Nigeria’s Teleology Holdings Limited Finally Acquires 9Mobile

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The long dragging bid by telecom investors to acquire 9mobile, formerly known as Etisalat, Nigeria, is almost coming to conclusion. Nigeria’s Teleology Holdings, has made a significant move closer to acquiring the fourth largest telecom operator. Teleology recently made a non-refundable deposit of $50 million as prerequisite paying to buy off the company.

This was in response to the request of Barclays Africa and Nigeria’s telecom regulator, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), who are overseeing the bidding process.

Nigeria’s Teleology Holdings Limited Finally Acquires 9Mobile

Teleology recently made a non-refundable deposit of $50 million as prerequisite paying to buy off 9Mobile

The $50 million deposit represents tax that the NCC must collect. A final decision on whether or not to sell-off the telecoms firm to the bidder will then follow. Teleology Holdings will still have to pay $500 million within 90 days after winning the bid. This represents the purchase value of 9Mobile in terms of financial value.

Apart from fulfilling the financial requirements, Teleology will also need to meet certain conditions to definitively take control of 9Mobile. According to NCC, “the selected company must have the technical skills, beyond its financial capabilities, to strengthen 9Mobile and not aggravate its problems. The bidder (must) have substantial funds to improve the sector and not just to recycle fund facilities already in the economy… the company taking over should have adequate technical infrastructure in the field”.

About 9Mobile and Teleology Holdings

9Mobile is Etisalat’s rebranded name, the fourth largest mobile telecom firm in Nigeria. Etisalat adopted 9mobile, following the approval of NCC and confirmation by its successor company, Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited, EMTS.

Nigeria’s Teleology Holdings Limited Finally Acquires 9Mobile

9Mobile is Etisalat’s rebranded name, the fourth largest mobile telecom firm in Nigeria.

EMTS says, the rebranding is a testament to the company’s dynamism, responsiveness and agility as a business. This is coupled with its endeavour to leverage the power of technology to deliver innovative services to meet customers’ needs.

Chief Executive Officer, Boye Olusanya, notes that 9mobile, as a new trading name represents the firm’s “0809ja heritage,”. It also epitomizes “9ja-centricity”, and its “evolution over 9 years of operations in Nigeria.”

According to Mr. Olusanya, the change in Etisalat’s trading name does not, in any way, change the true values that anchors the company.

In 2013, Etisalat Nigeria, sourced a $1.2 billion syndicated loan from 13 local banks. Its inability to repay, forced lenders to take over the management, rebrand the company and put it up for sale.

Teleology Holdings is a private equity firm set up by 12 telecom industry veterans. MTN Nigeria’s pioneer CEO Adrian Wood, currently heads Teleology.

The company is reportedly Wood’s conception and some Nigerian investors, solely to revive the embattled 9mobile. Teleology currently manages over $11 billion in portfolio investments. Mr Wood is also CEO of Brymedia, West Africa Limited and a Cambridge and Harvard Universities graduate of Economics.

Teleology Holdings partnership and reinforcements

Teleology appears determined to complete balance payment of the $500 million bid price of 9Mobile. It is also focusing on transforming the company for healthy competition in the Nigerian telecoms market. Based on these and mindful of the need to meet necessary requirements for complete takeover, it is partnering with Safaricom. Safaricom is the biggest telecoms operator in East Africa.

Nigeria’s Teleology Holdings Limited Finally Acquires 9Mobile

9mobile is partnering with Safaricom, East Africa’s largest telco

The CEO Adrian Wood, has also announced the reinforcement of the company’s network through the deployment of new 3G/4G telecom stations. It is also providing rural areas with broadband Internet and the installation of several thousand kilometers of optical fiber.

The partnership, reinforcements, and the viability of the Nigerian telecommunications market are ingredients for 9mobile’s success. It wouldn’t be surprising therefore to hear that Teleology Holdings limited has recovered its $500 million investment in no time. What is required is just an effective, result oriented and prudent managerial system.

The Hustler’s Digest – Pope Francis’ Easter Message About Hell

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The Hustler's Digest - Pope Francis Easter Message About Hell

Easter Quote

“What reason have atheists for saying that we cannot rise again? That what has never been, should be, or that what has been, should be again? Is it more difficult to come into being than to return to it.”

Blaise Pascal


Konga’s CEO resigns via a tweet

Shola Adekoya made the unexpected announcement via Twitter on March 28 2018, where he handed over to Nick and wished him all the best.

He has given no reason for his exit. Neither were there any traces of tension or misunderstanding in the message he sent. Shola wrote a simple message to Nick informing him of his latest promotion and appreciating both current and ex-staff of Konga for their collaboration and support during his years of service as CEO.

Before his appointment as CEO, however, Nick Imudia was the Regional Director of TCL/Alcatel responsible for Nigeria and Central African Operations. Before then, he was the Managing Director of Nokia for West and Central Africa. Nick will assume responsibility as CEO of Konga on Tuesday 03, April 2018.

She Leads Africa is Facebook’s partner to launch business training for women

She Leads Africa, an online community helping young African women achieve their professional dreams, has partnered with Facebook to launch an initiative that helps women build, grow and start their own businesses.

The #SheMeansBusiness initiative was launched by Facebook on International Women’s Day in 2016 to encourage more women start their own businesses and increase the economy of countries.

According to findings, the initiative has recorded tremendous success in India and Philippine where it operates. There could be no better choice for partnership as studies in Nigeria estimated that women-owned businesses in Nigeria hold the key to unlocking ₦19.7 billion for the economy and the opportunity of creating additional jobs in the next five years.

The Cofounder of She Leads Africa, Afua Osei, revealed that Facebook is looking forward to taking critical digital tools to entrepreneurs across Nigeria.

Egypt’s presidential elections storm comes and goes but Abdel Fattah el Sisi is unshaken

The 2018 Presidential elections in Egypt have come and gone. Egyptians now await official results from the National Elections Authority (NEA). However, local media projects a landslide victory for incumbent president Abdel Fattah el Sisi, while the candidate and head of the El Ghad Party, Moussa Moustafa Moussa concedes defeat and promises to champion a constructive opposition.

The NEA will officially announce the election results on April 2, 2018, even though the winners are already known. Many potentially strong contenders in the elections withdrew their candidatures. They cited state intimidation from the pro el Sisi camp and bias from NEA.

Many initially questioned Moussa Moustafa’s presidential ambitions. He has, however,  expressed his support for el Sisi’s leadership and policies. Moussa, had earlier launched a campaign to mobilize support for Sisi’s second term, but was later revealed in January as a surprise challenger to Sisi. This was a very suspicious declaration that made many to wonder if he truly wanted to challenge the president.


