eFarm.cm Honored by the Tony Elumelu Foundation

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eFarm.cm Honored by the Tony Elumelu Foundation

Epaphrate N. Minuifuong, Co-founder/COO at eFarm.cm is amongst the 1000 Africans selected as Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program (TEEP) 2017. Over 93,000 African entrepreneurs applied for the TEEF entrepreneurial contest 2017 from 55 African countries which was characterized by intense competitive ideas from young innovative entrepreneurs with business ideas across Africa.

eFarm.cm is a mobile and web platform powered by GericomGroup Co. Ltd. This innovative platform is solely for the buying and selling of agricultural products in Africa and the world. According to Epaphrate, the raison d’être of this startup is to provide farmers, communities and agricultural dealers in Cameroon and Africa opportunities to market their farm products online and reach consumers around Cameroon, Africa and the World. This will expand the market for agricultural products which have always had limited markets due to adherence to traditional markets such as the physical markets. It will also help to enhance the culture of e-commerce in Africa.

This startup has got great potentials to change the conventional methods used by farmers to market their produce. eFarm.cm promotes agriculture in their efforts as they;

  • Sensitize Farmers, Agricultural Dealers and Users
  • Train Farmers, Agricultural Dealers and Users on e-commerce
  • Help farmers and consumers list, buy and sell farm products over our platform

“Tech adoption rate is so poor in Cameroon and Africa making it so difficult for people to trust online transaction, this is our greatest nightmare with eFarm.cm”Alangi Derick, developer at eFarm.cm.

eFarm.cm being honored by the Tony Elumelu Foundation is a clear evidence that African entrepreneurs need to start thinking of gearing their innovation towards Agriculture which is the backbone of the African economy.

The founder of eFarm.cm, Gerald NONDIA describes eFarm.cm as the ‘eBay’ for agricultural products in Africa. “We are building the eBay for agricultural products in Africa where farmers will have the opportunity to market their farm products online to a wider customer base and gain more returns”

Afrohustler.com wishes eFarm.cm the best in its pursuit to emerge victoriously. If won, the 12-week intensive training session, mentoring and non-returnable seed capital of $5,000 and access to a $5,000 convertible loan for successful business ideas and entrepreneurs will definitely help this promoter of agriculture propel.


Shopify: Create your Online Store in Seconds

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Shopify: Create your Online Store in Seconds

Your friends and their cousins are now financially stable as they now own and run online businesses from the comfort of their homes. Do you want to dip your toe into the waters of online business? If so, then trust me. You should probably start thinking of owning an online shop using Shopify e-commerce software which is free.

Many of you in Africa and the Middle East have got univeristy degrees and other certifications but are still broke and unemployed due to the harsh economy and corrupt regimes. Most of you expect your uncles to use their connections and place you in a job that you aren’t passionate about. Start thinking of owning an online shop today.

Most of you love the idea of indulging in online business but the costs associated with setting up such a platform scares you away. But let me assure you, with Shopify, you will own a well-optimized e-commerce website that converts visitors to paying customers.

Shopify is an e-commerce software that builds amazing commerce experiences for your customers. With Shopify, you don’t need to be technically adept with coding as it gives you access to a well-designed and customized platform to upload content and sell your stuff online.

This platform is proud of 377500 active users and $29 billion worth of sale. This is a gateway for you to start your own business online and work from the comfort of your home, office and earn a living. Moreover, Shopify helps you reach the right audience and generate more sales on the world’s largest social network.

In such an entrepreneurial era, where more youths are striving to own their own businesses and be their own boss, it’s great to venture into online business. Creating an online shop with Shopify can make a good start for you.

All that is required of you is a laptop, a good internet connection and what you intend selling online. Do your research well and understand your niche. Take a foundation course in photography and picture editing because a great picture entices clicks.

Create your online store in 60 seconds here and become an e-commerce entrepreneur today with Shopify.

Checkout NjokaTV:  Get the Latest from Cameroons Entertainment Industry

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There is a myriad of engaging entertainment content proudly produce by Cameroons young and creative minds. However, many movie enthusiasts do not know where to access them. Nonetheless, Cameroonians have gradually adopted the culture of streaming video content online. NjokaTV is the leading online streaming platform where Cameroonian go to consume entertainment content.

