ICS Cameroon Launches Customer Service Awards 2017

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ICS Cameroon Launches Customer Service Awards 2017

If your company has been taking serious notes on the customer service culture in Cameroon, your efforts have not been in vain. They are soon going to be rewarded by the country’s first-ever customer service firm, Institute of Customer Service (ICS) Cameroon, through its Customer Service Awards program.

ICS Cameroon recently announced the International Customer Service Awards program to take place in Cameroon for the first time. It is an international annual customer service awards event where the world’s customer service firms celebrate and award the best companies and organizations practicing customer service.  This year’s customer service week as it is fondly called, will run from October 2 to 6 at Hotel Vallée des Princes, Douala.

Institute of Customer Service Cameroon is the leading customer experience in Cameroon, providing consultancy services, customer service training, and customer service awards in Cameroon. ICS is the first customer service consultancy firm to ever be created in Cameroon and having special recognition from Customer Service Institute of America, it is no doubt the best rewarder for the country’s best-practicing customer service staff and employees.

This award undoubtedly provides an opportunity to recognize and reward the hardworking individuals and businesses who provide excellence in the customer service business in Cameroon. There is, therefore, the need for ICS to celebrate and reward excellent customer service offered by businesses, non-profit/government organizations, individuals and Customer Service professionals.

How can your company participate?

These Awards are open to any organization that provides service to customers, not simply retail trade. This event highlights the importance of customer service and encourages businesses and staff to strive to exceed customers’ expectations. The 2017 nomination process is company-generated (of nomination by the staff of the said organizations or companies) and the finalist is reviewed by an independent panel.

Each Company simply does an in-house selection and provides the finalist to the Awards, this finalist will then be recognized before the eyes of the world as best Customer Service Staff of the said company. From 2018 all judging will be done by an independent judging committee.

One question you are most probably asking now is, why should my company participate, what’s in for me? It’s an opportunity for your company to prove to its customers that you care about customer service as well as, show the world the actions you are taking to improve your company’s customer experience.

This event will be celebrated in over 60 countries around the world, a real show of the importance of customer service. The event is also open to sponsorship from diverse companies and organizations as a show of their customer service exhibition. That’s how serious customer service is and has become.

How can you book a ticket, sponsor or participate?

Visit the event’s website or call any of the numbers below for details.

Contacts: +237 677144395 / +237 698093335 / +237 243381414


Louis Fame Unveils Maiden Fashion Exhibition Show

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Louis Fame launches maiden fashion exhibition show

Until now, Buea has moved from being a tech hub and is gradually becoming a general-purpose hub of Cameroon. The entrepreneurial world is seamlessly touching on every angle of society. Unlike other industries, the clothing industry is almost going unnoticed, but that is soon changing and it’s changing really fast for the clothing/fashion industry with Louis Fame stepping into the business world.

Louis Fame Clothing (an international clothing brand) intends to launch its first ever fashion exhibition show in Cameroon, Buea to be precise. The exhibition show is expected to kick-start on August 5, 2017, at 6 pm and will take place at Mountain Hotel Buea.

The aim of this exhibition show will be to release one of the famous international clothing brand’s collections (Louis Fame A1 Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection). The event offers a unique opportunity for participants to purchase stock items from Louis Fame’s previous collections at astonishing discount rates.

According to Louis Fame, this new collection is inspired by “an Urban/African blend of art; carrying brand lines and icons with bright and royal colors to reflect the quality and originality of the brand. Products from this new collection are made with high-end fabrics such as Cashmere, African prints, wool blends, Denim, etc.”

Louis Fame Clothing is a Buea-based fashion designer that started in 2008 when it produced its first brand creation. The brand, however, went full-scale after featuring as one of the winners of the Guinness Made of Black Style Sew Project in 2014. This experience also inspired the designer to produce and launch its first collection of designs which was widely sold in stores and other sales outlets.

In the same year, LOUIS FAME went on to create 17 original designs that made up his Royal Boss 2014 spring/summer collection. Upon entering the Buea market in August of 2015, the Louis Fame brand grabbed the attention of over 5 retailers across Cameroon which earned the company its widespread popularity. Brasseries Du Cameroon has also hired the company to style a TV and billboard commercial for the Mutziq Beer.