Nexttel joins the masters of mobile to launch its mobile money service

Since its launch in 2011, Mobile Money has had an estimated FCFA 870 billion transaction between 2014 and 2016. MTN and Orange have since fought to lead the mobile money space. As the two heavyweights battled for the lion’s share, the newborn telco Nexttel, retreated to the backyard.

However, four years after launching its services in Cameroon, the Vietnamese subsidiary, recently obtained the greenlight to launch its own mobile money service. The telco intends to call the service, Nexttel Possa.

In line with this new achievement, the mobile telco gladdens the hearts of its users, promising to offer almost all the services offered by the giants. This includes money transfers, bill payment and purchasing communication credit. In order to facilitate this new initiative, the company decided to partner with the United Bank of Africa–UBA.

Though the company’s authorities haven’t revealed the services’s launch date, users can expect Nexttel Possa anytime from now.

Absentee President receives international bashing as senatorial elections hold in his absence

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya, has recently come under heavy bashing from an international civil society organization for being an absentee president. He is accused for supposedly governing the Central African nation in a “hands-off” style. His recently held cabinet meeting inspired these criticisms.

The president according to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), spent an estimated 60 days out of the country last year on private visits alone.

Mr Biya’s foreign trips have been the subject of an online quarrel between the state-owned Cameroon Tribune newspaper and which calculated the amount of time the president spent abroad using reports from the daily newspaper.

The president’s party, the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement (CPDM), on March 25, 2018, won senatorial elections from unofficial results organized in his absence. According to state broadcaster, Crtv, Paul Biya had traveled to China for an official working visit with Chinese President Xi JinPing.

The octogenarian president has been in power for more than 35 years. Presidential elections will hold in October 2018. Cameroonians are, however, still waiting for the 85-year-old to declare his intention on whether to seek reelection or not.


Twitter delivers on its promise to ban cryptos

Twitter promised last week to join the crypto crackdown. On Tuesday, the ‘bluebird’ company effectively began blocking crypto ads, becoming the latest Internet giant to take action after Google and Facebook earlier this year. The clampdown seeks to avoid giving publicity to potential fraud or large investor losses.

According to the firm, the ban will include cracking down on initial coin offerings (ICOs) – crowdfunding used to raise cash by creating new coins. The price of bitcoin which stood at 4% on Monday, fell further after this announcement, trading at $7.920 on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange.

The new policy will also ban ads from cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency wallet services.

The firm had said this month it was taking measures to prevent crypto-related accounts from “engaging with others in a deceptive manner”. It however, faced calls to go further after bans from Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google. Facebook has restricted crypto-related ads, while Google announced a ban that comes into force in June.

As the cryptocurrency crackdown widens, LinkedIn has also began blocking crypto-related ads. Once restricted to small online chat rooms, cryptocurrencies have since exploded in popularity and the industry has grown rapidly.

Despite promising tech and funding, futuristic camera maker Lytro, shuts down

In 2012, Lytro released a new product — a consumer camera that lets users refocus images after shooting them. But 6 years and $216 million in funding later, Lytro is shutting down. Rumours of a $ 40 million Google acquisition surfaced last week. But the pioneering light field camera company has officially announced that it’s winding down operations.

“It has been an honor and a pleasure to contribute to the cinema and Virtual Reality communities, but starting today, we will not be taking on new productions or providing professional services as we prepare to wind down the company,” the company wrote in a blog post. And a large fraction of former Lytro employees will be joining Google as well.

Lytro has struggled for years to build a viable business with its novel camera technology. But in 2015, it laid off a significant portion of its workforce and shifted into the world of virtual reality. According to the firm, competing directly with established camera companies had been a mistake.

Lytro however discovered the hard truth that it’s extremely difficult to disrupt the existing photography market with a brand new technology. The company failed to gain traction with its originally $400 light field camera, a $1,600 “pro” one, and finally, a 360-degree light field rig that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Founded in 2006, Lytro has amassed over $210 million in funding over its lifetime, the latest cash injection amounting to $60 million in 2017.

Did Pope Francis say there’s no hell?

A statement purportedly made by Pope Francis that “there is no hell” to a well-known Italian journalist has prompted a disclaimer from the Vatican. Italy’s La Repubblica daily reportedly quoted the statement in an article. In a reaction, the Vatican said “no quotations” in the article “should be considered as a faithful transcription” of the Pope’s words.

According to the Vatican, the article, however, capitalized on a private meeting. The doctrine of the Catholic Church affirms the existence of eternal hell. It is stated in Catholic Catechism that the souls of sinners descend into hell, where they suffer “eternal fire.”

Nevertheless, the most senior Catholic in England and Wales, argued that “there’s nowhere in Catholic teaching that actually says any one person is in hell.” Cardinal Vincent Nichols, told the BBC that the Pope was apparently exploring “the imagery of hell – fire and brimstone and all of that”. “That’s never been part of Catholic teaching, it’s been part of Catholic iconography, part of Christian iconography,” he noted.

The Italian Journalist Eugenio Scalfari, who is an avowed atheist had asked the Pope where “bad souls” go and where they are punished. The Pope is quoted to have responded that “Souls are not punished…those who repent obtain God’s forgiveness and go among the ranks of those who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot be forgiven disappear. There is no hell – there is the disappearance of sinful souls.”

According to the Vatican, it was not an interview. It was a private meeting on the occasion of Easter, and Scalfari’s article “is the fruit of his reconstruction.”

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Kenya Is Opening Its Skies For Commercial and Private Use of Drones

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Kenya Is Opening Its Skies For The Commercial Use of Drones

As drones became more popular among tech entrepreneurs in Kenya who were excited about their potential applications for aid relief, agriculture, e-commerce, and real-estate, regulators put in place vague restrictions that effectively served as a ban. However, all that is beginning to change now as the government is opening the skies to commercialize drone use.

For the past two years, the Kenyan government limited the use of drones to the military. Individuals without permits to fly drones either met with hefty fines or imprisonment.

Kenya Is Opening Its Skies For The Commercial Use of Drones

These unmanned aerial vehicles are almost legal in Kenya

Six months from now, individuals and companies operating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will receive licenses for commercial and private activities. Owning and flying a drone will no longer be illegal in Kenya. This only remains true if this new law gazetted by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) makes it through parliament.

Drone laws are still meticulous

However, this only holds true as long as users operate within the regulations set by civil aviation authorities.

These new regulations are quite scrupulous, requiring drone pilots to have police clearance, subscribe to a liability insurance coverage, be medically fit, and complete training courses. According to the regulations, those who do not adhere to these and many more provisions will pay a fine of two million shillings ($19,820) or face a six-months jail term.