Njoka TV is a proud product of RVL GROUP LTD. RVL GROUP LTD was founded in 2016 by Rofur Mbunkur an all- round entrepreneur. Rofur, a chartered Accountant, an oracle database expert and ardent lover of entrepreneurship. He created this online streaming platform to provide and promote Cameroons entertainment contents.

Cameroon entertainment industry keeps evolving bringing forth new artist and their astounding releases. Most of us haven’t got a clue about new movies and recent trends in Cameroons entertainment ecosystems simply because we’re all just too busy no time to sit down for the conventional TV.

Otto Akama, a software engineer in the silicon mountain of Cameroon has got a crush for original Cameroonian films but the demanding nature of his job doesn’t warrant him to watch the conventional TV.

Otto openly testified to Afrohustler how Njoka streaming platform has tremendously increased his consumption rate of Cameroon entertainment content. Fortunately, this platform helps him stay current with the entertainment industry.

This engineer on a daily basis uses the Njoka TV app to stream Cameroonian entertainment contents such as music videos, short films, series, documentary etc.

Looking at the Cameroon showbiz perspective, online TV is now making it big time with all the recent amplification of the internet industry. Just like Netflix, Njoka TV is a premium brand that is bent to showcase and reward creativity and talent in the entertainment industry of Cameroon.

However, you can access this platform usig your laptop and mobile devices connected to the internet Rofur Mbunkur told Afrohustler. Movie enthusiast requires just a click you will enjoy hours of TV shows, original series, documentaries and featured films, vox pops, web series and music videos.

Why you should stay tuned to NjokaTV

Njoka TV is Cameroons leading online entertainment hub. I say so because this platform brings together high definition content from Cameroons entertainment industry. Do you want to know about the recent release of music and series and short films produced in Cameroon? Signup for  NjokaTV and experience a beautiful sensation of originality in Cameroons premium entertainment content.

The platform partners with movie production studios, filmmakers and a host of entertainment mavens to provide engaging Cameroonian content to its users.

Download your Njoka TV app


Adansonia Accelerator Program For African Entrepreneurs. Apply Now!

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Adansonia Accelerator Program For African Entrepreneurs. Apply Now!

Adansonia Accelerator Program invites African entrepreneurs to apply for its forthcoming accelerator program. This program aims to provide virtual and physical training to help startups grow and beckon investment.

Adansonia Accelerator Program has iHub, Venture Capital 4 Africa (VC4A) and impact Hub as partners. They jointly encourage African base entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas or existing startups to freely partake in this reformative program.

Entrepreneurs must satisfy these three requirements:

  • Participants must be base in Africa regardless of their nation
  • Entrepreneurs with existing startup and business ideas are welcome
  • Participants should own an internet connected device Be able to view videos and to run Android applications, iOS, Windows, Mac, or Linux

As a young and aspiring African entrepreneur, you will benefit from this Adansonia Accelerator Program tremendously. This is an opportunity to grow small and medium-size enterprises in Africa.

Successful applicants will take part in a six-week online course, teaching them the basics of building their businesses and pitching to investors. The openness to make new connections and get feedback as they will be given the opportunity to pitch to local and international investors in the likes of Nest and Village Capital.

Still, in good faith, the most innovative and engaged participants will have the opportunity to travel to Italy for a brief business course at Bocconi University in Milan.

Hey, entrepreneurs make haste while the suns shine. Apply Now!

Deadline April 30th

Silicon Mountain Seeks Internet Refuge at Bonako

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Silicon Mt Internet Refugees Now Settled at Bonako Internet Refugee Camp

The Internet Outage in the Anglophone zones of Cameroon has triggered the creation of a new internet refugee camp at Bonako toll gate to facilitate the works of Silicon Mountain techies. Bonako Internet Refugee Camp is suited along the  Tiko Douala highway which has got a reliable internet connection because the village is part of the Littoral province, a francophone region in Cameroon.

