Laye Mbunkur Highlights 10 Commandments Entrepreneurs must Keep

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Laye Mbunkur

“Entrepreneurship is not a bed of roses. Leveraging and scaling your business is a major problem for most small and medium size entrepreneurs”, says Laye Mbunkur of Small Business support Centre.

Startup life is absolutely a challenging one and there are some basics that entrepreneurs must put into consideration to move forward.

Laye Mbunkur is a co-founder of 9 well to do startups and founder of Small Business Support Center, Business Development specialist of ActivSpaces Buea. Laye understands how to overcome all odds and break even in the waters of entrepreneurship.

More importantly, thriving SME’s and startups must keep these 10 commandments below proposed by Laye Mbunkur:

1 Establish strategic direction of your startup

Every business must have a focus, Laye told Afrohustler. Most small businesses still have the jack of all trade mentality. Setting a vivid mission statement, vision, objectives and policies will facilitate you sail your business through to its planned destination.

Long term and short term objectives must be clearly stated and understood by all stakeholders. Benchmarking is what you can’t just do without. It will help your businesses to detect deviation from standard and meet up with current industry trends.

2 Build loyal employees

Building a convivial environment for employees really matters. When you treat your employees well, they remain loyal and motivated to achieve goal set.

Facebook is what it is today because its employees gave their all. When employees share the same dream as founders they are bound to out do. Remember, the way you treat employees reflects their productivity, creativity and output

3 Hold employees accountable

Division and specialisation of tasks are not a new concept to you. Assigning tasks and holding employees accountable and responsible for task accomplishment is vital.

Employees at Makonjo Media, a digital media and advertising start-up in Buea are given dateline for every single task.

They are held accountable for the task assigned to them. This has triggered a sense of direction, boosting up working morale.

4 Build strong relationships with External Stakeholders

External stakeholders play an integral role in every business. You should hold them in high esteem and keep that relationship mutually beneficial and sustainable. Who are your external stakeholders?

Guinness Cameroon has a beautiful policy for external stakeholders who consist of customers, distributors, etc. They give their supplier-vendor relationship a high preference.

5 Get an Online presence for your Business

Customers are online. It’s high time you dip your toes into the online waters. As of the fourth quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly active users.

Social media marketing will help you target, engage, and close leads online. Don’t say your business is small to own a website. You need a website that converts leads to paying customers and delight promoters.

Other social media platforms such as snap chat, Instagram, WhatsApp should be exploited as well.

6 Always produce and provide quality

Garbage in, garbage out (GIGA) principle applies in all domains in business. If you send forth mediocre products to the market, you make little or no sales. You can leverage and scale your business by producing quality products to satisfy and retain loyal customers.

7 Strive to be a low-cost producer

Producing at a low cost is necessary. But producing quality products at a low cost will earn you more profit, Laye emphasised.  Low-cost producers utilise economies of scale and the strategy of low price increases sales turnover. Being a low-cost producer will assist funding long-term growth from internal sources.

8 Keep Business data

Data is the new gold. Businesses need data for survival. Customer information, sales information, profit, etc. is what we’re talking about. Your business data will help you interpret, analyse and make solid decisions. Sales data may help you to forecast and predict future sales and perhaps profit.

As for web businesses, data analytics is crucial as it gives you all the necessary reporting of about visitors’ activities andbehaviourss on your site. Signup for google analytics to monitor your site.

Don’t forget to store business data on protected hard drives or use a cloud which is safer.

9 Create excellence in operations and execution

Install operation management processes to guide and control the company. Before approaching any task a process should be defined for its execution. Failing to define a process will constantly rob time and lead to unnecessary bottlenecks.

Operations management is associated with various controls such as pre-control, concurrent and post control which aid production and service delivery.

10 Hold Regular Meetings

Holding regular meetings is a good strategy for businesses. this creates a forum whereby, both employees and employers air out their frustrations, celebrate milestones and successes.

Meetings should be taken seriously as it creates the ground for a company to plan, strategise and talk about pertinent issues challenging the status quo.

To stay faithful and achieve business objectives, it’s pertinent that young entrepreneurs honor the above-listed commandments by the business expert Laye Mbunkur.