Fears about terrorist groups using drones to carry out terrorist attacks was also one of the reasons for its ban.

The Ministry of Defense and the KCAA had to give their approval to drone operators, a complex process that almost never resulted in a license.

If and when this law is ratified, Kenya joins Rwanda and South Africa who already have frameworks that allow the exploration of drones for socio-economic impact.

Cracking down on commercial drones

This approval comes as regulators elsewhere in Africa are tightening restrictions on unmanned aerial vehicles.

In Ghana for instance, flying an unregistered drone could send violators to jail for 30 years. In Nigeria, operators require permits from the aviation authority and the National Security Adviser which costs as much as $4,000.

Across Africa, Rwanda is the pioneer in commercializing the use of drones besides the military, especially with the emergence of Zipline, the world’s first commercial drone delivery service transporting blood across the country.

Drone use in Africa

Malawi uses drones to carry out HIV tests in rural areas. Other countries use drones for the protection of wildlife in Tanzania, for instance and to counter climate change in Chad.

Drone operators will no longer have to fly under the government’s radar or worry about illegal issues. These laws though less stringent in Kenya, are still tedious which might deter many from actively adopting drones.

Konga Has a New Boss. He’s a Former UAC Foods and Unilever Exec

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Olusiji-Ijogun is the new man at the helm of Konga

The Zinox Group recently acquired Konga in a deal that shook the African e-commerce industry. Until recently, the Nigerian e-commerce firm, Konga has appointed an erstwhile corporate expert, Olusiji Ijogun as its new Chairman. Olusiji’s new mission is to steer Konga’s course towards a fresh start in dominating the Nigerian e-commerce market.

He replaces former owner of Konga, Mr. Sim Shagaya, who stepped down after Zinox bought over the company last month.

With over three decades of top-notch performance in finance and management, Mr. Ijogun appears to be the perfect man to propel Konga. This, he has consequently brought to bear on the fortunes of a number of thriving businesses across various sectors.

Olusiji Ijogun is the new man at the helm of Konga

Mr. Olusiji Ijogun graduated from the University of Lagos, from the faculty of Business Administration, in 1980. He has great experience spanning three decades in finance and management. Prior to his appointment, Olusiji held key positions in multinational companies including UAC Foods, Unilever, and Honeywell Group.

He was one of the first expatriates seconded to Egypt after Unilever’s acquisition of Parfico SAE to curtail Procter & Gamble’s aggression in the Middle East in 1993. He eventually became the Commercial Director of Lever Egypt with responsibility for accounting, supply chain and logistics management for a 40,000-ton business.

New beginning

He started his own business in consulting, construction, property development, and management in 2009. He is currently the CEO of Innodel Consulting and the Chairman of Ackmen Nigeria Limited.

Zinox had acquired Konga with the intention of helping the e-commerce platform, establish a strong footprint in Africa. Recent developments, however, suggest that Zinox might not be girded enough to realize this mission.

Konga recently announced its intention to shift to a prepay-only model, essentially putting a stop to Pay-on-Delivery (PoD). It was a decision that, however, formed part of an internal restructuring aimed at putting the firm ahead of the market.

While his appointment with Konga takes effect from April 1, 2018, Africa’s online retail community, however, expects to see how Olusiji takes Konga to a path of sound corporate governance and a greater share of the e-commerce market in Nigeria and beyond.


The Hustler’s Digest – Facebook Is In Red-hot Waters

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the hustler's digest-facebook

Today’s Quote


Nigeria’s Paystack partners with Truecaller for secure payments

Nigerian startup, Paystack has partnered Swedish caller ID firm Truecaller to allow more merchants across Africa to accept payments online in a frictionless and secure manner by leveraging Truecaller’s mobile identity product Truecaller SDK.

The partnership will also provide powerful tools that businesses and startups across Africa can use to verify the mobile identity of their customers, and in turn, further help in creating more trust in the online payments landscape on the continent. Previously, all merchants that used Paystack, which processes nearly 20%t of all online transactions in Nigeria, had to be registered with various regulatory bodies. The partnership with Truecaller means they can now verify their mobile identity via Truecaller SDK.

Integrating Truecaller’s mobile number identity product as a verification mechanism strengthens the Paystack platform’s merchant verification process and makes it possible to open up Paystack to millions of unregistered businesses who were previously unable to accept online payments with using the startup’s platf

This partnership with Truecaller allows Paystack to deliver on our promise of trust as well as a frictionless experience. We want to be able to guarantee that all businesses paid via Paystack are thoroughly checked for legitimacy and credibility. In a low-trust environment like Nigeria where many people are paying online for the first time, it’s important to deliver a safe, fraud-free experience, and this is a responsibility that Paystack takes extremely seriously.” Said Paystack CEO, Shola Akinlade.

Paystack will also use Truecaller as a verification option for local developers and startups who want to verify the identity of their own customers on Paystack’s developer platform.

Microsoft founder and erstwhile CEO promises to improve healthcare in Nigeria

Bill Gates, philanthropist and founder of the Microsoft Corporation arrived Nigeria on Thursday to see the first-hand progress the country is making on primary healthcare provision, polio eradication, nutrition and financial inclusion.

Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the billionaire has invested over $9 billion in 45 African countries to reduce poverty and improve healthcare. Speaking at the National Economic Council in Abuja on Thursday, Bill Gates poked some obvious holes in the Nigerian economy.

Bill Gates has reportedly revealed plans to pay off Nigeria’s $76 million loan taken from Japan to aid the fight against polio.

Boko Haram receives hilarious welcome from locals as they returned kidnapped Dapchi School Girls

About 104 out of 110 schoolgirls recently kidnapped by Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria in February, were returned to their families on Wednesday March 21st 2018. The Islamist terrorists are reported to have received a hilarious welcome from the local population as they drove into the town in a convoy and dropped the girls before taking off back to their base unperturbed.

Unfortunately, of the returnees, five girls were confirmed dead while one is still in keeping of the terrorist group. The release of the girls came barely a week after President Muhammadu Buhari paid a visit to the affected school, where he met with the parents and promised to secure the release of their children.

The released girls were later received by the President at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa. The girls, many of them dressed in matching fawn-coloured long hijabs, boarded a Nigerian military transport plane from the Borno state capital Maiduguri to Abuja on Wednesday night.


CEMAC could be out of danger

Finally, CEMAC is gradually recovering from a difficult 2017 economic growth with a -0.1% GPD. At the end of a monetary policy committee meeting that was held in Yaounde on the March 21, 2018, the governor of BEAC, Mr. Abbas Mahamat Tolli, said, “We are out of the danger zone. The economic environment is much better but the economies remain weak. This explains the various measures we are adopting.”

