The Hustler’s Digest – mPharma Attracts Silicon Valley VCs

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The Hustler's Digest - mPharma attracts silicon valley vcs


Silicon Valley begins to invest in African health startups

The Ghana-based startup, mPharma had previously raised $5 million in seed funding led by Silicon Valley’s Social Capital. But on November 23, 2017, the startup announced its pharmacy retail supply venture attracted a bevy of major international investors for its recent Series A funding. They received about 6.6 million dollars from Silicon Valley startups like Social Capital and local VCs like Golden Palm Investments and 4DX Ventures.

MPharma is starting to disrupt the prescription drug business in Africa. Plus, it has started setting its sights on bigger targets beyond the continent. MPharma manages prescription drug inventory for pharmacies and their suppliers in four African countries.

Someone else is now in charge of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe just got its new president. Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn in as the country’s new leader on Friday, following Robert Mugabe’s dramatic resignation this week after nearly four decades of rule. Mnangagwa was vice president under Mugabe and has vowed to serve as the interim president until elections are held next year. Known as “The Crocodile” for his political cunning and longevity, the 75-year-old Mnangagwa fled the country after Mugabe fired him earlier this month, a dismissal that triggered the political turmoil and apparent military involvement that led to Mugabe stepping down. Mr. Mnangagwa fled the country but returned to a hero’s welcome and on Friday, struck a conciliatory tone.


Digitalization of Small businesses; Theme of PmExchange 2017

Very few startups and small businesses have gone digital. The internet usage had become a necessity. Nowadays, the use of digital has become an imperative for companies that want to continue to develop and above all to be competitive. In that light, a community of small-sized businesses organized the pm exchange conference. In its fourth edition, the need for businesses to go digital in today’s global environment was brought to awareness.

Huawei technology takes Cameroon to Smart City award recognition

Proudly, at the World Smart City awards held at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2017 (SCEWC), Cameroon was recognised with a nomination for the Innovation Idea Award for its solar energy project. Such achievement will propel the business sphere to higher heights. Cameroon was not the only Huawei partnered customer in contention at the awards. The ultimate goals of a Smart City are to enable good governance, promote industry development and deliver benefits for the people.

202 Cameroonian migrants go back home from Libya

Migration for greener pastures is very common in the African continent. Due to the high rate of unemployment, and the high level of poverty, many youths flee to other countries with hopes to upgrade their lives. Unfortunately getting a good life might not be the outcome of some as they encounter harsher conditions. In that light, the migrants of Cameroonian origin (including 9 pregnant women) residing in Libya were voluntarily repatriated to Cameroon within the framework of an IMO initiative.

Each one of the repatriated migrants has received FCFA 65,000 from the government to restart their lives and avoid going back.


Walmart is quietly testing a fleet of self-driving vehicles that mop floors

The device looks like any other floor cleaner but with two exceptions – it scrubs at night and does not need a human to operate it. Walmart has quietly begun testing an advanced, autonomous floor scrubber during overnight shifts – a move that could free workers from hours of drudgery, but that has already raised alarm among some employees. As the largest private-sector employer in the US, Walmart is watched carefully for any shifts it makes to its workplace. The device is the creation of San Diego-based Brain Corp., a firm that raised $114 million in a Series C funding in July.

Uber bribed hackers to cover-up massive data breach

In a company blog post on Tuesday, CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi revealed yet another skeleton in Uber’s closet – a massive breach of its users’ personal data that the company intentionally hid from the public ear for over a year. This also included a $100.000 bribe to the hackers involved in exchange for keeping their mouths shut. The hack included names and license numbers of more than 600.000 drivers as well as names, emails and phone numbers of 57 million users.

According to Uber’s CEO, he only recently learned of the October 2016 attack but has made swift moves to oust 2 executives involved in the cover-up.

