In order to have and maintain beautiful skin, there’s a few tips which every black woman needs. The skin reacts according to how we treat it; what we consume, how much rest, and a lot more. Here are 6 beauty tips to help you maintain beautiful skin, as well as age gracefully.

6 Beauty Tips for Black Women

What you Drink:Drinking a great quantity of water over alcohol, and sweet drinks everyday, will give you quite a beautiful look. It helps promote a cleaner immune system, and promotes clearer skin. Water also has a very great role to play in hair growth. Six to eight glasses a day, will be quite helpful.

Sleep and exercise:Taking care of your body from within will save you a lot of there will be a lot less money spent on maintaining a healthy appearance. You don’t have to run hundred miles everyday to be healthy. a light workout routine will keep you fit and looking healthy. when it comes to sleep, don’t joke about it. Most especially, if you have really busy days, and not time for a nap.

Natural  beauty products for the skin and hair: From shea butter, to Extra virgin coconut oil, Jamaican black castor oil, and extra virgin olive oil all serve different purposes for your hair. You can as well use coconut oil and shea butter on your skin.

Makeup Removal Regimen. Personally, I love makeup. It’s fun to me. My everyday makeup products consist my eye pencil (can go without the rest, but this one), foundation, loose powder, concealer, mascara, lip gloss/lipstick. That’s practically okay to keep you looking fresh and beautiful all day. Also, letting your pores breathe, is really necessary. That’s why your makeup removal routine is very necessary. Don’t go to bed with makeup, Period! Wash off your makeup before bedtime. You can also use coconut oil to remove your makeup, it’s absolutely great.

Afro Hair Bedtime Regimen. Also, if you keep natural hair, you will want to braid your hair before going to bed. You don’t need to have them neatly braided. A few big braids or twists are okay. This will help you easily style your hair in the morning, and prevent detangling. Also, don’t hold your hair in place with a cotton made scarf. Use a silk or satin. Cotton absorbs all the moisture in your hair.

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Set some Goals. Setting some beauty goals could be a very great idea, because you will be looking towards achieving something, or looking a particular way at a particular age. Unless you have the money to do cosmetic surgery, how you look in 10 years to come will depend on most of the above tips.

These six beauty tips are very vital, towards helping every black woman achieve flawless skin, feel great about themselves and age gorgeously.

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