Buea has offered the brand enormous opportunity for dressing celebrities within Cameroon and in the international scene and is currently working towards becoming the African face of fashion and style globally. Currently, LOUIS FAME operates from their fashion house located at Chief Street, Molyko-Buea where they have been since 2015.

Get to Louis Fame A.S.A.P and order for the best fashion designs on:


Tel:670000329 / 676222506 / 677192964


Shoppote Launches Hyperlocal Commerce in Cameroon

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E-commerce is a really great way to get what you need from anywhere in the world but discovering just what you need to purchase offline has remained an issue to contend with. You need a particular product but you don’t know exactly where you have to go get it. It’s even more difficult moving from one store to the next just to discover what you need is actually a couple of blocks away. Shoppote makes it easier for you to discover your product’s location just when you need it the most.

There could always be a better way of getting what you really want to buy without having to move in and out of every store in your neighborhood. As innovation has never failed mankind, there’s always room for new ideas to encroach and solve societal loopholes.

However, the African retail market is jam-packed with economic transactions taking place through informal channels. The retail market has huge opportunities and problems that must be solved in the offline retail sector.

Despite the influx of shopping centers, it’s still hard to know exactly what is available around you to buy and this is probably because of broken links in local information.

The offline-online gap is continuously on the increase and local businesses are still not able to leverage the power of current online platforms to boost their sales.

Local shopping is still not social; lacking the potential for people to share shopping discoveries with friends.

The solution is tied to establishing platforms that people could use to know where, when and how they can gain access to their most sought after products with little or no stress. The urge to make such a dream come true led to the birth of the first local shopping app, Shoppote.


                Shoppote connects you to your favourite product hotspots

Shoppote is a Cameroon-based startup created in 2016 by an innovative group of trio techpreneurs (Etang Egbe, Cedrick Tandong and Wilkins Abane) with the aim of helping local product hunters easily discover products from stores around them through an app -Shoppote. This app also helps businesses with a credible online presence and provides them a platform to reach out to new customers through different marketing channels and hyper local exposure.

The app equally has a feature called ‘Nearby Store’ that helps users locate the best places to shop for everything electronics, near to them. The ‘Nearby’ feature shows users the name, location and distance of a store around them that certainly sells a product of interest based on the inventory of that store.

This means ‘Nearby’ intelligently curates and stores inventory to suggest the right store selling the product the user needs at the most affordable price. Nearby comes with a search option that allows users to look up specific products based on their choice. The Nearby feature ultimately helps the users decide What, Where and How to purchase a product while shopping for electronic products.

The company’s chief co-founder, Etang Egbe believes hyper local has a huge market potential for local businesses and startups. “We believe this feature will change the way people do shopping. There’s no equivalent in the industry.”

Shoppote is currently focused on serving a particular segment of the retail market, serving strictly electronic shoppers of devices like smartphones, smart-watches, fidget spinners, TV, consoles, accessories, laptops, tablets, etc.

The big question now is, will the offline retail market outrun or probably, catches up with E-commerce as the new form of marketing?

The application is currently available on the Google Play Store for free download.

For more information about Shoppote and support, contact them on:

Facebook: Shoppote

Twitter: @shoppote

Instagram: Shoppote

Maibeta Launches Online Platform, Connecting Technicians To Clients

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Maibeta launches online platform

We have all had frustrating situations at one point in our lives. Getting back home after a long and tiring day only to discover you dropped the keys to your apartment and the only option you have at that moment is to bring down that door, else you remain locked out forever.

Many times, maybe your neighborhood hasn’t got any carpenter to help you out with that and you’re caught up in a limbo. All you need is a skilled carpenter to help you get in but none seems available at that particular unfortunate moment.

What if there was an office you could just call to get a technician to your home? Entrepreneurship appears to be the one best route to solving such problems and luckily enough, a Cameroonian entrepreneur, Bamai Namata created Maibeta Inc, a Buea-based company that renders technical services to people and businesses in need of these services.