Trump defends Roy Moore’s sexual abuse claim

President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended Republican, Roy Moore. The Alabama-based Republican Senate candidate was accused of sexual abuse. However, he denied having anything to do with it. According to Trump’s tweet, “He denies it. Look, he denies it. He says it didn’t happen.”

Trump’s comments mark a break between him and other prominent Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has called on Moore to drop out of the race. The campaign arm for Senate Republicans and the Republican National Committee have also severed ties with Moore.

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The Hustler’s Digest – Mr Green Swallows Africa’s Waste

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Happy workers of Mr Green Africa


This startup wants to solve Africa’s waste problem

Kenya has a waste management issue. It seems like they produce the highest amount of waste in Africa. In 2016, the country’s capital, Nairobi was producing about 24.000 tons of waste daily. Illegal dumpsites accommodated 62% of that waste. But Mr. Green Africa, a tech-enabled plastic recycling startup is trying to help tackle this problem . They aim is to trade recycables while achieving both social and environmental impacts.

Airtel and Tigo merge as a single network

The talents, technologies and tactical expertise of Airtel and Tigo are now unified as AirtelTigo. They recently launched the tie of their brands that will advance their commitment to providing the best mobile and fixed telephone service and solutions to consumers and businesses. Nevertheless, Roshi Motman, the CEO of AirtelTigo promised more exciting offers for customers of both networks while they integrate into one network.

Mugabe is not going out without a fight

The Zimbabwean President, who’s been in power since 1980, resisted efforts to push him out. Then, he appeared on Friday 17, November 2017 at a university graduation, just two days after he was put under house arrest. For decades, President Robert Mugabe has been in charge. Last week, he fired his Vice President (his constitutional successor) in an attempt to put his wife in line to succeed him. But the military was not pleased and decided to put an end to his 37-year grip on power.

Military leaders, who snatched power from him on Wednesday, were part of the talks held to form a transition government. But by Friday, it was clear Mugabe was digging his heels in. This has pushed the price of Bitcoin in Zimbabwe as high as $13,000, nearly twice the going rate in global markets.


160 ivory, parrot feathers and pangolin scales detained from smugglers in Douala

Some unidentified men were caught trying to smuggle items stolen from protected animals out of the country. Fortunately, before they could escape to Nigeria, the police caught up with them. The items got seized and released to the ministry of forests and fauna. Three people were arrested as a result.

France grants CFA46.2 billion Contract to Cameroon

Louis Paul Motaze, Cameroon’s minister of economy, Gilles Thibault French ambassador to Cameroon and Christian Yoka, director of the French Development Agency (AFD) signed on November 15, in Yaoundé, two conventions providing CFA46.2 billion to Cameroon in the framework of the third debt reduction and development contract (C2D). The overall amount of this C2D is about CFA400 billion and, is essentially intended for social projects.

Mysterious fire takes down Cameroon’s National Assembly

While the cause of the fire remains a mystery, its damage was devastating. The fire was sighted around 10 pm on Thursday 16, Novemver 2017 and the ravaging fire is said to have invaded the 4th floor of the building, spreading to the 7th floor. The building was heavily ruined despite efforts from firefighters to quench the fire. Fortunately, there has so far been no indication of any casualties.

However, the claims circulating on social media that the fire was a deliberate act has been refuted by Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Minister of Communication and government spokesman. According to him, the fire incident was just an accident and nothing more.


Airbnb acquires ad tech startup AdBasis

It looks like accessibility isn’t the only thing Airbnb wants to upgrade on its platform. On the same day the online rental firm announced that it acquired Accomable, it has emerged that it has made another small acquisition. Airbnb has acquired adtech startup AdBasis, which had built a platform and dashboard for ad testing and optimization.

Tweeter initiates its verification badge removal program

The company announced new guidelines for its verification program and promised to remove the verification badge from accounts that go outside its rules. According to the company, tweeting content that incites hate, harassment, violence or violating Twitter’s rules, could lead to removal of the verification badge. This week, the company already began taking action. So far, some of Twitter’s prominent users have lost their verified status already.

