Some Cameroonians have resoundingly expressed animosity  towards the AFCON 2016 Anthem. They are absolutely disappointed with the content of the official video that was aired on the national broadcaster, CRTV. The AFCON 2016 Anthem video features two great Cameroonian artists; Diva Charlotte Dipanda and Richard King, all revered for their great musical talents.

This song titled ‘hommage au footballeuse’ has received a myriad of criticisms from Cameroonians. According to Cameroonian football lovers, this song sounds like a lullaby that lures you to bed or it’s more like a dirge at a requiem ceremony. Cameroonians expected a hit song full of energy and loud beat and not one with a melancholic and slow rhythm.

Judging from other anthems of international games Cameroonians don’t think this official video befits a competition of this magnitude. As a consequence, they are airing their disappointments on social media. Based on some of the comments on social media the following can be seen as reasons the populace is so irked about the AFCON 2016 theme song.

  1. This video that was shot in Buea was edited in France yet it is of  very low graphic and image quality. Whereas Cameroon has got young talented video directors like Dr. Nkeng Stephan of the Cameroon Phase of Entertainment, Ada Akenji. Adrenaline and Shamak. These are talented Cameroonians who have great potentials and their works have gained international recognition. Cameroon should make use of such human resources and promote these young talents.


2. The use of violins and the absence of drums in this video must have added some salt to the injury. Cameroon is a country with diverse cultures and energetic rhythms and traditional drums play an integral role in our cultural heritage. In this direction, Cameroonians feel that an inclusion of traditional drum beats in such a video will give the anthem an original African tune, for example, the official world cup 2010 song Zangalewa by Shakira.


3.  Cameroonians were expecting younger home base artists like Stanley Enow, Tata Kingue, Afo Akom, , Mr Leo, Jovi, who have a huge fan base not Cameroonian artist in the Diaspora like Charlotte and Richard who spend all their time in the west and know little of the struggles and hurdles of hustling  back in Cameroon. Signing our home-based artists with such a deal is a huge promotion and motivation as it will enable them to grow and gain more international recognition. For example Guinness international made Stanley Enow great with ”I AM MADE OF BLACK DEAL” IN 2014.


4.  In all of football history, we have never heard an Anthem with so  mixed ideas, lack of cultural representation, poor instrumentals, low sound quality and low spirit. when it comes to celebration the song does not represent it when it comes to trendy, it’s  not even around it, talking about sportive, it is way out of place.

Cameroonians are so talented, we have got great potentials in all walks of life but we believe in foreign products, culture, trends, etc. The government should sit up. We prefer  Cameroonian football coaches. For instance, if that huge money being paid to foreign coaches as salaries is paid to a Cameroonian coach he will invest it in Cameroon whereas foreign coaches repatriate our money (capital flight).

Drop your comments below about how you feel concerning this AFCON 2016 anthem .

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