As Facebook gives priority to live video on the news feed, African Entrepreneurs probably may want to exploit this opportunity for self-promotion and to engage customers online.This platform has got over 1.1 billion active daily users. Facebook live is making waves and has gained a huge user acquisition lately. Brands around the globe are making use of this novelty. African entrepreneurs can use Facebook live for self-promotion in the following ways.

#1 Address topics and questions that your audience is interested in

This feature creates a forum where businesses can address pertinent issues about their brand to customers via a live video. Customers may feel satisfied when they have been attended to via a live video. Many brands rely on facebook live to respond to blog questions and other further questions about your product and services.

#2 Tease New Products

After developing a great product, facebook live video is a good platform to give a sneak peak to customers about the features and benefits. This may trigger excitement and eventually, a customer may express their opinions about the product. Many will pose questions by commenting and automatically get instant feedback. For example, whenever Apple comes up with a new iPhone or features, they engage customers via facebook live video by talking about it live and providing a link directing customers to their online shop.

#3 Perform live Customer Care

Customer care plays an essential role in business. Customers always have complaints that need attention. The Facebook live video is a great platform to address customers’ worries. The live video provides interaction between you and customers. Customers may use the interaction buttons to express their satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
Businesses may also use facebook live video to approach frequently asked questions. This will give the customer a personal interaction and fulfillment.

#4 Promote an Upcoming Event

Do you want to create awareness and promote an upcoming event? It is a pretty good option to use facebook live video to relate with customers and sensitise them about your event. Endeavour to insert a URL directing them to where they can register and get tickets. Use traceable URLs to tell which social platform is getting you the most signups for your event.

#5 Give an Inside Look at your Business

With Facebook Live, you can give your customers behind-the-scenes look at your business and how it works. Customers may associate with your brand after watching a live video showing the inside look of your business. For instance, your restaurant may do a live video showing the various hygienic conditions and process of getting a meal ready. This builds trust and brand integrity as customers will perfectly understand the various facets of your operations.

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