According to the governor, the slight improvement of the economy is due to the increase in commodity prices on the international market and the production of crude oil. This year, BEAC forecasts a 2.1% in GPD against the -0% recorded in 2017. In the same document, it reveals that the inflationary pressure should stand at 1.8% against a community standard of 3%. As far as the external coverage rate of the currency whose fall led to fears of depreciation some months ago, it will rise to 64.2% from 57.5% in 2017.  

However, the question many are asking is, will it get back into the danger zone this year, or make enormous progress by 2018 ending?

Tunisian Road Engineer Dies in bloody battle between government and separatist-forces

The Cameroonian army within the week succeeded in releasing three hostages in the politically unstable Anglophone region of the South West. The three include a Tunisian and two Cameroonians, employees of a road construction company abducted by English-speaking separatists on March 15. According to Cameroon’s Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma, the operation that took the life of a Tunisian engineer, also led to the dead of four of the hostage takers.

“Our armed forces fought a battle during which they liberated those of our Tunisian compatriots and friends who were taken hostage by the terrorists… unfortunately, on the occasion of this event, a Tunisian technician lost his life, but we saved another Tunisian technician and two Cameroonians,” he noted.

The three rescued hostages were flown to Yaoundé as the Cameroonian government commiserated with the Tunisian government for the lost.

Many people have questioned why the government decided to engage the separatists in a gun battle to save the hostages knowing fully well that it could even lead to the dead of all the hostages.


Facebook loses $36 billion in market cap following user data scandal

Last Saturday, Christopher Wylie a whistle-blower told The Guardian how Facebook data of 50 million American voters was harvested without their permission. And Facebook knew about this but failed to do anything about it. The data was taken by Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis firm and used to target voters during the last US elections. Christopher used to be an employee of Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook’s stock took a beating as a result, falling nearly 7%. The social giant quickly banned Cambridge Analytica from its platform. But it seems the entire tech sector took a hit as well. After the announcement, Google shares went down 4%, Amazon down by 2.42%, and Apple dropping by 2%.

Facebook however maintains that Cambridge Analytica’s data harvesting was not a user privacy breach because “everyone involved gave their consent.” As Facebook nurses its $36 billion wounds, it is currently working to repair investor confidence.

Google launches a $300-million initiative to help news publishers get it right

Google announced they are launching the Google News Initiative (GNI) in an effort to assist journalism in the age of fake news. Over the next three years, the tech giant will put more than $300 million towards building products that help create sustainable business models for news outlets while hoping to elevate quality journalism.

Until recently, Google, Facebook, and Twitter have endured intense (and just) scrutiny by allowing the spread of false and sometimes, malevolent information that may have even influenced political elections. Last week, Facebook was caught in a furious kerfuffle following a whistleblower’s account of the social media giant allegedly selling 50 million + users’ data to an analytics firm working for the Trump campaign at the time of the election

On Monday, the scandal caused shares of the entire tech sector to plummet on Wall Street. In other words, Google’s timing on this announcement couldn’t have been better.

Twitter joins the crypto crackdown

Shortly after the ban by Facebook and Google, Twitter has finally joined the bandwagon. On Tuesday, the microblogging platform announced it was banning crypto ads. While these social media moves are steady trying to discredit crypto, Bloomberg reported that Cryptokitties, a blockchain-based game spinoff has raised $12 million from Andreessen Horowitz and other investors.

On Wednesday, the BBC reported on how a 15-year-old boy hacked a ‘hack proof’ ledger hardware wallet. He says the devices are still vulnerable, but according to CoinTelegraph, the company’s devs deny it.

Silicon Times


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Featured Articles

Take The First Step: Sama Randy Youth Write Contest Winners’ Message To Writers

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Winners of the Sama Randy Youth Write Contest Speak to Writers

Early in December last year, the philanthropic organization, Better Breed Cameroon, launched a nation-wide essay writing competition for undergraduates. Until four years ago, they had called it, the Sama Randy Youth Write Contest (SRYWC). The aim was to get young people to write a 1000 – 1,500-word essay on pertinent issues concerning Cameroon.

On March 16, 2018, winners of the 4th edition of the SRYWC called on young Cameroon writers to take the first giant step.

They made the call during an award ceremony organized by Better Breed in partnership with Makonjo Media to reward its top best writers.

Winners of Sama Randy Youth Write Contest

This year’s most outstanding writer was Njie Martha Eyole, a final year student at the University of Buea. In a thick white envelope, Martha Eyole received FCFA 100,000 for her salient piece. What’s more, she’s getting a job while still a student.

Unveiling the surprise package

Looking down at her with a grin, Otto Akama, Managing Director of Makonjo Media asks Martha, “Would you love a job at Makonjo as a writer?” Astonished, Martha retaliates with a well-chosen smile, followed by, “Yes!Yes!Yes!” as she hopped with excitement.

Winners of the Sama Randy Youth Write Contest Speak to Writers

Otto Akama, Managing Director of Makonjo Media Crowns Martha Winner

Reacting to the job offer and being the first-prize winner of the 2018 SRYWC, Martha reveals her excitement in words.

“I’m overwhelmed. It’s something I least expected from the Better Breed team and Makonjo Media. You might think this writing competition is small.  However, it’s not. It’s a platform through which people are ready to share your ideas with others and reward your hard work.”

The second most prolific writer for this year’s contest was 34-year-old Anita Ngwe Chofor, who has returned to school after several years to pursue some higher education in the form of a Higher National Diploma program in Marketing at ISEM – IBCG, Douala. She received FCFA 50,000 as the second-prize winner.

Winners of Sama Randy Youth Write Contest

Dr. Divine Bisong, University of Buea Journalism Lecturer Presenting 2nd-Prize Award to Anita Ngwe

Knowing that the amount of time she put in to come up with her write-up never circled down the drain, Anita feels more inspired to sleep no more.

“This award has inspired me even more. It’s the starting point for me to know that life begins at this level. Writing is a creative activity that we have to put in our best every day, every time .”

Every competition has a winner and a loser

Brenda Ndome Haddison is a 3rd-year student of the Institute of Management Information and Technology, Douala and third-prize winner of the 4th edition of the SRYWC. Being her first time to win, or at least, feature among the first three, Brenda received FCFA 25,000.

Winners of Sama Randy Youth Write Contest

Elvis Esambe, Operations Manager at Makonjo Media Presenting 3rd Prize to Brenda

“I’ve been competing for other awards for years, but I’ve never won. This was the first time I tried my hands on the Sama Randy Youth Write Contest and I made it. Giving up is never an option.”