US backs out, but stays committed to climate accord

The Trump administration hasn’t reverted its plans to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. But the US remains committed to fighting greenhouse gas emissions. According to a top US representative at international climate talks, the US will only rejoin the talks “under terms more favourable to the American people.” Meantime, Pope Francis has denounced those who deny taking part in curbing global warming. His message seems to have been directed towards the US for earlier backing out of the deal.

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  • Do not miss out the #Homelifestyle# #class# by HEG Moment at Hotel Akwa Palace Douala on Wednesday November 29th 2017 at 7:00PM.
  • Be at the Business Conference in Accra at the Accra International Conference Center all about Time with Dangote on Friday December 15th 2017 from 7:00PM.
  • Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi is hosting a business convention about Future Energy in East Africa on Wednesday the 29th of November 2017 from 8:AM.
  • Attend the Pronto Woonparty comprising of diverse localities popular in home and lifestyle on the 22nd of November 2017 starting at 7:00PM.
  • Revolution cycling champions League Round will be taking place at Lee Valley Velo Park in London all about sports and fitness and tournament on Saturday 25th November 2017 starting at 7:00 PM



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How Silicon Mountain Evolved into Cameroon’s Most Vibrant Techsphere

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How Silicon Mountain Evolved into Cameroon's Most Vibrant TechSphere

The economy wasn’t ready for a tech ecosystem yet. Innovation wasn’t an item on their agenda and the country was lagging far behind when it came to technovation in Africa. Other countries were going places, their economies rapidly evolving and their lives becoming a lot easier. Cameroon wasn’t part of that innovation and no one was talking about the country in terms of tech. The Silicon Mountain needed to be born.

A group of tech enthusiasts in a small town built a community of techies and entrepreneurs.

They called it, Silicon Mountain.

They were just a group of techies trying to bring tech to the country. At least, the government didn’t quite regard the sector as important. But this didn’t stop them and they didn’t even know they were building something revolutionary. The truth is, they weren’t building anything at all. It just happened. They were mainly believing in the beauty of their dreams.

According to Valery Colong, a Silicon Mountain pioneer, Silicon Mountain is the entrepreneurial ecosystem within Fako with its epicenter in Buea. It is Cameroon’s first and largest community of technovators and techpreneurs. However, the origin of the name Silicon Mountain has been in conflict for some time now.

Many pioneers of the community have had different versions as to the origin of the term. But, one thing is clear: It’s a community of techies and entrepreneurs changing the country’s techsphere.

Among a number of other pioneers/founders of the Silicon Mountain community, tech players like Churchill Nanje, Valery Colong, Tse Fua, Otto Akama, Ayuk Eta, Fritz Ekwoge, Ebot Tabi, Isaac Kamga, Nyah Check, Daisy Nkweteyim; were at the forefront of the Silicon Mountain revolution.

How an IT firm brought techies together

Churchill Nanje of Africa’s largest job search engine, Njorku, was a key player in the creation of Cameroon’s largest tech community. Like the others, Churchill never planned to form anything like a community. At least, not directly.

He was teaching at a technology school in Buea, Trustech. He was also building websites for individuals. Later on, he decided to quit his job at Trustech and focus on building websites.

Eventually, he ended up building an IT firm – AfroVision Group. This firm was what brought the techies together. He convinced some tech enthusiasts (Tse Fua, Tata Cyril, Valery Colong) whom he all met at a cyber, to join him in developing solutions at AfroVision.

Shortly after Valery left AfroVision, he started his own tech startup, ActivSpaces. This firm has grown to become Cameroon’s first and largest startup accelerator. ActivSpaces incubates other startups, helping them realize their true potential. ActivSpaces in the last two years led the Silicon Mountain Conference and has inspired the birth of more startups within and out of Buea.

Why the name Silicon Mountain?