Expect the Unexpected at FIAFA 2017 with Salatiel

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Expect the Unexpected in FIAFA 2017 With Salatiel

Don’t expect models to fall off their heels on the runway nor expect Salatiel to steal the show with his impeccable performances. Fredash Entertainment presents Cameroon’s fashion and lifestyle event FIAFA 2017 slated for May 6th & 7th at Chariot Hotel Buea 4 pm prompt.

This year’s edition of FIAFA has got a remarkable difference to show forth with the theme ”Colors of Africa”. Those to be present for this event will include international fashion designers, as well as, reputable Cameroonian household names – major key players who are changing the face of the Cameroon fashion and entertainment industry.

FIAFA is an African fashion event proudly organised by Fredash entertainment.

Fredash Entertainment Agency was founded in 2009 By Nemfor Alfred with the aim to promote and showcase young Cameroon Talents in the milieu of Fine Arts, Fashion, Designing, Makeup, Modeling, Photography, Entertainment

FIAFA 2017 is associated with reputable brands in the likes of Orange Cameroon, Acmar Media Group, Source Du Pays, etc.

Cameroon’s leading fashion designers, Nuvi Creatives, based in Yaounde will accord grants to the best young designer. Nuvi Creatives has gone an extra mile to use this forum to promote and support fashion entrepreneurship.

The best young fashion designer of the year will get a professional sewing machine, 1 professional pressing iron, 1 professional scissors and a cash grant of 200,000 CFA Frs

FIAFA is the right place to meet your favourite celebs, or celebs whom you have a crush on. Prep your smartphones for ultimate selfies. All the celebrities you’ve been dreaming of catching up with will be right there. Prepare your red carpet outfits and all the like.

It’s never too late for Fashion designers who would love to showcase at this glamorous event. Here is an opportunity you can seize. Apply Now if you haven’t done so.

Visit FIAFA’s Facebook page for more information


Digital Startup Incubation Program Sponsored by World Bank

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XL Africa-digital startup innovation program

XL Africa is looking for 20 high-growth digital startups seeking to raise between $250K and $1.5M in funding. The digital startup incubation Program helps with access to funding, networks, mentoring and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Your company would be aided with access to capital, expand market share, and refine its business model through tailored mentorship, coaching, and networking opportunities. Here’s what you gain:

  • Structured access to investors throughout the program and at a Venture Showcase Day in South Africa.
  • Mentoring from at least two successful entrepreneurs or investors (global and local) to develop accurate company valuations, financial forecasts, risk management, and customer acquisition strategies. Access to other expertise is provided based on your specific needs.
  • The opportunity to meet with investors, potential customers and partners as well as peers at an all-expenses-paid residency in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Support in developing investment packages so you’re ready for investment following the digital startup incubation program.
  • Knowledge through curated content designed to teach you everything you need to know about marketing, financing and market expansion.


  • Your startup is for profit and registered
  • Your team consists of at least 3 people
  • Your team is based in one of the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • You have a very strong management team
  • You have a digital product or service available on the market right now, with demonstrated tangible traction and evidence of revenue
  • You have potential to achieve scale
  • You are seeking investment capital in the range of $250K – $1.5m
  • While there will be exceptions, mostly likely your startup has already received investment capital, structured as either debt or equity, or received grants from donor organizations.

XL Africa is supported by the World Bank Group, with financial assistance from the Governments of Finland, Norway, and Sweden, and managed by implementing partners IMC Worldwide, VC4Africa and Koltai&Co.

Read more and APPLY HERE.

3 Ways to Transfer Files From Android to iOS, Collins Mazu

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How To Transfer Files From Android to OIS, By Collins Mazu

Sharing files from one mobile device to another makes life sweet in this communication age. Transferring files from ios to android sucks, Collins Mazu opened up. These 3 Apps will assist you to transfer files from android to ios seamlessly.

The founder of 25-45 Business Consulting, Collins Mazu Certified Chartered Accountant, knows little about tech.  Incessantly, he and staff members had had difficulties sending files from his android devices to his IOS. To him the absurdity of it was maddening.

He aired out his frustrations how his Apple’s products won’t accept files from android devices. Invariably, it sucks, especially when there is that urgent need to share an important business file with a colleague/ client.

Most importantly, time is money and there is much to be done to meet up with clients demand. Moreover, sharing of information defines the contemporary business. Information needs to be shared effortlessly from one device to another, Collins stated.