For three years, these competitions have received tons of essay entries from undergraduates residing in Cameroon. For three years, the organization has awarded astonishing prizes to the best three writers. Until recently when it decided to award an honorarium prize for the fourth winner.

Considering how tight the competition was, Better Breed introduced an honorarium award for the 4th runner-up at the last minute. 19-year-old Ambomatei Miranda was lucky to receive FCFA 15,000.

Winners of Sama Randy Youth Write Contest

Better Breed Cameroon representative, Howard presenting the honorarium to Miranda

“If this is the first step I have to take to get to where I’m going in life, I guess I have a thousand more steps to take. The first step is usually the most intimidating of all, but it’s always the best you’ll ever take.” Miranda said as she encouraged other young writers to not give up at the first step.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Otto Akama emphasized on the need for all to always pay attention to detail. Besides, this was one of the criteria used for selecting the most outstanding write-ups.

“It was not about their grammatical strengths. It was about their efforts on the basics, on discovering that they had to look at things again after writing. Today, we are rewarding dedication and attention to detail. Today is an opportunity for us all to look back at what we have been doing and see how we can do it better.”

As a software company from the Silicon Mountain community, Makonjo Media’s boss, Otto Akama believes that the only we can distinguish itself from the rest of the world is by adding art to the way we express ourselves. Not only in writing, but in software and every other thing as well.

Demystifying the competition

Four years ago, Better Breed Cameroon wanted to be part of the change Cameroon needed to progress. So, its co-founders, Monique Kwachou and Sama Randy (now of late), began organizing essay writing competitions for young Cameroonians.

Their aim was to provide a medium where young Cameroonians could voice their opinions and contribute constructively, to restructuring and rebuilding a nation that was on the brink of collapse.

About this year’s youth write contest

What’s known today as the SRYWC wasn’t always called so until 2015 when one of Better Breed’s founders, Sama Randy passed on. Monique thought of a way to remember Randy and keep his legacy alive. Hence, decided to rebrand the contest to the Sama Randy Youth Write Contest in 2015.

The Sama Randy Youth Write Contest is an annual essay writing competition organized by the philanthropic organization, Better Breed Cameroon. Named in memory of pioneer Better Breed member Sama Randy, this competition, therefore, seeks to encourage youth engagement in national discourses.

A rewarding partnership

In the manner of an annual routine, Better Breed in collaboration with Makonjo Media decided to launch the 4th edition of the SRYWC to reward outstanding writers.

Makonjo Media is a Silicon Mountain-based marketing and growth technology firm with processes, tools, and techniques needed to automate and scale customer growth & revenues of businesses in Africa.

Known for its expertise in leveraging ICTs to grow businesses, Makonjo Media offers services ranging from web/app development to marketing.

As a strong supporter of millennial talent, the Silicon Mountain IT firm was happy to support the 2018 SRYWC. Makonjo Media opted to cover the first prize worth FCFA 100.000. The company also promised to offer the grand winner a job opportunity with Makonjo Media.

Though this year’s competition challenged participants to ponder and constructively contribute to the discourse on socio-economic and political issues of Cameroon, contesters had the opportunity to write and submit essays of any style and various themes. However, essays had to be between 1000 to 1500 words ending with the statement, ‘This is what Cameroon needs now.’

The fear of continuous failure often sets in when it comes to writing. However, this award serves as a bolster to any writer housing such feelings. If there’s one thing winners of this competition have proven to the world, is not to give up. It was a test to single out the young Cameroonians who possess what media experts would call, ‘the strong pen.’


Black Panther: Afrocentrism and Feminism in Hollywood

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Black Panther; Afrocentrism & Feminism in Hollywood

Black Panther is an American superhero movie, that focuses on the Marvel Comics. It is the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to center on a superhero of color. The protagonist here is an African prince-turned-king T’Challa – Chadwick Boseman, aka the Black Panther. The Black Panther movie is directed by Ryan Coogler, who co-wrote the screenplay with Joe Robert Cole, and stars Chadwick Boseman, alongside Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, and many other stars who also featured in the movie.

Black Panther Movie; Afrocentrism & Feminism in Hollywood

LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 08: Cast, Director and Producers attend the European Premiere of Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther” at the Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith on February 8, 2018 in London, England.

The Black Panther movie hit the cinema on February 16, 2018 in the United States of America. It got premiered in Los Angeles on January 29, 2018 in 2D, 3D, IMAX and other premium large formats. The Black Panther movie is the eighteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The setting and plot of Black Panther Movie

The narrative of the movie is on the Black Panther or T’Challa, who gets recognition after becoming the king of Wakanda. Wakanda is a small fictional African nation, located in equatorial Africa. It shares boundary with the nations of Narobia, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia and derives its name after its native inhabitants, the Wakandans. The nation is highly abundant in Vibranium,which is the main component of the Black Panther’s shield.

Black Panther Movie; Afrocentrism & Feminism in Hollywood

T’Challa, rises to the throne as King in the isolated, but technologically advanced nation of Wakanda.

In the movie, T’Challa, returns to his home country of Wakanda after the death of his father, T’Chaka. He rises to the throne as King in the isolated, but technologically advanced nation. However, a vindictive supervillain, Erik Killmonger, challenges T’Challa’s supremacy as the new king of Wakanda. Killmonger, has been a childhood victim of T’Chaka, the late father of T’Challa. He (Killmonger) therefore sees the accession of T’Challa to the throne of Wakanda as an opportunity for revenge and sabotage.

Black Panther Movie; Afrocentrism & Feminism in Hollywood

T’Challa’s supremacy as the new king of Wakanda is however challenged by a vindictive supervillain, Erik Killmonger.

An enemy roughly tests T’Challa’s political mettle as king and Black Panther in this formidable conflict. A conflict that puts the fate of the inhabitants of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. Locked in this treachery and danger, T’Challa, rallies his allies and releases his full power to crush the enemies.  The outcome of this fight is the security and safety of the people of Wakanda and their way of life.

Financial worth of the ‘Black Panther Movie’

Entertainment gurus have described Black Panther as one of the best films set in the MCU. Consequently, its financial worth has maintained geometric increase ever since its release. The movie is currently the highest grossing movie of 2018. According to Forbes, a $426.6 Million opening made Black Panther the top-grossing film with a black cast. In just four days after it release, the movie earned $242.1 million in the United States.