Maibeta Inc is a company that provides technical services to individuals, companies, construction sites in need of such services. Launched in 2014, the company has provided long lasting solutions to the difficulties most people face with accessing and hiring very reliable technicians for technical jobs both in homes and offices.

It’s one of its kind – an innovation very cherished by many Cameroonians that actually provides them with alternative reliable sources of getting the best technicians they need for carrying out home and office repair works. What could be more wished for than having such a reliable place of getting not just a technician, but a professional one at that?

Perhaps, just being a technical company and sitting in one office is probably not the best way to go for any entrepreneur or startup guy. The digital revolution had long been ignited in Africa, Cameroon included and ‘offline companies’ are no longer an option for the business world.

Offline businesses operate on-the-ground and whether you like it or not, your reach remains very limited to the geographical area that business is located and cutting off the rest of the world from accessing your services.

On July 18, 2017, Bamai Namata took his company to join the online community by launching the Maibeta Online Platform with the aim of hiring professional technicians for home and office maintenance in Cameroon.

This new innovative platform will make it easy to hire the professional expertise of technicians for repairs and maintenance in areas like plumbing, air conditioner maintenance, electricity, carpentry, building plan production, office and residential cleaning, painting, computer maintenance and more.

Not only will the new online platform provide extensive jobs for many of Cameroon’s unemployed youths, but it will as well act as a much faster way to discover the country’s best talents. Cameroon is endowed with an unimaginable warehouse of talents and this new online “talent search” will crawl the entire country, fetching for such brilliant minds and hands.

Through its online platform, Maibeta also extends its project management services to Cameroonians in the diaspora, organizations and local clients in need of services like construction project management and real estate acquisition.

According to the company, it has so far gained grounds in penetrating the technical market in Buea and Limbe where many of its customers have described its services as “professional, affordable and satisfying.”

Maibeta also intends to expand its digital footprints to other towns of Cameroon and Africa as a whole. Until now, it’s never been easy getting hands-on with professional technical services but with the coming of Maibeta’s online platform, Cameroonians know just where to get what they need both at an individual and business level when it comes to technical service hunting.

For more information contact Maibeta Inc at info@maibeta.com or projects@maibeta.com or visit their online portal at www.maibeta.com.

Alternatively, call Maibeta directly through (237) 243281655, 233322048, 675367148.


Why You Should Attend Entrepreneurship Seminars

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why attend entrepreneurship seminars

That’s right! Missing out on entrepreneurship seminars is probably not something you should ever engage in. There’s a lot to learn especially if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or already a big player in the entrepreneurial world. Most often, these gatherings of some of the finest entrepreneurial minds open up a whole lot of opportunities for you.

Personally, I’m no entrepreneur at least, for now. Neither do I possess those qualities that make an entrepreneur and I may as well have nothing to say that will be of any importance to your business. But what I do know for sure is, I’ve had a few reasons why an entrepreneur such as yourself should partake in workshops on entrepreneurship.

And of course, having been an active participant of one of such events, I gathered some rare skills in the field of entrepreneurship which could actually be of help not only to those already practicing in the field but as well for the newbies and those thinking whether or not to get involved.

That’s the reason I want to share with you some reasons why you should always make it to seminars such as these no matter what happens.

On July 15, I attended a JuvCom (my very first real-time experience with an entrepreneurship seminar). My experience with the JuvCom seminar on Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship exposed me to a whole lot of things.

Many entrepreneurs regard seminars as a waste of time; time they would have used to do something productive or profitable for their businesses. They may be right after all, but not all the way correct. These meetings could help spur your creative business thinking abilities which you had but had no idea you had them.

As an entrepreneur in the making, you’ll get invaluable techniques in starting up your own business. That’s the very reason you should take on such seminars. It is a free business knowledge bank for anyone who wishes to acquire in-depth business skills with little or no financial consideration.

It may sound really weird to think that you don’t need the least of money to kick-start that business idea of yours. What you actually need is the idea you wish to transform into a potential business. That’s always the starting point – identifying a problem maybe in your community and trying to figure out how best you can provide solutions to it.