According to a Wikipedia article, Rebecca Enonchong (Founder of AppsTech who’s known to have brought technology to Africa), was the first to have ever used the name Silicon Mountain at the BarCamp Conference in Buea, 2013.

However, after speaking with Valery Colong, it became clear that the name was“popularized as far back as 2011 thanks to the effort of people like Bill Zimmerman during the first-ever VC4Africa meetup in Cameroon.”

According to Churchill Nanje, “it’s someone out of the community that brought the name. Some people are saying Rebecca Enonchong first called it Silicon Mountain. There was a blog post written by Bill Zimmerman on, it’s no longer online. The article profiled some tech startups in Buea. In that article, people were commenting and started trying to call this area a name. They just knew that there were technology guys here.”

To him, Silicon Mountain is just a community of tech enthusiasts around the Buea mountain. The name Silicon Mountain was coined just for tech enthusiasts around Buea, but it has grown to include entrepreneurship in general, not just tech.

Most people know of Silicon Valley in the US. Since the group of techies is based in a mountainous area at the foot of Mount Fako, it only made sense to relate what they were doing to the mountain. Certainly, for lack of a term to describe tech, they settled for Silicon to give that kind of semblance to Silicon Valley.

Bottom line

Silicon Mountain is a play on Silicon Valley and the Fako mountain.

Silicon Mountain Conference – the biggest achievement ever

The virtual community of technovators and techpreneurs continued to grow. More people joined the circle. They came with great tech innovations, app and business ideas. It has continued to grow over the years.

As the community continued to grow, the name became more popular. They needed something like a conference to discuss the future of the individual startups that emerged from this community.

Otto Akama

Otto Akama

At the time, Otto Akama, then community manager at ActivSpaces, led the first-ever Silicon Mountain conference in 2015 and subsequently, 2016. The Silicon Mountain Conference is the largest community-driven event on tech innovations and entrepreneurship in Cameroon. It is about to experience its 3rd edition and has attracted over 900 participants from Cameroon and the diaspora.

It is an event that showcases the marvels of the Silicon Mountain community so as to attract potential investors to the community’s most innovative startups.

Each year, members of this community organize a conference to consult, network, exchange ideas, showcase products/services, meet stakeholders/investors and discuss possible solutions to common challenges.

According to Valery Colong, the main goal of the Silicon Mountain Conference is to “bring together stakeholders and enthusiasts – people who are interested in seeing this entrepreneurial community thrive, to network, share ideas, seek and build opportunities together.

“In terms of activities, we have talks, panel discussions, demos/showcase/exhibitions, some of the outstanding products that come out of this community of ours, mostly tech for now. Of course, if there are other outstanding things that are coming out of this community outside tech, we are obviously happy to showcase. It’s more of a gathering for exchanges, networking, idea sharing, opportunity, building synergies, etc.”

The explosion

This year’s edition of the conference which has been launched under the theme, “Building Profitable and Scalable Ventures,” will take place at Chariot Hotel, Buea on November 18, 2017. The conference will bring together a plethora of creatives, entrepreneurs, influencers, academicians and change agents, who together constitute the Silicon Mountain entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Silicon Mountain Conference 2017

Silicon Mountain Conference, 2017

It will feature talks, workshops, panel discussions, demos and networking sessions. The conference presents a perfect opportunity to network and share ideas/opportunities with aspiring billionaires and stars who are changing lives from within Silicon Mountain. More than 50 startups and enterprises will be in attendance.

Coming from a community that is built on a sound engineering culture rather than sales or marketing, this year’s conference will reflect and discuss what seems to be the most worrying concern for startups and businesses within Silicon Mountain: that of Building Profitable and Scalable Ventures.

It is clear the community has attained some degree of maturity and it’s time to discuss on how to drive innovation, close better deals, influence policies and attract venture capital to scale beyond the community’s local markets. The reason why the conference has grown to include not just techies, but entrepreneurs around Fako.