Bonako’s new tech hub is sponsored by ActivSpaces Buea in partnership with Njorku. ActivSpaces is a tech Incubator that promotes and supports techpreneurship. The organisation is aims at transforming business ideas into funded startups.

This internet outage is killing young tech startups in the Silicon Mountain and businesses in Anglophone Cameroon in general.  The exorbitant costs associated with traveling to other internet connected regions to execute projects are unbearable to entrepreneurs and the tech community in Buea is using this new internet refugee camp as another solution.

This pre-emptive move to create a working space at Bonako is a great solution for developers and techies in the Buea.  Commuting to Douala with team members on a daily basis to have access to the internet is expensive for these young thriving startups and founders said the CEO of Skylabase, Ayuk Etta.

Anglophone Cameroon’s digital economy is tethering at the brinks of collapsing. Experiencing internet blackout for two months and the government has made no public statement about this situation, nor proposed any solutions that could breathe hope to the city that holds the future of the country’s digital economy.

The Founder of Njorku.com Mambe Nanje whose company was recently in list of Fast Company’s innovative companies is pleased working in Bonako internet refugee camp. This temporal working space is approximately 25 minutes from Buea. “This current internet blackout has jeopardised my business and has cost my company millions of CFA”. Churchill disclosed his frustrations to Afrohustler.com

A good number of Cameroonians are advocating for the internet to be restored in Anglophone Cameroon. Rebecca Enonchong known as @Africatechie has invested her energy advocating for the internet to be brought back. Rebecca tweets on a daily routine spearheading the #BringBackOurinternet campaign.

Time and money are lost due to Cameroon government’s irrational decision to shut down the internet in the two anglophone regions. Sacrificing the internet to suppress protest is a sign of bad faith. This tech community and every anglophone in the Southern Cameroons want the internet back.

Bonako Internet Refugee Camp will serve these techies temporarily. However, it is appropriate for them to stay and work in the comfort of their offices.

Let’s save our digital economy. #BringBackOurInternet




Attend BotParty Cameroon at ActivSpaces Douala, by Facebook

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On the 18th of March 2017, over 70 developers and startup CTOs across Cameroon will converge at ActivSpaces Douala to learn and hack on Facebook Messenger APIs in an event named Facebook BotParty Cameroon.

The Facebook BotParty is a series of events organized by Facebook across the world in partnership with local developer communities.

The goal of the event is to educate developers, CTOs, and business leaders, on the various business and community opportunities they can seize by building Messenger Bots for Facebook Messenger.

The two main event activities will be hackathons and explanations on the Facebook’s Bots for Messenger Challenge.

During the event, code labs will enable developers to use the Messenger API and wit.ai bot builder on their website so as to facilitate customer support on Messenger.

BotParties have been all over the world as you can see on Twitter:

Interested in getting a ticket to Facebook BotParty Cameroon, visit the event link on EventBrite and get your tickets.


Joyce Babatunde, Bamenda-based Singer Releases New Single

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Joyce Babatunde

Joyce Babatunde, a Bamenda-based singer is releasing a new single titled “MY EVERYTHING”, produced by Gee Ga; who has produced others like Magasco and Locko.

The Song (“My Everything”) is a redefinition of contemporary Cameroonian music as it contradicts the current trend of dance music to recreate an afro–soul and jazzy musical sensation which depicts the fusion of classical and de nos jours African soul music.

Joyce Babatunde

Joyce Babatunde


The song was written on the 9th of January 2016. It is a love song which passionately describes a lady’s love for “her everything”.

The words used in the song prowess and silky smooth versatility and her vocal performance aims for the heart of lovers of soul music. 

As Joyce sets to redefine the frontiers of multiple genres; gliding smoothly from soul to jazz to rap to dancehall and yet, like a fruit tree true to the fruit that is, her identity is firmly rooted in powerful wordplay and uplifting inspirational content.

Joyce Babatunde

Joyce Babatunde


A recurrent trend is that of contemporary Cameroonian artists disconnecting themselves from the classical African music sensations, thereby creating a dire need for good soul music. 