Though you may need money at some point in the business, you definitely can start up with nothing. Pitching your idea to investors and family/friends could be a good place to start. Once they buy into your vision, that’s it. You’ll just need to sit back and get investments from them.

And this is the catch – what I love when you actually start your business with nothing; when you start with nothing, you have nothing to lose. In case in the future you suffer a major loss in your business, all you need to do is start again. No need to start thinking of how you’ll have to recover the lost money and pay up for loans.

Besides, the corporate world has become an even better and easier journey to embark on though it still remains the riskiest journey one can ever take. With the so many startup hubs springing up around Buea (ActivSpaces, Jongo-Hub,…) that help transform innovative ideas into funded startups, there’s possibly no reason why you can’t launch your own business today.

One thing I love about entrepreneurship seminars is the fact that they give you the opportunity to pitch your idea to potential investors. You never know where your first investor may come from but if you get involved in entrepreneurial workshops, that idea of yours may just get picked up by an investor.

why attend entrepreneurship seminars

Ashu Carine got her first investor at               the Juvcom Seminar

This young lady who uses cheap African fabric to redesign bad shoes and bags secured her first investor during the seminar after pitching her idea to the crowd. She calls this process, “revamping.” Kenya and some other African countries recently decided to ban the importation of second-hand clothes and foot-wears from the US in a bid to promote the country’s textile industry.

This is just an awesome idea that could potentially boost Cameroon’s textile industry as well as reducing the amount of waste.

The opportunities involved in attending entrepreneurship seminars are endless. You could profit some inspiration for an idea you can later develop on, or perhaps, find yourself a partner to work with on your project.

The Future of Smart Cities in Africa

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Smart cities are no longer a talk of the future, they  are already here with us and growing quickly as the Internet of Things (IoT) expands and continuously impacts municipal services around the world. And Africa is not quiet about this; it’s ready to leapfrog its development through the implementation of smart cities while leveraging our natural resources judiciously.

Over the past decade, many information technology companies have predicted Africa to be “the next big market” due to the emergence of many rapidly growing economies. As such, African cities are at the cross-roads of developing the African continent.

Just recently, Cameroon hosted the ICT Africa Symposium from July 11 to 14, 2017 with the aim of bringing together experts and stakeholders in the digital world charged with the development of cities in general and smart cities in particular.

Among other objectives, the meeting was out to “welcome and support the advent of Smart Cities on the African continent, to anticipate and prevent the risk of loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the construction of ubiquitous cities,” as well as to invite reflection on the conversion of vulnerable people to the era of emergence. 

Africa’s drive to development can be fastened by the construction of ubiquitous cities that work with the internet of things; connecting cities to the internet for improved city management. Being aware of the type of air we breathe, the water we drink, the fuels we use and how our cities are organized, have a heavy burden on the environment and smart cities appear to address all these.

Cities like Lagos, Accra and Nairobi have started implementing this new idea as more and more municipal administrators continuously buy into the idea of smarter cities for Africa. Municipal administrators are definitely one of the major actors in the implementation and development of Africa’s smart cities, given their direct involvement with cities.

These are some of the cities in Africa that are incorporating “smart” into some of their major cities.


Traffic queues are increasingly becoming synonymous to most major African cities. In May 2012, the Accra metropolitan planning authority approved plans for a central control tower to monitor and regulate traffic flow. With help from big data and cloud-computing technologies, Accra’s transport officers can use mobility patterns and analysis based on mobile phone signals during rush hour to inform intelligent traffic management.


In Nairobi, IBM uses big data analytics to mine footage from CCTV cameras around the city. Even though there are only 16 traffic cameras, by using mathematical models to build analytics, engineers are able to infer the missing network coverage.


The IBM Research lab in Nigeria intends to work with Virtual Streets (a mapping company) to install sensors on vehicles that will be able to detect pot-holes and speed bumps which have most often, caused fatal accidents.

Other African cities are also looking forward to being a major player in the smart cities adventure; Abuja, Durban and Mombasa. Cameroon may also be on the road to being smart with the hosting of the ICT Africa Symposium.

Developing and building smart cities in Africa could just be one way of increasing the continent’s sustainable growth and empowering its citizens with the necessary information they need on a daily basis in a bid to address socio-economic problems in most African nations.