Over the last two years when the conference began, many more startups have sprung up in Buea. But it has also inspired the creation of even more startups in other cities of Cameroon. Buea is now home to the most successful startups in the country, thanks to the SMConf that began in 2015.

In 2016, Google organized its annual hacking competition, Google Code-In for pre-university students. When the tech giant announced the winners of the contest on January 30 same year, Collins Nji emerged as the Grand Prize winner. Collins happens to be a proud product of the Silicon Mountain community.

Nji Collins

Nji Collins: 2016 winner of Google Code-In contest

Began with tech to grow into entrepreneurship

This year, more startups and entrepreneurs have joined the community. It is normal to think of technology when one talks of Silicon Mountain but in truth, there are other actors who make this community thrive, the reason why they try to make it as inclusive as possible.

Yes, it began as tech. But it has grown beyond tech to include anyone passionate about entrepreneurship, change making and building a better community.

There’s something great Cameroon has but it’s unknown to many. You never know the value of what you have until you lose it. The term Silicon Mountain has been making rounds among members of Buea’s tech community for some time now. It’s still to become a buzzword on the internet.

One should have normally expected that the term should have already been buzzing the web given its similarity to the famous “Silicon Valley,” but it’s not.

As Africa’s budding tech culture and ecosystem emerge, tech hubs are opening all over the country and the startup scene is escalating. Engineers started adapting technology to suit the specific needs and dynamics of the continent instead of copying from the West.

Africa has grown so big in the digital world and Cameroon was not going to be left behind. In an attempt to produce more tech startups and give them a more organized structure, Silicon Mountain emerged.

In April 2016, the BBC captured the future of this tech community during “Cameroon’s drive to become the new home of innovation.” In September 2016, France 24 paid a visit to the community and noted that it is Africa’s next tech hub.


Its most successful startups

Silicon Mountain is home to many startups and global technology companies. Amongst the most famous are startups like Njorku, ActiveSpaces, Makonjo Media, Zinger Systems, Agro-Hub, Skylabase, Wasamundi and LCM Tours. It’s also home to leading tech communities like GDG Buea, GDG Limbe, Women Tech Makers Buea, WordPress for Startups, Play With Python and Facebook Developers Circle Buea.



There are many more players who have helped revolutionized Cameroon’s tech ecosystem that has survived this long.

Many years ago, the country’s techsphere was lifeless. Government negligence made it worse. As a result, some promising tech startups and businesses disappeared along the way. However, the number of startups in this community has grown beyond count.

It is hoped that the Silicon Mountain community’s third gathering of technovators and techpreneurs will bring even more players on board.

Silicon Mountain’s story has never been told completely. It may also never be told correctly. But one thing is certain. A group of passionate techies unknowingly built Cameroon’s largest gathering of the most successful and innovative startups and entrepreneurs. Why not join these visionaries to make the Silicon Mountain the next tech destination?

Individuals or organizations interested in getting involved in Buea’s flagship technology gathering should register here.


The Hustler’s Digest – Vodafone Exits Cameroon’s Telco Sector the Hard Way

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Vodafone exits Cameroon's Telco Sector the Hard Way


Accra Brewery investing in a growing world

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) has donated 20 cartons of each of the brands it produces towards the 33rd National Farmers Day celebration. Brands in the package comprised CLUB Premium Lager, CLUB Shandy, Eagle Lager, Castle Milk Stout, Chairman Bitters, and non-alcoholic beverage, Beta Malt. This reinforces the company’s promise to investing in a Growing World where everyone has the chance to advance their livelihood.

President Kagame and Tony Elumelu to lead Young Entrepreneurship Day

The Young Entrepreneurship Day (YED) at the Africa 2017 Forum, has been designed to connect some of Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs. The likes of HE Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda and Tony Elumelu, Founder of the $100m Entrepreneurship Programme will be headlining the event. They will both be sharing insightful information on entrepreneurship from their perspectives.

