Kenya’s President Urges Africa to give up aid. President Uhuru Kenyatta said the act of Africans seeking for foreign aid is not an acceptable basis for prosperity.The US, EU and the UK are the biggest donors to Africa.  Since Mr. Kenyatta came to power in 2013, he has had an uneasy relationship with the West.

Kenyatta has a vision for the mother continent and believes that Africa has the potential of succeeding without the intervention of the west. Below are the reasons why this president Urges Africa to give up aid.

  1.  Dependency on giving that only appears to be charitable must end.
  2.  Foreign aid often carries terms and conditions that preclude progress.
  3. The future of our continent can not be left to the good graces of outside interest.

Africans startups and young entrepreneurs believe in funding or aid to help elevate their businesses. These aids are mostly granted by funders from the west. But  president Kenyatta’s Stance on this issue is subjective depending on the funders and their motives, respectively. This is clearly seen as foreign grants and funds have tremendously helped a lot of startups and young entrepreneurs in Africa.

It is not enough for Mr. Kenyatta to make such utterances and leave them at that. African leaders should, through the African Union platform, come up with well thought out plans to develop the continent. Only through such initiatives will many African nations be freed from centuries of false aids. In this write up our eyes are made opened to the facts that Africa aids the world.

The future of Africa lies in the great work its entrepreneurs do. If Africa should soar, then her entrepreneurs should be a the centre of providing the energy needed for the liberation of the continent. Our African nations should sit up and start encouraging great initiatives of young African entrepreneurs and startups. If this is done, then Africa’s entrepreneurship  will automatically project Africa’s economy to the lamplight.

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