Young African Entrepreneurs Benefit from Jack Ma’s African Trip

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Jack Ma to Share Entrepreneurship Insights with African Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship in Africa has been around for a number of years but many African entrepreneurs who engage in this extremely risky but economy-building field, still have little or no skill set of how to sneak around the entrepreneurship venture. Most of Africa’s entrepreneurs are youths and this is good, considering they’re the future and of course, the development of any economy rests on them.

Jack Ma, founder of Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba, has made arrangements to turn all this around for the African continent. He will be making his first-ever entrepreneurial trip to Africa with the aim of sharing some of his business insights acquired over the years, with young African entrepreneurs. 

Kenya and Rwanda are the two African countries where Jack Ma will make his stop overs to raise awareness of sustainable development goals. Together with  the Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Mukhisa Kituy, will be making presentations to some 500 young business leaders in Kenya and Rwanda from July 19 to 21 of this month.

During Jack Ma’s three-day stay in Africa, he will interact with young entrepreneurs in Kenya on a one-on-one basis to find ways in which youth and small businesses can participate in global trade activities. Meanwhile in Rwanda, he will deliver a keynote address at the Youth Connekt Summit organised by the Rwandan government in partnership with UNCTAD and UNDP.

In 2016, Ma was named special advisor for youth entrepreneurship and small business by UNCTAD. Mr. Ma is also said to be Asia’s richest man with a fortune valued at nearly $35.2 billion which accounts for almost half of Kenya’s economic output. This puts him in the best position to educate Africa’s young entrepreneurs on the best entrepreneurship practices to follow.

The e-commerce guru has always urged developing countries such as those in Africa to delve into the e-commerce world and boost their economies instead of creating tax policies that could only help to kill the emerging sector while still in its infant stage.

He has become one of the world’s most respected icon when it comes to business and entrepreneurship. His coming to Africa will just act as a bolster to the African entrepreneurship sector which has otherwise, been picking up at an unfortunate low pace.


Mobile Number Portability is Coming for Your Jobs: MTN, Orange, Nexttel

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Mobile Number Portability is Coming for Your Jobs: MTN, Orange, Nexttel

Mbinkar Fomunyuy is Customer Service Consultant & Master Trainer. CCSP, AMABE, MBA. He is the CEO at Institute of Customer Service Cameroon and Cameroon’s Country Representative for American Certification Institute (ACI), USA.

Advancements in technology continue to take central stage and the rate at which technology is changing, means one thing for telcos; they’ll have to change how we operate as well.

Mbinkar explains why he thinks anyone working for Cameroon’s top telcos is most likely to lose his/her job with the implementation of the Mobile Number Portability.

Mobile number portability is a telecom service that permits you to retain your telephone number (s) when you change mobile networks. This means that you can move from say, MTN to ORANGE or say from ORANGE to NEXTTEL without changing your telephone number.

In July 2015, Cameroon’s telecoms regulator, “Agence de Regulation des Telecommunications (ART)”, awarded a contract to Huawei for the supply, installation and operation of a centralized database to manage the introduction of mobile number portability. I see this date as the day the customer’s voice was enthroned in the Telecommunications sector in Cameroon.

The Cameroon telecommunications industry despite its efforts towards ameliorating customer experience, still has so much to do. The voice of the customer is not being heard. Long queues, increasing complaints on exorbitant charges, confusing tariff plans among others are very common.

The input and actions of telecommunications actors in ameliorating the experience at the level of the service centers is quite impressive. The problem however is, many telecommunication actors are still focusing on the use of indices such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) to evaluate the level of customer experience at the branches.

The problem with this metric is that it must be moderated to the Cameroonian context. It is common for a customer to rate you 6/10 or 7/10 and make the comment that the service was excellent. This shows that NPS must be moderated to the African culture and used alongside other metrics and feedback systems. Now, Churn rate will come to play with the introduction of Mobile Number Portability.

However Telecommunications actors must be able to answer the question as to the management of Mobile Money and Orange Money Virtual Accounts with the Mobile portability.