Seething with resentment, Collins made up his mind to do away with his iPhones and preferred the easy way with Galaxy s7. But however, he complained to one of his tech -savvy friend, Ngah Kenneth.

Ngah Kenneth, a developer and software engineer in the Silicon Mountain mentioned several apps that could help his friend Collins transfer files from android to iOS easily.

Notwithstanding, these apps could forge a perfect symbiotic relationship between Android and iPhones users. Below are some of the apps Kenneth mentioned that cleared the worries of Collins.


Feem is an incredible product of the Silicon Mountain of Cameroon. This elegant app makes life easy when it comes to transferring files from Android to iOS. Feem makes the process hassle-free as it creates a local Wi-Fi network that connects the android and ios devices.

With Feem you can transfer heavy files in no time. A local chat feature is also available to enable users to chat and share information.


Xender is an interesting app that lets you grab APK files, music, pictures etc. from android and ios respectively. This app creates a Wi-Fi network like Feem and sends/receive files from multiple devices simultaneously.

Xender has a desktop version which permits the sending of files from your computer. Xender can send anything you want, from documents, photos, to videos, in an instant with a few taps


Shareit is a proud product of Lenovo. It’s best at transferring files from android to ios and vice versa. This app transfer files in a jiffy you don’t require an internet connection but both devices need to be connected to an active Wi-Fi network.

The above-mentioned apps proposed by Kenneth changed Collins view. Collins is presently an ardent user of Feem which he prefers most. Collins Mazu uses Feem as the prominent way to share files between his staff and clients from android to IOS and laptops too. The amazing chatting feature gives a cutting-edge experience as internal communication enjoyable.

Meet Ramsey Noah and Other Celebs at the CAMIFF Cultural Night

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Meet Ramsey Noah and More Celebs at the CAMIFF Cultural Night

This year’s edition of Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) 2017 is rolling out with a distinction with great regards to culture. CAMIFF’s cultural night is an event that will showcase the various cultural attires of Cameroon on 26th April at Mountain Hotel Buea.

Cultural Night

CAMIFF promotes cultural exchanges and mutual understanding among nations and develops cooperation among filmmakers across the world.

Speculations surmounted that this impeccable event will roll on with no internet but luckily we had it back.

This open gate event is aimed to celebrate the cultural identity of Cameroon and welcome other attires across Africa on the red carpet. The CAMIFF founder Agbor Gilbert told Afrohustler.

The CAMIFF cultural night is associated with great brands such as MTN, Johnny Walker Gold label and Africa Magic night.

This glamorous event shall host a myriad of celebrities across Africa in the likes of Ramsey Noah, Solange R, Epulle Jeff, Cyndy Emade, et all.

A gutsy performance from Tata Kingue and Bate Nico shall give a remarkable touch and experience to this cultural night event.

It’s free! Don’t forget to stomp the red carpet with that gorgeous cultural outfit of yours.

Contact CAMIFF Facebook page for more information.

CAMIFF 2017 Was Ready to Happen Without the Internet

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In spite of no internet connectivity in Buea, the brain behind the Cameroon International Film Festival, Agbor Gilbert gives the way forward for the 2017 edition of CAMIFF.

Cameroon International Film Festival 2017 (CAMIFF) will run from April 24th-29th under the distinguished patronage of the minister of Arts and Culture.

This year’s edition is officially sponsored by MTN Cameroon, Diego and endorsed by US Embassy, Israelite Embassy, Canadian High Commission and Nigeria Consulate, Buea.

The influx of top-notch actors, actresses, filmmakers, movie mavens, media personalities and fashion enthusiast across Africa to Buea will give a cutting edge experience to this year’s impeccable event.

CAMIFF celebrates the art of filmmaking; helps support a community of artists and showcases Cameroon as an entertainment and travel destination.

This unforgettable festival will feature a series of workshops and training opportunities to raise the standard of the local industry and networking

Camiff which was represented at the OSCARS 89 Editions by Mr Orock Orock, coordinator of Camiff Overseas Affairs will go without the internet this year. Just imagine celebrities across Africa attending a film festival in a no internet zone.

