About Makonjoh

Makonjoh.com is an Open Shop website. By open, it means that every shop of every kind that sells goods or services which are consumed by people have the right to have its goods on it. The purpose of the MAKONJOH project is to get all the shops in various towns and put them all in one website in a well categorized and user-friendly manner, so that people who want to buy anything can easily visit the website review the products, the shopping policy of the shop that has the product and other customers reviews, and make a rational and comparative decision before going out to the physical shops of their choices to meet the shop owner or maybe call the shop on phone and demand for home delivery… according to the shopping policy of the shop.

The website also opens shops of all types and sizes to have an almost equal comparative advantage among bigger competitors in a town. MAKONJOH is well organized in such a way that people can search for products according to product categories, brands, shop, tags, and search history of other users.

MAKONJOH gives everyone more trade options. It seeks to provide a solution of one of human’s basic needs, which is ‘THE NEED TO TRADE’ It does this in an easy way helping buyers to do more window shopping with far more less stress than from moving from one shop to another or from one website to another.

MAKONJOH helps buyers to make buy the right product cheaper and helps sellers to make new customers, sell to the right customers, bring more of their products to an enlarged storefront and make them to sell faster.


It saves you the stress of moving from one shop to another under the sun
It helps you to compare products and their features like price, quality, shop policies, etc, carefully before choosing to buy from a shop. This is with the help of the wishlist.
It helps you to do you window-shopping (eye-shopping) peacefully and easily without embarrasment of angered shopowners so that you can plan your next purchase more carefully.
It gives you a say about shops in town and their product quality, as you have a right to review about a shop and its products
If you are moving to buy into another town, you can plan your purchase trip easily online first, then make your list, and even call the shop owners telling them that you will be coming, where they could pick you up, and have a pleasant shopping trip out of town.
How To Use

To use MAKONJOH.COM effectively, all you have to do is:

Create your account
Search for a product by category, manufacturer or using our advanced search engine
Search for alternatives to the product
Put all alternatives to your ‘compare list’
Compare alternatives
Put your choices on the shopping cart
Your shopping cart is now your shopping list
For each product, you should make sure you collect the contact address (shop address) & phone number of the shop
Clear your cart as if you bought so that you can monitor your spending habits
Jot down your conclusions, and you are good to go

MAKONJOH.COM is not an online store owned by any particular physical shop. There is no physical store called MAKONJOH, that MAKONJOH.COM represents.