Joyce Babatunde represents that one artist who can comfortably blend contemporary genres to satisfy the needs of music lovers.

Prior to “My everything,” Joyce Babatunde released her debut single “Baby did it” In 2016. It had over 1.3. Million plays on Soundcloud and defined her position as Cameroon’s only artist with an awesome vocal ability and incredible rap lines.

“Baby Did It” stunned it’s listeners with intricate metaphors, a potent message, strong vocal power and an absolutely unique delivery. From this backdrop, the 13th of March 2017 is set to be a great day- for music lovers at least, as it will birth the release of her brand new single.

Joyce Babatunde

Joyce Babatunde


“My everything” is produced and recorded by Gee Ga a prolific music producer, singer and sound designer who hails from the North West region of Cameroon and has over 15+ years of experience working in the music industry in Cameroon and Nigeria. 

In Cameroon, Geega has reached highlights by producing some songs for Magasco’s Raw Gold EP, mixing songs for LOCKO, recording Gee Reign, Adah Akenji, Chichi Ledislav, Gasha amongst many others has also worked on some soundtracks and jingles for The Project Music show which aired on CRTV. 

Gee Ga also worked with MO Cheddar, the first African female to get an MTV base award and also Vector, one of Africa’s top MCs. He has equally done Sound design for one of Africa’s biggest TV series – Before 30.

After the official Release, Joyce BABATUNDE Will embark on a radio & Tv tour in Yaounde, Douala, Buea, Bafoussam and Bamenda and will be performing at several events across the country. 

Enjoy the song here

For further information contact: beationary.music@gmail.com or call+237 679164477.

5 Unforgetable ways to Give Your Brand an African Touch

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African touch|african touch|AFRICAN TOUCH

Wanna give your brand an African touch? Affiliating your brand with African prints could be interesting. Basically, you can spice your brand using elements of the African culture such as fabrics in your logo, company culture, and product lines.

Businesses and personal brands are beginning to understand the essence of culture and that people easily relay profoundly with a certain aspect of their culture. Branding entails the impressions you create about your company or product in the minds of its targeted customers.

african touch

African fabrics are irresistible. An assortment of beautiful colours and a variety of patterns make fabrics from Africa unique and identical. Therefore, associating African prints and having regards for its culture eventually gives your brand an African touch.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how you can spice your brand and make it have that African touch.

Hook up with Fashion Designers

Africa’s fashion designers come forth with exotic designs year in year out by infusing these fabrics to reflect certain aspects of African culture. You can probably meet a top notch fashion designer like Louis Fame McCarter to develop a concept how to fuse in African print to your brand.

This could be done by selecting a print that matches up with your corporate colours. Incorporating African print to your corporate attire speaks well of your brand. For instance, waiters and waitresses of Iya Restaurant Buea wear attires that are designed with African prints give an African touch to their brand.

Use  Paintings to get an African touch

There are so many prolific African painters out there who can do you great artistry work by coming up with an astounding and decent work of paintings that reflect what your company stands for.

African portraits are simply the best as it gives your office that African touch together with sculptures and artefacts of the African heritage. for example, Iya Buea which is a fine-dining gastronomic experience drawing on Cameroon’s rich & varied cultural heritage.

Iya has got a great sense of the Cameroonian culture incorporated into its brand. Take a critical look at the pic below. What are you waiting for? Give that brand of yours an African.

Iya has got a great sense of the Cameroonian culture incorporated into its brand and also serve as a Rendez- Vous for tourist visiting the German colonial capital. Take a critical look at the pic below. What are you waiting for? Give that brand of yours an African.

african touch

Use African Prints on Office Couch and pillows

What if your couches and pillows are designed with African fabrics? I’ am definitely sure this will uplift the elegance of your working space. In this case, your reception should have traits of the African culture.

Especially, use the Ankara prints; which has got an assortment of colours which brings out that unique beauty that triggers and leaves a long lasting memory of your brand to visitors.


