Losing your iPhone might be a scary experience regarding the tons of information we store in it. Finding your missing iPhone it could be an even unpleasant activity, especially if we have no clue where we last left it. So if your phone goes missing, you need to look for it and find it as soon as possible. Here’s how you can track it down, starting with the simplest.

1 – Look behind the sofa:

You’ll be amazed what you find behind, beneath or inside your sofa. Spare change, food and what have you. Once you realize your phone is missing, check your sofa to verify its location. Once you realize it’s there, pick it up (along with the spare change). If not, move over to the second option.

2 – Call it:

This is normally the default thing for any phone owner to do in case his/her phone goes missing. As long as the phone is set to ring, simply pick up another phone and listen carefully for your ringtone. Locate the area and you should find your phone with ease. If this doesn’t work, we have 6 more options left.

3 – Use “Find My Phone”

If you are on this level, then it’s either your phone is genuinely missing or switched off, but be calm.

The “Find my Phone” feature has to be activated as soon as you purchase your phone, before any possible theft or loss. They can’t be installed or activated retroactively. If you have lost your phone, and you haven’t activated this or any related anti-theft features, then you may be out of luck. The good news is that Apple enables these features by default.

Assuming you have the feature switched on, using it to look for your phone is simple. You can either use another iDevice (such as another iPhone or an iPad) or by going to iCloud.com. If you want to use another iDevice, look for the app called Find My iPhone on the App Store.

4 – Lost Mode

The Lost Mode feature allows you to lock down your device, mark it as “Lost”, and send a message remotely to the iPhone screen to the person holding it. If you don’t have a PIN code protecting the phone (and you should), then you can remotely add one to lock the phone down. If you do have one, you can change the PIN if you think the thief holding it may be able to guess it.

5 – Erase iPhone

If you are convinced that the phone is never coming back at all, or you think the thief has access to the information within (like your primary email address) then it’s time to erase the phone. But we will circle back to this later in the article, as there are other options you can try first, before totally giving up.

6 – Use Google

It’s a well-known fact that Google tracks our every move, and some privacy advocates scream and shout about this every day. But if you have lost your iPhone, Google’s location tracking may just save your bacon.

First of all, you will need to have turned on Google’s Location Tracking, and allowed Google access on your phone to your movements. So again, this is a “set it when you buy your phone” option. Simply download the Google app, login, and allow the app access to your location.

7 – Tile

Tile is a new gadget which helps you keep track of things you don’t want to lose. It is quite simply a Bluetooth tracking device, and it can be stuck to anything you want to track. So just stick the tile to your phone, install the app on the phone (and another device to be able to track the first device), and off you go. Choose your missing device on the second device and it will tell you where it is. Or it will play a loud noise.

Assuming that has been all up and running before, log in here. This will then show you the devices with Google installed on them under the email address you logged in under, simply choose the device you are looking for.

8 – Ask on Social Media

Before giving up on your phone, it might pay to ask on social media. It’s quite possible that a friend you have just visited may have found your phone down the side of the sofa. It doesn’t hurt to try.

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