Fasseu Yohel, a Python-obsessed programmer popularly known by the pseudonym “Don Yohel”, built an app that made a vital problem faced by Telecommunication Companies in Cameroon look kinda small.

, as the name goes, is an easy to use Mobile App”. Yohel says, “EasyCodes will keep track of the numerous USSD Codes of , , and NEXTTEL  so that Mobile Users can achieve the same results in just one or two clicks”. Basically, mobile users no longer need to memorize or dial all those *123*4# or 468*5*24# “Jargons”.

From my analysis,

  • EasyCodes was launched just a month ago.
  • So far it has been able to attract up to 300+ downloads from google play.

It means even though EasyCodes has had little or no publicity, up to 300+ mobile users have been able to see the need to use EasyCodes. Therefore, there has been a vital problem our giant Telecommunication Companies in Cameroon haven’t identified or Corrected for many years now.

Thinking like a developer, Yohel may not have developed one of those internet rock-star programmer Apps. But then it is important for someone to identify a local problem and solve it the local way. This to me is the base on which every individual needs to begin, in order to grow a digital economy.

EasyCodes has solved a problem faced by most of us who are lazy or find it difficult to memorize and dial numerous USSD codes. If you still feel comfortable memorizing and dialing all those *155*1*10## “Jargons”, then you definitely will be lagging behind because an “Android Generation” wants to achieve results with the fewest number of clicks possible.

It is evident that there are a lot of people bringing innovation around the ecosystem. Last Week, Techcrunch-Africa reported that Toure Teyou built an image compression library for android. Now, Yohel has built an app to solve a vital problem faced by our giant Telecommunication Companies in Cameroon.

After looking at these two mind-blowing projects, it is obvious that these guys will need volunteers to roll out some assistance schemes. Assistance should be geared towards providing them and many others gain access to contributions, media publicity and above all funding.

Naturally, after I found out about EasyCodes, I had to get it for myself. I ‘ll suppose a lot of readers presently on Techcrunch-Africa would want to do same.

Follow the links below to get MTN and Orange EasyCodes respectively. EasyCodes is currently under software updates.

MTN EasyCodes

ORANGE EasyCodes

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