Politicians steal U.S. $50 billion yearly from Africa, Obasanjo alleges

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo during the maiden yearly anti-fraud conference in Nigeria lamented about smuggling and fraud in the continent. In effect, he said that over $50 billion is being stolen and smuggled from Africa to other countries yearly by political leaders and businessmen as well as other key players in both public and private sectors.


Artisanal gold miners stormed the four gold mines discovered at Eséka

Foreign and local gold miners have been storming Eséka recently, a district in central Cameroon since three months. This is due to the discovery of four gold mines in the locality. It is estimated that about one thousand artisanal miners invaded the mines.  However, local authorities took some measures to prohibit artisanal mining and encourage the public to form Common Initiative Groups for an efficient mining.

Vodafone Cameroon ceases operations

Some three months ago, the internet telecom firm announced it will extend its services to rest of the country. Internet users felt excited as they will benefit from its quality service. Until recently, that excitement turned into sadness. The company concluded they were no longer commercially feasible to recommence services in Cameroon. This decision didn’t come as a surprise at all.

Vodafone has suffered from various obscurities they faced at the start. Their license was withdrawn, their services suspended, then blackouts. After a fierce court case against the telco, Vodafone decided it was time to call it quit in Cameroon. They apologize to customers as they roll out.

Heavy militarization of Bamenda following death of two gendarme officers

Both David Salle and Rene Hinma, gendarme officers stationed in Bamenda were fatally murdered in the town recently. The murderers who are on the run are alledged to be “Anglophone activists”. Meanwhile in the main time, orders have been issued by the administration to heavily militarize the chief town and capital of the North West Region.


Uber loses court appeal against drivers’ rights

The Employment Tribunal upheld its original decision that any Uber driver who had the Uber app switched on was working for the company under a “worker” contract. But the Taxi-hailing app firm Uber would not abide. In effect, they lost the appeal against a ruling that its drivers should be treated as workers rather than self-employed. Due to this, Uber has faced regulatory and legal setbacks in a host of cities around the world. For instance, in London, where it has the bulk of its business, it is fighting to retain its license to continue operating.

World’s biggest shipping company counts cost of cyberattack

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The world’s biggest shipping company has reported to have lost $1.5 billion from a profit of $429 million a year earlier. In that light, the company which also produces oil, said the cyberattack in June, which mainly affected its shipping unit, Maersk Line, cost the company between $250 million and $300 million.

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The Hustler’s Digest – Dubai Investments Boosts Bilateral Trade in Africa

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Tech startup


Dubai invests $2.77m in Africa to sponsor bilateral trade

President and CEO of the Dubai Chamber and industry, Hamad Buamim says it has invested about $2.77 million in Africa to raise awareness of trade and investment opportunities, and to promote Dubai as an attractive business hub for companies on the continent. The chamber has effortlessly organized activities which have given a major boost to UAE-Africa trade ties by facilitating cooperation between businesses and investors on both sides.

Isabel dos Santos is the only African on Forbes 2017 ‘100 most powerful women’

The 44-year-old is the only African to make it to Forbes magazine’s ranking of the top 100 women for this year. Africa’s richest woman and daughter of the immediate past Angolan leader, Isabel dos Santos is the 74th most powerful woman in the world. Isabel who is currently head of the national oil firm, Sonangol, is believed to be worth $3.4bn as of November 2017.

Violence in South African province as ANC pressure rise

A battle for control is raging ahead of the African National Congress to choose a new leader, when President Jacob Zuma steps down as ANC chief in December. In the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal, at least 40 people have been killed. Violence has spread across the province on the country’s east coast. However, much of the killing can be traced back to hitmen hired from the notorious Glebelands complex of hostels in the provincial capital Durban World.


Cameroon’s government gives telecom operators 6 months to improve their services

Cameroon’s minister of post and telecommunication (Minpostel), Minette Libom Li Likeng, has made public the fact that, the telecom operators in Cameroon have been rendering poor services for the past years.

