E-commerce in Africa is on a steady growth though some countries are still trying to grasp the concept. In Uganda, the e-commerce sector is growing but at a snail pace where the industry is made up of mostly foreign e-commerce sites that have created branches in African countries. However, with the goal to make e-commerce thrive in his country, Mutungi Stephen founded 2ambale. He wanted to give Ugandans and visitors the luxury of shopping at any time and anywhere.

Uganda’s Online Marketplace 2ambale Targets Youths of 21 to 35
Stephen Mutungi, CEO of 2ambale

Founded in 2016, 2ambale is an online wardrobe and marketplace that provides Ugandans with a variety of choices to make for their wears. Users can get access to the e-commerce startup with their computers and Android phones with ease. The online marketplace gives users the opportunity to select and order what they may want to wear without stepping out of their rooms. It delivers orders in 60 minutes within Uganda and around East Africa within 36 hours.

On 2ambale, users can access different stores on their phones where they can shop whatever they intend to wear. According to its founder and CEO Mutungi Stephen, users can be in their hotel room and request for what they want to wear and it will reach them in no time.

2ambale is self-funded and the startup charges 10% commission on sales made through the platform. Presently, the startup is targeting young corporates between the ages 21 and 35, not leaving out visitors to Kampala. According to Mutungi, the platform currently processes close to 500 orders monthly.

Challenges faced by 2ambale

It is normal to hit roadblocks in life, especially when you are embarking on something new. It is never too easy in the beginning, but the idea is to keep moving to attain that dream. 2ambale startup has been able since 2016, to sustain itself. However, the startup is facing challenges normal for starters.

One of the challenges the startup is facing is that of getting the right people to work with. It is one thing to have what it takes to start a business and another to find the right people to work with. Mutungi started his startup working with family members and friends.

In addition, Mutungi is facing the problem of mentorship. He believes with a good mentor, you waste less time, make fewer mistakes and grow faster.

The problem of funding is never absent when it comes to starting a business, especially in Africa. According to the CEO, you want to do so much but there is this stumbling block that always acts as a speed brake to your success — the problem of funding. Notwithstanding,  the young CEO isn’t giving up anytime soon. Such challenges are vital to the growth and development of any entrepreneur.

Kampala is the current market for this startup. With a dream to create the world’s largest online wardrobe, the company intends to expand to other cities like Kigali, Nairobi, Mombasa and why not, across the continent.

2ambale has come to bring relief to those who spend long hours at work with almost no time to carry out shopping activities.



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