Is it really possible for a man to avoid being charmed?

Getting a true partner these days is like diving into a well to pick up a pin.  Most people go into relationships with strings attached. Others call it a job opportunity.  When it comes to using charms, it’s mostly women who get accused of this, but why? Women age faster, and looking at our African society, there is so much pressure on them to get married. A woman who in her thirties is not married and is not a Rev. sister is usually associated with sterility, a wayward lifestyle in their youth, and so many other ills.

This leads some women to go a long way to getting a husband for themselves. Protestant churches are usually filled with many young women looking for ‘miracle husbands’. That even sounds too good. Other women go to so-called “juju houses” for charms. That’s why we need to give you these tips on how to avoid being charmed.

  1. Tame your Eyes

First of all, stop being flirtatious with everything in a skirt. It’s not all that looks good, that is. Some girls use charms to get rich men fall for them as soon as they look into their eyes. Some women are just so strikingly beautiful that you can’t resist right, but you got to. Avoid trying to set a date with any beautiful girl you see. Be selective guys if not some of these “Major Killers” will charm you.

  1. Pray Before Making a Move

Just a 30-second prayer can safe you from the hands of the evil one. Just make a short prayer begging God to help you with the girl you are about to approach. Tell him you really like her and want to be serious about this one. God will not let you into the hands of the devil one, most especially if you want to be serious. If she shuns you, just thank God and move away with your head up high.

  1. Avoid One Night Stands

It’s just for fun right, but maybe you still call it ‘fun’ because you haven’t met the real deal. Just one night could ruin your entire life, you know. Try to get to know women before you get them there-you know what I mean.  Don’t risk getting cast under a spell, and all your belongings taken away because you couldn’t resist the temptation of a night’s stand.

  1. Watch how you Eat/Drink

Food is one of the easiest ways through which you could get charmed. It’s as easy as putting a little portion into your food and you are gone. Of course, you cannot avoid eating the food but you need to take precautions like make her eat with you; most especially when you just met (for the sake of romance).

  1. Be Prayerful

It’s only God who can safe you from the hands of an evil woman. Even if you don’t pray for anything, pray against the possibility of coming across ladies whose aim will be to use charm to attract your attention.

Without intending to be mean, these few tips are just there to safe you from being charmed by a woman. A bad wife will ruin your life, so you need to be careful.

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