Do you want to write more effective headlines?.When it comes to driving traffic to a blog using valued content, we must understand some basics. Online readers don’t have that luxury of time to spend on content which does not add value to them.

Here are  a few simple techniques, you can use to craft headlines that capture attention and convince people to click through to your content.

1: Begin With Numbers

Headlines containing numbers typically perform better than other types of headlines. A list-type post promises to be quick and easy to read, and that’s important in today’s busy world.

You can use a low number to illustrate how concise your article is, or a high number to illustrate how comprehensive it is. But don’t use too high a number or you’ll lose the benefit of the content appearing easy to consume.


Odd numbers generally perform better than even numbers, as they appear less conveniently packaged than even numbers, and the number seven works well in headlines. Make sure you use a numeral rather than spell out the number. Numerals stand out better in headlines and take up less space.

2: Stay Away From Positive Superlatives

We’re conditioned to always be positive in our communications. But is that tactic effective in headlines?

A study by Outbrain found that the average click-through rate on headlines containing negative superlatives (“never” or “worst,” for example) performed 63% better than those containing positives (like “always” or “best”).


In fact, headlines containing positive superlatives performed 29% worse than those without any superlatives. One reason is that the overuse of superlatives (such as best, fastest or cheapest) in marketing has led to them being ignored, or worse still, disbelieved.Negative terms are more likely to be viewed as authentic and genuine.

3: Add Adjectives and Power Words to Effective Headlines

Unlike superlatives, which can turn readers off, adjectives (if used correctly) can create interest.Incorporate adjectives like beautiful, brilliant, effortless, essential, fun, horrifying, incredible, strange, useful and valuable in your headlines. These words grab your reader’s’ attention and intrigue them sufficiently to read on.

To write more persuasive and effective headlines, try these five power words: you, free, because, instantly and new. Beloved by copywriters, these words have been used in headlines for decades.

If you use these words in your headlines, you’re pretty much guaranteed a boost in your click-through rates.

An effective headline will make the difference between your post being read and shared like crazy, or sitting unread and ignored. As a point of advice try to implement the above tips so as to drive an awesome traffic to your blog.


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