Institute a day of honouring the African culture

It’s appropriately an awesome idea for brands to inculcate in their corporate culture days of honouring the African Culture. This is mostly common in the banking industry where certain days of the week (Fridays) the dressing code expect workers to appear in the African outfit.

The Afriland first bank has got a deep attachment to culture as it associates Cameroonian artefacts to its brand.

african touch

Start thinking of sponsoring cultural events

Associating your brand with cultural events is a good strategy to build trust and confident in the minds of the inhabitants of your locality you operate. Culture plays an essential role in the life of every African man.

A mere disregard of the people’s culture can create your brand as they will be force to shy away from a brand who doesn’t respect the norms of a people.

In Cameroon, multinationals like MTN, Orange and Guinness are so proud to part take in cultural events such as the Ngondo festival of Douala via their sponsorship. This act helps their brands to perfectly associate with culture.

African touch

To win a greater share of the market and maximise ROI, companies need to understand the culture of the environment they operate in. If you promote their culture they shall eventually promote your business.

Remarkably, giving your brand an African touch all boils down to culture. Don’t hesitate to use the above tips to incorporate your business with certain Cultural aspects of Africa. This will brand experience an African touch

Get Noticed at Industry Events by Looking Different with these Dressing Tips

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Get Noticed at Industry Events by Looking Different with these Dressing Tips

Looking forward to dressing tips? Do you want to make a great first impression at that highly awaited industry event?

Often times you get judged or create impressions on the minds of others about your personality type and image based on the way you dress. For sure elegance and style in your dressing will make you and the organisation you represent standout. Oh my gosh! Feeling confident and convenient triggers invigorating smiles on all those corporate faces glaring at how gorgeous that outfit suits you.

A lot of entrepreneurs are learning dressing tips to stay up to date. Why don’t you?

Storming a business event looking that weird as Lady Gaga and Johny Deep is just unethical. Getting noticed at industry events is quite simple as it entails that you appear formal and classy.

Below are 5 dressing tips I came up with that will get you noticed at industry events.

Know the dress code of the event.

Before thinking of presenting yourself at industry events, endeavour to check the invitation card as the corporate event usually carry the dressing code required. This will save you the time and stress thinking about what to wear. Following events dressing code will probably get you appear in conformity.

Most of the time men are expected to appear in tie and jacket while women always prefer their a knee-length dress or skirt with a blouse or a sophisticated pantsuit. Nonetheless, in the African context, there is a myriad of classy and formal African outfit that will get you noticed in a blink of an eye.

It’s An Industry Event, not a Sex Event.

A corporate event is a time for business. You have to present yourself in a classy but formal style, and avoid a dress that portrays all your curves and edges. Dresses which expose your body are a distraction and make you look bad. Just keep it stylish and clean.

Go for Dark Colors

Most of the time people wear flashy and bright coloured suits as a way to get attention in business events. If you are into show biz or you are a fashion designer attending a fashion show, that could work. Otherwise, this is a suit fail. If you are wearing a real business suit, black, blue and grey are the only colours you need. Darker shaded suits might seem modest, but if it’s nicely fitted, you’ll still look sharp and perfect for business.

Wear African Prints

African prints have caught the attention of the word’s fashion industry recently. Africans have learned to make their traditional outfit corporate which is a good strategy to promote the rich African culture. For example, the former Nigerian president Obasanjo always appeared formally in the Aguada outfit.

African prints exhibit beauty and elegance in your style which will earn you attention and great admiration during events as you promote the rich African culture. There are several glamorous African prints such as dashiki from south Africa, Kenteke from Ghana and Toughou from Cameroon which you could slay in to make an outstanding impression during industry events.

Avoid wearing harsh perfumes/ cologne

Wear soft and mild scented perfumes and cologne so as not to inconvenience colleagues and others at events. Sometimes perfumes may be a great source of discomfort to people next to you. This leaves a negative remark on your personality. A single splash or two would do and avoid applying too much perfume. Women should wear makeups and jewelry that is appropriate to their industry.

As often said, perception is a reality. Think about the image you want to project during industry events. These aforementioned dressing tips will enable you to create a positive perception which is appropriate for your image and that of the company you represent.