These operators include: MTN Cameroon, Orange Cameroon, Nexttel and Camtel. The audit which was conducted by the Swiss Cybercom Group revealed so many shortcomings possessed by the telecom operators. Due to this, the minister shuns them to fix the issue in 6 months time.

Camair-Co restores its international flight services

With the start of these new flights, we can clearly see signs of the success of CAMAIR-CO’s recovery plan. The airline plans for the following activities to be carried out; the repayment of CAMAIR-CO’s debt estimated at CFA35 billion approximately, the injection of CFA60 billion by the government, the extension of the network to 23 destinations, mainly domestic at first then regional and international.

Cameroon Court Sentences Opposition Leader to 25 Years in Prison

Aboubakar Siddiki was arrested in 2014, accused of plotting to destabilise President Paul Biya’s government. No credible evidence was presented to the court to convict him. However, on Monday 30, October 2017 he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. His lawyer and Amnesty International denounced the trial as politically motivated.


Apple shares strike record as iPhone X launches

The launch coincided with strong results for Apple, with sales increasing by 12% to $52.6bn (£40bn) for the three months to September. Analysts said Apple was now closer to becoming the first trillion dollar company, as shares rose by 2%. It sold more than 46.6 million phones in the July to September period, up 3% year-on-year. That produced $28.8bn, or more than half of its revenue.

 Twitter employee ‘deactivated’ Trump’s account

The @realdonaldtrump (twitter handle for US President Donald Trump) quickly varnished for a while.  A twitter employee deactivated his account and immediately lost his job.

Catalonians Protests over ex-ministers detention

Catalans began a protest against the detention of eight regional ministers who were sacked over Catalonia’s push for independence from Spain. Prosecutors are also seeking a European Arrest Warrant for ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, who did not show up in court and is now in Belgium.The officials who appeared in Spain’s high court  are accused of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds.

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  • Be a part of Net Impact Buea Professional Chapter Food Solutions Challenge at kawah street Bomaka (Wed, November 8, 2017)   and become a champion winner of $5000.
  • Make a date with Cameroon’s largest gathering of techies and developers during the Silicon Mountain Conference (SMConf) on November 18, 2017 at Chariot Hotel, Buea
  • Take part in the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Training Bootcamp on the 15th of November – 14th of December in Bepanda-douala. Event is organized by Ngeuti It Solutions
  • PyCon Cameroon is organizing a Python programming conference scheduled to take place in Hotel Scandinavia, Limbe, South West on January 24 -28, 2018.
  • The West Africa Convergence Conference 2017, organized by by Knowhow Media and Market Intelligence International Ltd . The event holds On Wednesday November 29, at the Sheraton Lagos Hotel. Be a part of it.
  • Develop engineering skills at the IIHT – CCNA (NETWORKING), WEB DESIGN & WEB DEVELOPMENT, A+(HARDWARE MAINTENANCE) Training program at Lagos Nigeria on November 14 .
  • Be a part of the PyData New York 2017; a forum for the international community of users and developers of data analysis tools. The event shall be hosted by Microsoft on November 27-30 2017.
  • Join the 2017 Tech Bloc Rally@Rackspace to meet iconic tech founders. The event will be taking place at San Antonio USA, on November 9 2017



  •  The bank of Uganda has organized an internship program for young Ugandans coming 2018. Become a part of it and gain insight on technical and administrative implementation of central banking programmes.
  • Government of Kenya presidential digital talent programme 2017/2018 (12 months ICT program for Kenyan graduates) has been launched. Application deadline is November 10, 2017.
  • Sage foundation’s enterprise fund 2018 for non profits worldwide ($ 500, 000 in grants) . Application closes on the 28 of November. Apply now
  • Apply for the Turkiye scholarships graduate program 2018 for Master and PhD studies in Turkey (Fully funded). Application deadline is November 30th
  • Music Omi international has launched a music residency program 2018 for musicians, composers and performance. The program is open to every talent around the globe. The latest day to apply is January 2nd

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