Do you aspire to own a blog and earn a living from your blog? Are you struggling to find the best free blogging platforms? Interesting!! It’s obvious that many of you have a lot of inspiring ideas and knowledge and are willing to share with an audience but do not know how to create a blog to reach these audiences.

If you are struggling to write and find a free blogging platform for yourself then I think you are in the right place.

Many of us don’t really know what a blog is. By learning what a blog is will facilitate you to achieve your goals easily.

Before talking about some of the free blogging platforms that you can easily use to start your own blog, I will talk about the pros and cons of using a free blog.

Some of the Advantages of a free blog:

One of the Best Advantage of having a free blog is that you need not spend a single dollar on it. You need not buy any hosting or domain name.

You can share your blog with anyone on the internet.

There is no need for HTML, CSS, JavaScript or any other programming language to learn. You can easily create your blog with just a few clicks or with the drag and drop features.

You can select the design from free templates provided by the free blogging platform.

Some of the Disadvantage of the free Blog:

As per SEO, competition is increasing and sometimes it becomes difficult to get traffic to the blog with platforms.

Provides limited resources.

You won’t be able to customize your blog in all cases. Some of the blogs provide paid services to change templates.

The free templates provided may not match the quality of a well-paid template.


Let’s get to the deal! I know this is what you have been expecting to learn all the way. Here are 3 free blogging platforms you should take hold on. Either of these platforms will facilitate you achieve your own blog without necessarily knowing how to write codes.

It is one the of the top free used blogging platform. Millions of bloggers start their career of blogging with it and some of them turn into huge bloggers. When I was a newbie in the field of blogging, I also started with but when I had enough money, I moved to the Self-hosted WordPress blog.


While using the blogging platform, you need not spend any amount of money on it. But if you will go for a self-hosted blog on WordPess then surely you have to spend some money on Domain and web hosting.

It is almost as popular as and is also one of the best and oldest free blogging platforms. To access blogger you need to have an account at because is owned by  Google.



If you have knowledge of HTML and CSS, then you can also have the option to customize your template. There you will be getting a number of templates among which you can choose one to blog easily. I have many friends who use and are making enough money.


I can say that Wix is one of the Best Free blogging platforms which I ever used. Wix will not only help you create blogs you can also create websites on Business, online store, Music, Photography, Portfolio and much more.



A self-hosted blog is a good idea but if you are a newbie and want to run your blog for free or wans to create a website for free then using these free blogging platforms will be a good help.

Hey! don’t be nervous it’s high time you start your own blog. These platforms are a real help and anyone who doesn’t even know how to write a single code of program would make a free website using them in a matter of minutes if the photos and content are provided to them.

As far blogging is concerned i prefer using the wordpress platforms and here is how to Start your blog with WordPress



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