Usually, people find it difficult to pursue their dreams because of stigmatisation. Others simply find it difficult to face the world because of their physical, psychological and ideological challenges. Whatever the case may be, there are still a few with such situations who are ready to go against all odds to experience true happiness. A shining example is Aaron Philip, who has ventured into the world of modelling despite her “abnormal situation.”

It is rare to find a disabled black transgender signed into a modeling agency. Especially as modelling before today, required you to be slim, tall and physically attractive. As a result, people with disabilities whose dream was to become models often face stigmatisation. It takes only the bravest to overcome these setbacks to follow their dreams.

Aaron Philip was born in the Caribbean. Due to her medical condition (suffering from cerebral palsy), her dad traveled with her to the United States in search of better medical options for her condition.

Black, Trans, Disabled Model, Aaron Philip Signs to Elite Model Management
Aaron Philip is signed to Elite Model Management

The disabled black and transgender used the Internet to share and create a community that will love and consider her. With the dream of becoming a model, she had to step out of the online world to the reality of the modelling industry.

As a black, transgender and disabled, she has been brave enough to pursue her course. Using the social media; Instagram, she found her way to signing with Elite Model management, as first black transgender and physically disabled model.

Aaron Philip matched her goals with her body type

It demands courage for someone to venture into the modelling industry even when they’re physically fit. The modelling industry has placed varying characteristics to consider before thinking of joining it. With fear of rejection, many even when told of their appealing appearance, still do not have the courage to get into the industry.

However, among the so many rules the modeling industry has put in place, the rule that says, “match your modeling goals to your body type,” stands out. Looking at this closely, it is right to say everyone can do modeling.

Aaron believed in her beauty and decided to pave the way for others like her to follow. According to her, she wants to have an impact where other people like her are going to be the fashion industry.

It doesn’t matter whether you are suffering from disabilities, or you are classified among the underprivileged. What matters is what you think of yourself. There are many disabled persons who exercise the virtue of positivity and have made it big even more than physically abled persons.

Aaron Philip has proved to the world that disability is something of the mind, rather than physical. As long as you can do something well, it means someone somewhere is looking for you. You don’t do it because you are physically upright but rather because you are capable of doing it.

This is a virtue that both the physically abled and disabled persons should practice. Thinking positive and building up a comfortable life and environment for yourself. As Aaron puts it, “you can trigger your own happiness.”


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