There was that subject about “slavery” showing up in a recent article. Now. I’m not a friend of Google definition or Webster, but let’s look at it from life experience. People in the US have that slave history. All the Blacks which were imported from Africa (with or without a little help of the local chiefs). They’re the standard image we get from slaves. No rights, no pay, far away from home and singing the blues.

Now, this might be only ONE example on slavery. There are others.

  • The kid which was separated from his parents because they were poor and sent to a farmer to work in the fields, for no pay and often being beaten for no reason (Switzerland, until about 1960, my father was one of them)


  • The Filipino who works in Dubai for almost no pay, passport taken by the cops and housed in a shack with 10 people in the same flat
  • The German woman who has to nourish 2 kids and, because her guy left her, works as a “1 Euro Jobber” in a supermarket and at night goes cleaning offices (and then people say, hey, your kids are always on the street…)

Only some examples. Do we call them slaves ? No. But they ARE. In Mali and other West African countries, means also in Senegal, some tribes as the Bambara, Fulani or Soninké, have casts – like in India. There are 4 of them – from the “nobles” (warriors) to the “slaves”.

But then: They are not TREATED as slaves. They look after the house, they cook, they are paid, and mostly they are like members of the family. People eat together. Because the “slaves” have an important function in society, and finally, when you ask one of them about being a slave, they rub their eyes and laugh !

“Slave” is a Western definition. And a most hypocrit one, when you read the three examples I stated. It might, in the 19th century, and even today in places like India, Sudan or Mauretania, still have slaves as you are used to define them. But they are a minority today, even in the area I talk about. And the worldwide publicity is changing that attitude in those countries and helps them to speak out.

And when you talk about “sex slaves”, be it in Africa or Asia, always keep in mind that the cause WHY they are what they are lies in our own responsability. WE brought our system to them, we created their “needs”, we told them our way of life is the best. And our media shows them in daily soaps from Brazil or Mexico or the US what life “can be”. Do you know a soap where POOR people are shown ? Do you believe that the public, being undereducated and poor, can resist those temptations ? If I were a poor woman in those countries I’d be a prostitute too. Because then I’d have the hope to help my family survive and now and then buy a nice dress…

And now – blame THEM ?

Please. When you do that, you represent exactly the hypocrit society we have become. Because the West also has millions of slaves, today. But they aren’t aware of it and aren’t called slaves. Our digital world and the media helps them not to think about their miserable 8 to 5 life, where no ends meet, only the ones of their bosses.


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