The good news is, if Mobile Portability goes operational then the Customer will for once, become KING in the Telecommunications sector in Cameroon. The customer will take their rightful place “the boss” and they will be able to sanction poor service with immediate switching over to the other brands.

This will place everyone on the same playing ground and the key factor in making a choice will be customer experience. Come to think of it. Any company that is not customer centric will pay the price and staff that will be source of this customer loss will carry the cross.

With Mobile Portability, the customer will sanction you for poor service on the spot and your boss will sanction you again by replacing you with people who can take care of their clients. The Customer experience battle has been drawn in the telecommunications sector in Cameroon and the time to act is now.

In my last article on; how to achieve customer success in any company, through 3 simple steps, I did mention the fact that it is not enough to train your staff on customer service. It is vital that customer experience becomes a culture, a way of life. Front line staffs need to have a mastery of international customer service standards and this will become a key skill in the recruitment of Telecom staff in Cameroon.

If you work for the Telecom industry in Cameroon, it’s time to take your customer experience lessons if you are still interested in keeping your job. Work with the trends in your industry and take your corporation to the next level.

If you are an Executive in the telecom industry, beware you are about to hand over power to the real boss, “the customer” who will sanction you by taking their business elsewhere if they receive poor service. Customer experience is not more a choice it is a duty and you are the custodian.

You must be able to change the attitude of your team and until each staff knows the employer is the customer, customer loyalty will remain a myth. Do not forget, positive word of mouth will become the greatest marketing tool and the sales ambiance will become the greatest PR tool.

Customer Experience skills must be found in the DNA of every sales person and Telecom staff in Cameroon if the company must achieve customer success. Now, it is time to take it to the next level in the telecommunications industry in Cameroon.

Now we must master the entire customer journey and accompany the customer through this journey. Remember that soon, the customer will have the power to take his/her money elsewhere!! Soon the kind of service you offer will determine if you will keep your job or not!!

10 Ways To Motivate Your Employees To Increase Their Productivity

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The success of every business depends on the productivity and effectiveness of the team members or employees. But most often, employers have shown little concerns about the employees’ welfare with the consequence being poor output. As an employer, you must seek ways to motivate your employees in order to increase their productivity.

One of the highest costs in business is employee turnover. And one of the challenges faced by most employers is creating an enabling environment that generates productivity. Not only is it too expensive to replace an employee that leaves, it can also destroy the morale of the rest of the team.

I will like to share with you 10 ways to motivate your employees and increase their productivity.


1.It’s Not Just About Money

Money is an important factor when it comes to employee motivation. As an employer, you cannot pay someone 50% of their market value and expect them to be happy and motivated.

But you also have to understand that money is not everything. People want to advance in life and be part of something bigger than their imaginations.

If your employees are unhappy and you think paying them more will help you fix the problem, think again.

Employees want to be part of something huge. Promote your vision to your employees. Show them that you are building something they will want to be part of and they will be more than happy to help you build that vision.

2.Learn How To Say “Thank You” Whenever an Employee Does Something Nice

A simple “thank you” can go a long way to evoke positive action and boost someone’s morale. Call your employees and simply thank them for being best at what they do. This will motivate them and increase the productive spirit of others.

You can show them how their effort has contributed to the success of the company and thank them for that.

3.Use Positive Speeches Whenever You Are Speaking To Them

Instead of saying “I went through the report of this month and it was horrible” rather try to say “thank you for submitting your report for this month so fast, let me show you how you could do better next time”By saying this, it will motivate them to work more next time. As an employer, focus on how it could be done better, not the way is currently done.

4.Reprimand Them in Private And Congratulate Them in Public.

Have you ever been congratulated by your boss in a room full of people and everybody started clapping for a job well done? How does it feel? It’s feels good right? Do the same thing for your employees and you will be surprised to see the result you will get.

If your employee makes a mistake, call him/her in your office and tell them what they did wrong and advise them or show them how to do it better.

5.Listen To Your Employees

Get out of your office and pay more attention to people around you. If someone seems demoralized, ask him/her what is the problem and what you can do to help.

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your company.

