The  number of road officials so called ;routier’ on the highways, most especially in the South West region of Cameroon is alarming. It’s a good thing for these officials to be present, in order to ensure highway security. But  unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be their prior aim. It’s the financial benefits they get from it that makes them go to work happily and some of them work extra hours.

Eight road officials have been arrested on the Doula-Limbe highway and will be charged for extortion. These men in uniform have been extorting huge sums of money from drivers. They had 58 highway laws which they use to check and collect money from the highway drivers. At the time of their arrest, 300,000 frs CFA was found on them; probably money they had already made from the days’ victims.

This is quite a good step which has been taken. It’s obvious some of these ‘routiers’ or stopping points will reduce on the highways. We hope many of the fake and unauthorized ones get caught.

France 24 visits Cameroon Tech Echosystem.

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