community focused on bringing visibility to the amazing efforts and products created in the community in particular and Africa at large.

We provide the content every Afro man or woman needs to hustle, win and enjoy.

We bring to you the stories of the hustles, lifestyles, failures, and success of your favorite African Hustlers.

We are inspired by the belief that Africans stand the best chance to tell their story to the world and that Africa is a land of promise, contrary to the stories of war, famine, malnutrition, poverty, sickness, etc, told by none Africans.

Afro Hustler is a service of  Makonjo Media.

Makonjo Media is a digital media company in Buea, Cameroon, focused on web design, app development and digital advertising.