Against all odds, Camiff 2017 will host extraordinary red carpet event where you shall be bound to take selfies with celebs such as Ramson Noah, Cyndy Emade, Epuli Jeff et all and not Tweeting, no Instagram stories, no posting on Facebook and snap chat.

You’re presence count, come spice this event. It’s free for everyone all what is expected of you is a glamorous red carpet outfit to depict the rich Cameroonian culture and fashion trends.

Get more info on Facebook page

Call +237 243633136



Biya Orders Minpostel to Restore Internet in Southern Cameroon

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President Paul Biya's 2016 End of Year Speech

After 93 days of internet blackout in the NS & SW regions of Cameroon, President Biya has responded to the people’s cry, asking him to reinstall internet in the regions.  In relation to a tweet from CRTV, the president orders the restoration of internet connection in the two English-speaking regions.

This internet reinstallation is coming a few days after the UN representative came to Cameroon ordering for the release of all those who had been arrested, and for the reinstallation of internet.

The internet blackout in the two anglophone regions of Cameroon, brought about the #BringBackOurInternet. Used by most Southern Cameroonians on social media, #BringBackOurInternet is finally reaping its fruits. Before you say its not the hashtag that let to the reinstallation of internet, Know that the solidarity of the people gave them hope.





How the Recycling Industry Can Make Everyone a Business Person

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Imagine a situation where the trash in your trash can is being bought by Hysacam with money. People will be bound to clean the streets in their neighborhoods to collect trash and sell to recycling companies in Cameroon.

This will not only reduce the littering problem the country faces but will trigger the creation of more jobs and companies.

“Most African nations are facing this major problem of littering. Cameroon, where I come from, has tried to keep its cities clean but this seems unachievable’’ said James Ako, Environmental scientist.

Many people eat and dispose of waste in the streets without a second thought.

“HysaCam plays a strategic and pivotal role to keep our cities clean and habitable. But her efforts need the people’s collaboration to fully achieve their bottom line” he uttered.

Regardless of the provision of garbage bins across the cities, the people, however, prefer to ignore them and litter the streets. This is a mentality problem which needs dire attention.

Ako knows the essence of a clean environment. He had a wonderful experience back in high school where they had a ‘’no littering culture’’. It was forbidden to dump a piece of paper on campus.

In other parts of Africa, littering is a major crime. In Ghana, citizens are conscious on how they threat the environment. In Accra, if you’re caught littering the city you could end up I prison and levied charges.

James Ako firmly believes that the creation of the recycling industries could help transform our trash and waste into a treasured gold. Recycling companies will buy waste from the community. This will bear forth more entrepreneurs around this sphere.

If trash eventually becomes a commodity, scarcity of waste steps in. This is tempting enough to trigger the unemployed or those who need cash to clean the cities and sell trash to recycling companies. It may sound crazy but it will definitely work in the Cameroonian context.

Notwithstanding, in 2011 Sweden ran out of trash and began importing rubbish from other neighbouring countries to sustain its recycling sector. Cameroon can as well export its waste to countries like Finland and UK.

“However, I’m afraid that, people may become dirt conscious to the point of stealing trash.  But it’s amazing when citizens become trash sensitive and our cities remain clean’’ he opened up to the Afrohustler

“Moreover, if the Cameroon government declares a decree incriminating the act of littering and abusing the hygienic condition of the environment it will decimate littering to an extent’’, He added

The recycling industry could render our cities clean; eventually, create entrepreneurs whose startups shall be solely responsible for the selling of trash. Hence, recycling of waste/trash could become a vibrant industry on its own.

Learn Mr. Leo’s 5 Weird Tricks of Arts Monetization

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Have you defined your revenue streams as a music artist? Cameroons Afro Pop sensation Mr. Leo is setting a pace for young and aspiring artists. Leo has mastered his arts and has a profound sense of Arts Monetization. Afrohustler is an avid follower this musical epitome.

Taking a foray into Cameroons showbiz and entertainment industry, Afrohustler has been observant. There are myriad of young talented singers and artists in the music and entertainment ecosystem who are just excited and really need to learn from Mr. Leo, especially how to monetize their art to reap a fortune.

Mr. Leo has caught Africa’s attention with his charms, voice, humility and arts. This talent started his music career and little or no attention was placed on him.