In February 17, 2018, CNN Money projected  ‘Black Panther’ for a blockbuster weekend. Domestically, the film as of March 10, 2018, grossed $521 million, making it the ninth-highest release of all time. While on a global scale, it crossed the $1 Billion mark at the Global Box Office

Afrocentrism in ‘Black Panther Movie’

In an exposition of the afro-centric spirit, the movie gets its name after the pro-black rights, the Black Panther Movement.  The setting of the movie is largely Wakanda, the fictional African nation. It features the first mostly black collaborative cast in superhero-film history.

Black Panther works wonderfully as a soothingly mocking critique of deep-sited colonialist attitudes. It is surprising that Michael B Jordan plays the villainous Killmonger, rather than Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa, whose character best symbolizes black anger against historic oppression. It is the former who wants to use Wakanda’s riches to fuel a worldwide black uprising. By contrast, the hero (and by extension Coogler himself), has another roadmap to the revolution in mind.

Black Panther Movie; Afrocentrism & Feminism in Hollywood

Black Panther is set mostly in the fictional African nation of Wakanda and features the first mostly black collaborative cast in superhero-film history.

Rather than fight to reverse colonialism, the superhero makes it clear in the mid-credit scene at the UN, that Wakanda will use its power to reframe the conversation entirely. He rejects the use of violence as a means of redistributing wealth, while looking at education and technology as empowerment tools for the oppressed.

For sure, Wakanda will give aids to recipient nations without any strings attached, unlike that of western nations. They are not to open up their economies to Wakanda business interest.

Generally, the road-map of the superhero is a clear message on peaceful revolution and international trade and diplomatic collaboration in a global world. A probable message that Africa is rich and capable enough to warrant the respect of the West. Consequently, adopting a diplomatic, rather than a radical approach against colonial and neocolonial influences is the right way to go.

Feminist Innovation in ‘Black Panther Movie’

Women empowerment is one of the attractive innovations in the Black Panther. It is outstanding novelty in the history of superhero movies. Black Panther projects an all-female royal guard and a brilliant female inventor/engineer. The film successfully gives female characters depth and range on the same level of its male heroes and villains. There are more main female characters in Black Panther than there are in any other movie by MCU film.

Black Panther Movie; Afrocentrism & Feminism in Hollywood

Black Panther projects an all-female royal guard and a brilliant female inventor/engineer.

In the movie, nearly all of the women support King T’challa in some way. Ramonda is his mother, Shuri his sister, Okoye his general, Nakia a spy, and the rest of the Dora Milaje are his guards. Each of them plays a specific function – either as a super-genius, freeing young girls from assumed sexual slavery, maintaining a royal front in the face of chaos, or making hard choices when it comes to dueling loyalties. Okoye, leader of the royal guard, resembles nothing we have seen before in superhero movies. She not only symbolizes warmth, but she uncompromisingly represents black female pride and power, a destroyer of Wakanda’s enemies.

Black Panther Movie; Afrocentrism & Feminism in Hollywood

Okoye, leader of the royal guard

Evidently, the success of Black Panther as a movie and as a character, is highly dependent on the women of Wakanda. The overarching message is that Women can get things done. Discount them at your own peril.


Individuals, especially of the black race, who have watched ‘Black Panther’ will certainly have plenty of talking points afterward. From its portrayal of Afrocentrism and feminism, to the overall importance of having an all-black superheroes as main characters, rather than sidekicks. The financial worth, with its recent $ 1 Billion mark shall preoccupy movie grossing analysts for some time.

The Hustler’s Digest – Google Is Shutting Down Cryptos

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Google bans cryptos and ico ads

Today’s Quote

“If we want our regulators to do better, we have to embrace a simple idea: regulation isn’t an obstacle to thriving free markets; it’s a vital part of them”.

James Surowiecki


The battle over 9mobile is far from over

Following a $1.72 billion debt default and the subsequent takeover by creditors, an acquisition loomed over 9mobile. A few weeks down the line, however, ownership of the distressed telco was finally up for bidding. Teleology Holdings Limited and Smile Communications Limited were companies that notably came up with substantial bids to acquire the struggling telco. Teleology Holdings, however, won the bid

To finalize the takeover, Teleology Holdings was directed to make a non-refundable cash deposit of $50 million within 21 days or lose the bid to Smile Communications Limited. Smile on the other hand surprisingly contested the verdict on the grounds that Barclays Africa did not do a thorough job of vetting the processes.

They subsequently called for a review of the process, expressing disappointment in a letter addressed to Barclays Africa on February 21, 2018.

In fresh reports by The Guardian, the Executive Director of Operations at Smile Communications Ahmad Farroukh, further argues that his company has the expertise and finance to better manage the struggling company, and effect a transformation within 90 days.

“The first value is that we are Nigerian company already existing in the Nigerian telecoms space. So, we will come up with our existing assets to boost the 9Mobile operations. We will seek the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC’s) permission to flip our existing 800MHz frequency to 9Mobile to enhance its operations. What we are bringing to 9Mobile is huge,” Executive Director, Operations, Smile Communications, Ahmad Farroukh, said over the weekend.

Barclays Africa has not yet yielded to Smile Communication’s request. But the undertones surrounding the development are quite surprising; especially in light of the fact that 9mobile’s takeover is considered a done deal.

Will there be an injunction or will Barclays Africa ignore the claims by Smile Communications?

Hostel listing platform, myPadi raises seed funding from EchoVC

myPadi, a 2-year-old startup that provides hostel bookings for students, announced that it has raised seed funding from EchoVC. EchoVC is a seed and early-stage capital firm that invests in technology companies around North America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Although the exact amount raised from EchoVC remains undisclosed, Joel Amawhe, the founder of myPadi says the figure amounts to “five digits in US dollars.”

According to Joel, this fund will help accelerate myPadi’s expansion into more cities, serving more schools, growing the team and improving their product. Founded in 2016, myPadi is a hostel booking platform that enables students to discover off-campus accommodation through its listings from verified landlords. As such, the platform provides photographs, virtual tours, pricing, amenities, and reviews.

“We are very excited about our investment in myPadi and in a market that has been estimated to be worth $20 billion per year,” Uche Ogboi of EchoVC remarks. “The inadequate supply of student hostels in universities across Africa has created a great need for off-campus student accommodation and myPadi provides an elegantly organized solution to this problem; we see myPadi as the future go-to platform for all student needs.”

Prior to receiving this fund, myPadi was part of Ventures Platform’s second acceleration program where it received $20,000 initial funding. Awarded the best e-housing startup of the year (2017) by NITDA, it also represented Nigeria at GITEX 2017 in Dubai and received $5,000 in grant funding plus 3 months business advisory service from Accenture Nigeria, courtesy of the National Economic Summit 2017.

