You own a beautiful android phone and are just not making use of it? Let us teach you how to utilize it perfectly and save your data too.  Here are 6 cool things all Android phone users should be doing right now.

Battery Optimizations

You need to treat your android phone with a lot of care. Firstly, you must turnoff ‘ambient display’ or adaptive brightness. This setting changes the display brightness based on the current lighting conditions, but its not perfect. Display is a key area where battery life is lost so ensure to keep it at the lowest level possible.

Also all Android UIs come with a battery saving mode. They vary but you should dig to see how it fulfills your needs.

Grant App Permissions Individually

If you are using Android marshmallow yet, it has a cool feature you should try ‘granular app permissions’. It allows you permit apps to  access hardware on your data

Supercharge your Wifi

Most people don’t know you could actually tell chrome to save time and money by reducing data usage. Well, now you know. Simply go to Chrome>settings>Data Saver and turn it on. Also you could tell your phone to keep wifi on during sleep. Just go to settings>Wi-fi>AdvancedKeep Wi-fi on during sleep and select Always.

This means your phone will download stuff when display is off, and safe battery life because it won’t have to reconnect to Wi-fi each time you wake it up.

Enable Google Now on Tap

Google Now On Tap was introduced with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It provides contextual information for whatever is on our screen, allow you find information without having to search manually. But this will work only on Android Marshmallow.

To enable it head over to Settings>Google>Search&Now>Voice and switch it on or off. When it’s on then you can now enjoy it. To disable it, hold on the same button and tap the three dotted icon then settings on the menu that appears.

Try Pushbullet

Pushbullet is that app which everyone should be using right now. It helps you push links on your phone to your tablet, from your PC to your phone or from your phone to all your devices. You can transfer files between all of your devices with ease too.


An NFC equipped device and a pack of NFC tags will change your life. It is the coolest thing to do with your phone.Most people don’t know what it is but it is so brilliant. You can pair your Bluetooth to your headphones, transfer all contents from your old phone to the new one, or send a default message to a loved one when you get home.



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