Notwithstanding, Leo is a hustler and was born to do it. He achieved a monumental milestone and gain widespread of recognition in 2014 with the released of his debut ‘’e go beta’’.

However, artist and musicians are brands that can leverage their personalities and make a lot of cash using their talents.

MR Leo is well to do in his career and you are struggling because he uses these tactics as below for his Arts Monetization. Why not learn from Leo.

YouTube Channel

I am sure you go to Mr. Leo’s YouTube channel to watch music videos without knowing how lucrative that platform is.

The more views his video begets the higher his chances of making money through Google Ad sense and youtube ads. YouTube automatically place ads on high performing channels like his and pay him for that.


In this case, to earn money from YouTube as a musician, your video song should be of a great quality and appeal to your audience like Leo’s jamais jamais which currently hitting 3,199,546 views.


As a credible artist from an innovative label like Alphabeta records as Leo, there are a lot of companies out there who will love to partner/ hire you for their commercials. Signing such commercial/advertising deals is a milestone which appreciates your bank account.

Leo recently made some huge deals with techno mobile and Guinness Cameroon lately. He is a brand ambassador for Orijin beer and same for techno mobile.

Sell your songs on iTunes and Amazon

Itunes and are the best platforms to sell your songs online  (Arts Monetization). Leo understood marketing long time ago. He is smart and has got songs on these platforms. This platform has a great number of the web traffic and actual customer who are interested in buying beautiful music online. If you don’t have your songs on this platforms start thinking of uploading then today.You need to think out of the box and get to your drawing board if you aspire to make it in music.

This platform has a great number of the web traffic and actual customer who are interested in buying beautiful music online. If you don’t have your songs on this platforms start thinking of uploading then today.You need to think out of the box and get to your drawing board if you aspire to make it in music.

If you don’t have your songs on this platforms start thinking of uploading then today.You need to think out of the box and get to your drawing board if you aspire to make it in music.

If you don’t have your songs on this platforms start thinking of uploading then today.You need to think out of the box and get to your drawing board if you aspire to make it in music.

If selling your music online is a problem contact Makonjo Media for digital marketing services

Band and Concerts

This daredevil of an artist has a huge social media following and fan base. He definitely pulls a lot of audiences to experience his gutsy performance in concerts and shows. A lot of money is made from concerts via sales of tickets and sponsorships from big brands such as MTN, Orange etc.

A lot of money is made from concerts via sales of tickets and sponsorships from big brands such as MTN, Orange etc.

Moreover, a band will probably give extra cash when invited to perform at events, shows, weddings etc.

International Tours

International tours may quite be expensive. But if you’ve got fans out there then it’s worth meeting to entertain them. It’s no doubt that foreign fans will give a huge support to your brand. Leo& Co recently came back from his European tour.

In my way of thinking,  Arts Monetization is concern, there so many ways African artist and musicians should start looking forward to making money from their arts/ music/songs. But all the aforementioned strategies of Mr. Leo will make a good start for you.


Join Simo Jandie & Co at Iya Buea for the Filmmakers’ Workshop

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Simo Jandie, Cameroons brand architect and Co, cordially invites Cameroonian Filmmakers’ and movie enthusiast to partake in the forthcoming Filmmakers’ workshop at Iya Buea on Saturday the 15th April at 1 pm -3 pm at IYA Buea, former Alliance -Franco Camerounaise opposite Bongo Square.

This self-enriching event is bent on enlightening filmmakers on film funding and marketing.

This upcoming filmmakers’ workshop is fully sponsored by IYA Buea. In her effort to promote culture, Iya is making a remarkable gesture to support Cameroons film industry with her series of reformative events and workshops.

‘’Cameroonian filmmakers do excellent job making great but lack the necessary skills to market them’’ Joan Ngomba told Afrohustler

The success of a movie stems from the inception of the story. It’s paramount that filmmakers understand the sort of stories that will match the Cameroonian context and can as well sell.

Still in good faith, how to canvas for movie sponsors and how to market movies for maximum impact are essential skills that movie producers need to horn.

You will have a superb experience while you get insight from refined and experience keynote speakers in the likes of Simo Jandie, Ngomba Joan, Itambi Delphine, and Sama Tanya of

Filmmakers’ workshop is a free event and fails not to confirm your participation by calling 665 000 200.

For more information visit Iya Buea Facebook page