The company has so far listed 5,000 vetted rooms for students in 60+ tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Political gods keep chasing President Zuma, even out of office

Former South African President, Jacob Zuma has not had the quiet time to recover, after haven been chased out of office by his own party the ANC last Month; now he is being chased by his own deeds while in office.

South Africa’s Chief Prosecutor, Shaun Abrahams has recently confirmed that the former President, is to face prosecution for 16 charges of corruption. Mr Abrahams said he believes there are “reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution”.

Mr Zuma, 75, was facing his ninth no-confidence vote in parliament before he resigned as president. The present corruption charges relate to a 30bn rand ($2.5bn; £1.7bn) government arms deal in the late 1990s, before he became president and his alleged bribe requests from a French arms company to support an extravagant lifestyle.


Casino group to launch Cameroon’s first Cash and Carry warehouse

Casino Cash and Carry Cameroon (3C Cameroon) will inaugurate Cameroon’s first-ever warehouse supermarket, under its new banner “Bao”, in Bassa industrial Zone later this month.

The cash and carry concept consists of offering wholesale items at discounted prices. These discounts depend on the volume of goods bought. Depending on the success of this warehouse in Cameroon, Casino group will invest between FCFA 15 billion and FCFA 20 billion to build nine others, creating 150 direct jobs per warehouse in Douala, Yaoundé, Bafoussam and Ngaoundéré.

“Bao” promises to encourage professionalism by elaborating terms of services, production planning with the guarantee to sell the products, helping producers meet the health regulations and the standard practices as well as organizing distribution channels to consolidate and optimize the transportation of goods.

Casino group in this way, modifies its business strategy to adapt to the tough competition in Cameroon’s wholesale distribution market with the introduction of new market players like Carrefour and other local distributors flooding Yaounde and Douala with supermarkets.

Will the giant telco, MTN fold out of Cameroon?

On March 14, MTN Cameroon reassured its clients and partners of a continuous service in a communique from the company’s CEO, Saim Yaksan. Saim Yaksan said the company places great importance on its Cameroonian operations and has no plans of exiting the country.

This, however, comes on the heels of a series of news that the telecommunications giant will be exiting certain markets, including Cameroon. Cameroon’s regulatory body ART, fined MTN Cameroon FCFA 3.5 million in the third-quarter of 2017. This fine came with a one-year reduction in the telco’s license period for failing to comply with the regulations on the spectrum and subscriber registration.

As such, these reports seemed to have capitalized on this financial situation to conclude the mobile telco giant was in for an imminent exit.


How can a major election hold without the President?

Everything being equal, Senatorial elections are scheduled to take place in Cameroon on March 25, 2018. This will be the second time since April 2013, that senatorial election will be held in in the country.

The elections will produce 70 senators, while the President shall nominate 30 to make 100 senators. About 9,000 local council representatives are expected to elect the 70 senators for a 5-year term of office. However, the ruling CPDM party of President Paul Biya is set to win a sweeping majority in the elections as they control the majority of local councils over the national territory.

No matter who wins the elections, one thing is very clear. The elections may hold in the absence of Mr. President. The President has been invited by of his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, and the duo is expected to meet in Beijing on March 22, in a state visit that will last up to March, 25.

People are therefore wondering why the president will decide to stay out of the country during a major election. Is it because his party the CPDM is already sure to sweet at least more than 90 percent of senatorial seats, going by the number of councils they control?


When the search giant threatens to shut down cryptos

Four days ago, Google published a report announcing its plans to update its financial services policy from June 2018. This update will restrict the advertisement of certain financial services, including cryptos. The ban will apply to Google’s platforms like YouTube as well as third-party websites where it sells ads space.

Google will also ban cryptocurrencies and related content including cryptocurrency exchanges, initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency wallets and trading advice. Google’s announcement, however, comes barely two months after Facebook revealed plans to ban crypto ads on its platform to better detect deceptive and misleading advertising practices.

Since the two biggest providers of digital advertising are cracking down on cryptocurrencies, companies and individuals with cryptocurrency offerings will have limited ad options. At the sight of this announcement, Bitcoin’s market value has already dropped by 9.1%.

Last summer, cryptos were riding high. But since they’re being sold on unregulated markets, there are a lot of concerns about things like fraud and money laundering. And investors have been particularly spooked lately especially with the IMF calling for more government supervision of the market earlier this week.

How did the world gain access to Stephen Hawking’s brain?

Early Wednesday morning, the world lost one of the greatest physicists of the modern era, Stephen Hawking. For more than 5 decades, Stephen Hawking, 76, battled with ALS — a neurological disease that gradually immobilized his entire body and rendered him speechless. That is until a computer gave him his voice back.

Hawking was diagnosed with ALS in 1963, at the age of 21, and was given 2 years to live. He, however, overcame the odds — but by the late 70s, his ability to speak waned, and by 1985, it ceased altogether. For years, he used a program called the “Equalizer,” which allowed him to use a hand switch to select letters, words, and phrases from a computer screen, which would then be fed through a speech synthesizer.

This new method enabled him to speak up to 15 words per minute — but Hawking eventually lost the ability to use his hands.

In mid-2000, Hawking used a “cheek switch,” which utilized infrared beams to detect tiny movements in his facial muscles. But with this method, he could only speak 2 words per minute. In 2011, Intel developed a new user interface for Hawking called ACAT that provided him with various shortcuts to speak. Another company, SwiftKey, integrated predictive typing into his rig, which allowed him to select words after typing one or two letters.

Without these developments, the world may have never had access to Stephen Hawking’s brilliant mind.

‘Superman’ goes on retirement

Asia’s second-richest businessman Li Ka-Shing, is going on retirement at 89. The business tycoon who was knighted in 2000 is to hand over control of his global empire in May ahead of his 90th birthday, SkyNews reported.

A regulatory filing to the Hong Kong stock exchange via his sprawling ports-to-telecoms company CK Hutchison (CKH) revealed, which includes the UK mobile provider. Mr Li’s eldest son Victor would assume the chairmanship, though his father would keep an advisory role.

Mr. Li Ka-shing’s retirement will bring the curtain down on a career in business spanning 75 years. His career, according to Forbes have earned him a net worth of $35bn (£25bn), positioning him among the top 30 richest people in the world.

The story of how the ‘Superman’ achieved his success is that of from rags to wealth. Despite all these riches, Mr. Lika-shing according to SkyNews, has not forgot his humble beginning in China. He, unlike others, has refused to fall into the trappings of wealth, donating over $2bn to charitable causes. What a lessons of wealth multiplication to others.