6.Be Flexible

If you notice that one of your employees is more productive working from home, just let him/her continue. If one of your employees want to come to work early in order to leave early, just let it be that way, as long as he/she is productive.

As an employer, you must understand that some people are more productive when they find themselves in certain situations or location. But you’re advised to be quick to notice if some on your team are abusing this manner of flexibilty. If such an attitude is noticed, take action bring them to order.

7.Make Them Feel As They Are An Integral Part of Your Business

Sharing your business goal with your team is a good idea. Explain to them how their work is helping the company grow.

For example someone may have complete eight hours worksheet for four months. They will be much more motivated if they can understand that this worksheet will be used at a presentation that will help the company raise money.

8.Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable

For some employers, they think is necessary to shout all the time so that some employees can respect them. And some employers also believe that if they are vulnerable they will lose the respect of their subordinate.

This is not true. When you are going through hard times in your company, talk to your employees, let them know what is happening. They will understand what you are going through, and will put in effort to make sure that the company moves towards the right direction.

9.Lead By Example

Have you ever asked your employees not to abuse the company’s credit card? But that is exactly what you are doing.

Have you ever asked your employees not to come late to work and the next day you the employer is late.

Demonstrate to your employees that you are a great leader and preach to them by example.

10.Help Your Employees

Most managers keep asking themselves “what can my employees do for me” but I encourage you to think this way “ What can I do for my employees”.

Take them to lunch and ask them what are their goals. Maybe they want to learn new skills, which can help grow your business and need your help.

Maybe they want to take a training and you could write a letter of recommendation for them.

Thank you for going through this article and do not hesitate to leave your comments and I will be more than happy to reply.

J’aurais Tellement Aimé être Plus Humain

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J’ai construit ma maturité et mes acquis sous ma colère. Peut-être, plus pour faire du mal au reste du monde qu’autre chose.

Je veux faire pleurer de sourires, les humains à mon départ : qu’ils trouvent anormal qu’un tel niveau de conscience et de bonté puisse exister en un seul être.

J’ai compris trop jeune comment ils fonctionnent, ce ne sera pas un gros problème.
Après, si je me trouve intelligent? Oui.

Mais je pense finalement que c’est mon plus grand défaut: Je ne sais plus comment apprécier l’instant.
J’ai presque tout traduit dans ma vie à la mécanique et à la mathématique.

Bon Dieu, j’ai encore beaucoup à apprendre.

Je ne comprends pas le sentiment: Je le trouve naïf et inférieur. Je le ressens parfois, mais je ne comprends toujours pas. Même ce qu’ils appellent : l’attention, je n’arrive pas à la donner naturellement; j’estime que l’autre en a besoin.

J’ai de grandes histoires pour le reste de la terre. Des histoires à raconter, à réaliser. Mais après, ce n’est pas vraiment de l’amour pour l’autre.

Je veux juste donner au monde, ce que je n’ai pas eu la chance d’avoir.

J’ai le choix : faire raconter une histoire à l’espèce. L’histoire d’un homme qui a vu tellement de beauté et de perfection dans l’ignorance. Devenir le résultat de ma colère : prouver quelque chose. Ou finalement… Vivre l’instant: Aimer et donner de l’affection, par ce que je veux le faire. Partir avec le sourire de n’avoir rien compris à la vie, mais d’avoir été heureux.

Je pense que Dieu se pose la même question, “sous un sens”. Je l’écris d’ailleurs dans mon livre : la pensée de Dieu. Je crois que ce livre sera ma plus belle macro-analyse.

Si je veux vraiment commencer à vivre? Très sincèrement, oui.
Mais j’ai vraiment beaucoup de mal à être plus humain.

J’ai du mal à abandonner toute cette rage que j’ai résumé en ce haut niveau de conscience.
J’ai du mal à abandonner cette colère que j’ai choisi d’accumuler, depuis ma tendre enfance.
J’ai du mal à abandonner ce sentiment de vouloir prouver à l’homme, qu’il est une erreur: Moi l’original.

Pendant ce temps, mon niveau de conscience choisi de grimper. J’en veux encore plus l’ignorance de l’autre.

J’aurais tellement aimé être plus humain.

Jovial R. Douanla.