In this social media age, every business aspires to stay in the lime light and media coverage is one of the most convenient tools you shouldn’t hesitate going for.  This marketing tool projects the credibility, expertise, passion, and image you want to convey. Media coverage plays an essential role in branding as well. However, there are a lot of benefits media coverage Offers.

Getting your business covered, or at least mentioned in high-profile news articles or other publications can be a massive benefit for your brand. Subsequently, more customers and potential investors get to understand your offerings, core values and vision.

As an active member of the Silicon Mountain Tech community, I witness and can testify the tremendous benefits media coverage Offers to a myriad of young tech startups in Cameroon. The vibrant tech community of Buea observed a massive media coverage from BBC and France24 respectively in 2016. Behold, the great exposure of these startups sold the community to international clients. Makonjo Media a silicon Mt base startup acquired software clients from the US. Skylabase which is a financial software and digital banking applications company founded by Ayuk Etta had three financial software clients from Cameroon and Ghana, and a Fintech partner (Mifos) from the United States of America.

Media coverage is that marketing tool which helps businesses build their brand. Every business owner should strive for media coverage as it will bear a good number of benefits and upliftment to their businesses. Below are some of the Benefits Media coverage Offers:

Brand visibility and reputation.

Brand visibility counts a lot as it creates awareness and gives a good first impression on the minds of new prospects. In this light, you’ll get your brand recognised by a wider range of people, and you’ll start getting noticed as more of a major player or thought leader, especially if you’re covered consistently over time. Getting your brand mentioned in articles and blogs can trigger visibility and build trust.

User Acquisition.

User acquisition will make its best whenever your business is mentioned in a respected media outlet like CNN. That targets your ideal clients and will have a much greater impact on your reputation. People are sensitive and will tend to give more credibility to your brand when an independent third party speaks well about your business than if you talk about it yourself. The mere mention of your brand name can lead more people to your website and social media accounts, facilitating your user acquisition strategy immensely.

Investor and partner interest.

The success of Facebook’s founder  Mark Zuckerberg and a  host of founders have triggered the drive to venture into entrepreneurship. There are thousands of young startups out there with multi-million dollar ideas which lack media coverage and adequate exposure. In the early stages,  every business aspires to attract partners, vendors and investors to push the dream and vision of the startup. In a nutshell, a positive media coverage may bring investors and partners to your doorstep- without having to hunt them down yourself.

Talent and recruitment.

A majority of productive team players have a crush on a  vibrant successful team. Startups depend on successful teams, and your media exposure may help you naturally attract more talent to your business.

There are a lot of benefits media coverage offers your businesses. Most entrepreneurs have this misconception of considering media coverage a thing for bigger corporations failing to look from the horizon. Moreover, sponsoring events, hiring content marketers to write and tell your brand’s story, is a great deal of media coverage especially for startups with limited resources.

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