Silicon Times


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  • Meet like-minded individuals who are ready to take action for a digital awakening in Cameroon. Attend the Cameroon Digital Thought Leaders Luncheon event on April 16, 2018, from 1 AM to 5PM in Douala, Cameroon.
  • Apply for the 2018 Young Enterprise Scale-up (YES) Bootcamp. Deadline is March 30, 2018.
  • Grab an invitation to attend the Afrikonnect 2018. Event holds from March 22, 2018, at 12AM to March 23, 2018, at 12AM in Casablanca, Morocco.



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Featured Articles

Better Breed Reveals Winners of the 2018 Sama Randy Youth Write Contest

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Better Breed Reveals Winners of the 2018 Sama Randy Youth Write Contest

Better Breed Cameroon has finally announced the winners of this year’s Sama Randy Youth Write Contest (SRYWC). After several weeks of reading, grading and screening for plagiarism, the Better Breed Cameroon team and its panel of seasoned judges have released the top three winners of this year’s prizes, plus one surprise honorarium (a prize which wasn’t initially considered during the publication of the contest).

Better Breed disclosed the information through a Press Release on its website on March 10, 2018.

It took several weeks of deliberations among Mr. Fonsho Collins, Ms. Helen Nde and Mr. Mbutoh Divine as judges to settle on the best essay.

Better Breed Reveals Winners of the 2018 Sama Randy Youth Write Contest

According to the organizers of the contest, Njie Martha Eyole, a final-year student in the University of Buea’s Department of Bilingual Letters is the First-Prize Winner of this year’s competition. Martha Eyole shall, therefore, receive the sum of FCFA 100.000 in cash, plus a job opportunity with Makonjo Media.

Meanwhile, Anita Ngwe Chofor currently pursuing a Higher National Diploma (HND) program in Marketing at ISEM-IBCG, Douala won the Second-Prize. She will be receiving a FCFA 50.000 cash prize from Better Breed Cameroon.

In the third place, Brenda Ndome Haddison, a third-year student at the Institute of Management Information and Technology, Douala, will receive FCFA 25.000 as Third-Prize winner of the 2018 Sama Randy Youth Write Contest.

Offering the surprise prize

Considering how tight the competition was, Better Breed Cameroon will be offering a surprise honorarium prize. 19-year-old Ambomatei Miranda will receive this prize worth FCFA 15.000 as she occupies the third position in the runners-up. 

The Better Breed Cameroon team, therefore, congratulates this year’s winners who will be receiving their awards at a ceremony scheduled to take place at Makonjo Media office on March 16, 2018. Meanwhile, Better Breed Cameroon will publish the First-Prize-Winning essay on their website for public appreciation.

About the SRYWC and its organizers

The Sama Randy Youth Write Contest is an annual essay writing competition organized by the philanthropic organization, Better Breed Cameroon. Named in memory of pioneer Better Breed member Sama Randy, this competition seeks to encourage youth engagement in national discourses.

In the manner of an annual routine, Better Breed in collaboration with Makonjo Media decided to launch the 4th edition of the SRYWC to reward outstanding writers.

Makonjo Media is a Silicon Mountain-based marketing and growth technology firm with processes, tools, and techniques needed to automate and scale customer growth & revenues of businesses in Africa.

Known for its expertise in leveraging ICTs to grow businesses, Makonjo Media offers services ranging from web/app development to marketing.

As a strong supporter of millennial talent, the Silicon Mountain IT firm was happy to support the 2018 SRYWC. Makonjo Media opted to cover the first prize worth FCFA 100.000. The company also promised to offer the grand winner a job opportunity with Makonjo Media.

Though this year’s competition challenged participants to ponder and constructively contribute to the discourse on socio-economic and political issues of Cameroon, contesters had the opportunity to write and submit essays of any style and various themes. However, essays had to be between 1000 to 1500 words ending with the statement, ‘This is what Cameroon needs now.’ 

Afro Hustler says, Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s contest.

Makonjo-ICENECDEV Open Network Portal To Silicon Mountain Entrepreneurs

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UNGC Opens Network Portal To Silicon Mountain Entrepreneurs

The International Center for Environmental Education and Community Development, ICENECDEV and Makonjo Media have championed the UN’s course to bring in more businesses into the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) network. This was the focal point of a one-day joint multi-stakeholder sensitization meeting on the UNGC for SMEs that took place on March 9, 2018.

This gathering brought together stakeholders within the Fako Division of the Southwest Region. It aimed to persuade business leaders to join and actively participate in the United Nations Global Compact program.

UNGC Opens Network Portal To Silicon Mountain Entrepreneurs

Silicon Mountain entrepreneurs receiving lectures on the UNGC from ICENECDEV coordinator, Fongoh Eric

With over 25 local business leaders and stakeholders in attendance, this meeting promises to change the business space in Cameroon.

The UNGC is the world’s largest charitable initiative that seeks to advance the 10 universal principles on human rights, labor standards, environment, and anti-corruption. However, the United Nations intends to achieve this goal through the active engagement of corporate communities.

Bringing the UNGC to Cameroon

ICENECDEV is a resource-based NGO that aims to address key environmental issues that affect communities in Cameroon and Africa. To achieve this goal, therefore, the environmental organization has over the years, partnered with international organizations that are passionate about conserving the environment.

On March 9, 2018, the NGO partnered with Makonjo Media, a marketing and growth technology startup in the Silicon Mountain to push through its latest initiative – absorbing more SMEs into the UN’s global compact network.

Through its 10 principles, the UN hopes to provide a platform where businesses can maintain brand integrity through transparency and sustainable sourcing.

As such, it is not surprising that one of the many benefits of joining this 8,000-base network is the opportunity for businesses to have an unlimited access to resources, as well as have a reliable source of funding.

The perfect opportunity for Cameroon’s SMEs

The growing number of startups and other SMEs in Cameroon is not commensurate with the amount of funding that comes in. It is, therefore, an opportunity for these ever-weeping entrepreneurs to secure a funding source for their different ventures.

Makonjo-ICENECDEV Open Network Portal To Silicon Mountain Entrepreneurs

According to ICENECDEV’s Coordinator Fongoh Eric, “this gathering will help business leaders to be able to network among themselves in order to scale up their actions, as well as, get an opening to more investors to expand their businesses.”

Meanwhile, Otto Akama, Managing Director of Makonjo Media noted that “thanks to this sensitizing meeting, entrepreneurs can now be sure of accessing a vast array of resources they can use to strengthen the reach of their businesses and institutions.”

Both organizations believe that this will go a long way to reinforce issues of protection of human rights, fight against bribery and corruption, labor and environmental protection that have long been global concerns among international watchdogs like the United Nations.