The Unforgivable Sin of Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show

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Big Brother Naija arguably is the most viewed reality TV show in Africa also stands out to be one of the most debated shows of all time.

Started as Big Brother Africa under the platform of M-Net and Africa Magic Entertainment on the 25th of May 2003, it brings together 12 contestants under one roof with the pretext of promoting African cultural heritage as well as encourage peaceful coexistence among the participants of different backgrounds and orientations.

It is perhaps the most addictive reality TV show with over 4,000,000 viewers across the Afro-continent. Despite its popularity, the show faces a huge backlash from other individuals. Let us look into the reasons why the show is obsessive and offensive at the same damn time, then we decide if it is worth the hype. Let’s ride

Why the Addiction?

1. Big Brother, a fountain of drama and conflict. We both have this devouring lust for entertainment and distraction which Biggie generously offers. It provides some distractions from the hustle and hurdles of our daily lives, kind of escaping reality to enjoy “reality” on the screen. Entertainment is never lacking for that’s what it’s all about. Viewers always look forward to some mesmerizing drama, backstabbing conflict and dirty sexy moments.

Viewers always look forward to some mesmerizing drama, backstabbing conflict and dirty sexy moments. Bisola fighting with Debbie Rise or Kemen and Marvis conniving to nominate Ese and Jon for eviction or Bisola and Thin tall Tony having erotic moments under the sheets and in the Jacuzzi are some of the highlights the viewers enjoy most. A good story always revolves around drama and conflict right? And who wouldn’t enjoy a lil romance?

2. An inspiration to dream big. The thing with Big Brother is, you see regular people like Efe who is apparently “The Realest” in the house doing regular things and are famous. You a regular person doing regular things also believes you have a shot at being famous, automatically. Building on the rise to stardom of the likes of

Building on the rise to stardom of the likes of Uti of the Jara show or Gideon Okeke of Tinsel you can’t help but feel inspired by their breakthrough success. Biggie gives you the opportunity to fantasize about being famous. People might argue that the modern day celebrity culture is not valid as people become successful for doing nothing but you just want to be successful as easily as possible right?

In summary, Big brother offers some real unscripted an uncensored drama for entertainment as well as motivates you to dream big of being famous in the nearest future. It all sounds okay but there are nonconforming perspectives about the standards of the show. Let us see why the opposition.

Why the Hate?

All opinions against the show can be summed up in one word, IMMORALITY which is against the very basic objective of the show; to promote and preserve the African culture. The “Adult Show” has taken the place of soft porn in the hearts of most of the 4,000,000+ viewers, with a high level of moral decadence being portrayed by the contestants in their indoor life.

This spate of immorality is arguably for the purpose of gaining popularity among the millions of viewers. Sex is lucrative in the entertainment business right? Most mature minds find such scenes uninspiring and loathsome. Some even find them provocative so wonder Pastor Mike Winning, a man of God publicly cursed the organizers and sponsors of the show with financial drought.

Everyone wittingly lives under the illusion that the show is just a game, ignoring the fact that impressions of betrayal and promiscuity are made in the hearts of people, notably the younger viewers. This illusion prompts Dr. Uju Okorie, a Nigerian medical doctor and researcher to blast the organizers in her Facebook post. She refers to them as being unscrupulous capitalists who offer no positive impact to viewers nor the country’s economy. She believes the show could take on perspectives to promote education, entrepreneurship, and leadership which could be used to build the nation.

The Big Brother Naija reality TV show appears to be a 2 sided coin; the virtuous not entertaining side and the scandalous entertaining side, with one side having a higher value than the other, depending on the individual in possession.

What is the appraisal of your own coin? Let us know your thoughts on this controversial Big Brother Naija Reality Show.

Is Big Brother Naija worth the hype (and why)?


The Anzisha Prize 2017 Open, $100,000 in Award. Apply Now

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The Anzisha Prize 2017 Open

The African Leadership Academy (ALA) and the MasterCard Foundation invites young African innovative entrepreneurs to apply for the 2017 edition of the Anzisha prize competition (Anzisha Prize 2017). These organisations promote entrepreneurship in Africa by celebrating entrepreneurial achievement of young African youths who own existing businesses that benefit their communities and also solve social problems.

The Anzisha prize rewards young ambitious African entrepreneurs who have created businesses to provide solutions for social challenges or started successful businesses in their communities across Africa.

This opportunity selects 15 young innovative entrepreneurs between the ages of 15 and 22 as the finalist. These finalists shall, however, share the US$100,000 grand prize and receive consulting services as well as access to a network of global leaders.

“Finalists for the Prize win far more than access to a share of the pool of US$100,000 in prize money, they also access a business incubation fellowship aimed at growing their business and supporting their professional development,” said the senior program manager for the Anzisha Prize, Grace Kalisha in a press release.

The finalists will receive a fellowship package valued at US$7,500 with ALA’s Youth Entrepreneur Support Unit (YES-U) which includes the Anzisha Accelerator boot camp, mentorship and consulting services, travel opportunities to network and business equipment.

In order to be eligible to apply for Anzisha Prize, the entrepreneur should be a national of an African country, be between the ages of 15 and 22, and be a founder or founding member of a running venture in any sector.

Applications for Anzisha Prize 2017 are currently on-going and  open to entrepreneurs between 15 – 22 years old, and set to close on April 1, 2017

Young Africa entrepreneurs should seize this opportunity and apply.

5 Business Survival Tips During Long Internet Shutdown

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5 Business Survival Tips During Long Internet Suspension in Cameroon

As we enjoy this digital era of internet and social media, there are possibilities that our internet businesses will face tough times as African presidents continuously resort to shutting off the internet in their countries for political reasons. Most businesses rely exclusively on the internet whereas a great number of others use the to augment daily activities and close deals. To stay in business, African entrepreneurs must stay smarter than ever. Entrepreneurs experiencing internet outage must learn to make their businesses survive during internet outage.

Businesses and promising tech startups in the anglophone region of Cameroon remain in a state of utter bewilderment because of a long internet suspension by the government. How do these businesses survive, scale and break even without the internet? Internet suspension is a menace to creativity and innovation.

Hitherto, entrepreneurs in Anglophone Cameroon are currently sailing without the internet. I came up with 5 business survival tips during long internet suspension to help you stay in business while waiting for your government to restore connectivity.

Evernote for Planning & Brainstorming

During internet shutdown, entrepreneurs always figure out ways to access the internet. However, a major frustration is in the amount of time wasted while in non-internet zones. To mitigate these, entrepreneurs could use apps that work offline and sync when online.

Some of these apps include Evernote for capturing ideas and taking notes, Gmail Offline for reading and writing emails while offline so they can sync and send the emails when online.

The trick is to be able to create and interact with content while you are offline so that when you get online, your app can pick up from there to achieve your business goal.

Oh! Good Old SMS.

Your customers are on Social Media and the internet helps you to reach them. When you discover that these same customers have phones, hence can read SMS and received calls, then half of the work is done.

What’s next? Why should they connect with you on SMS?

Come to think of it, your target audience ignores you on Social Media some days and crave over your content on other days. The secret is great content.

When you take the time to create great content and deliver over SMS, more people will subscribe to your SMS reader-base and you will be able to market without the internet.

The cost of SMS might appear to be higher than the cost of internet. However, with some strategy, you will be able to segment your contacts based on their service providers, cities and countries, and use the free SMS bundles of all the service providers of target audiences to reach them at low costs.

Yes, Meetings. Not e-Meetings

While you’re in an internet-deprived zone, take the time and have real meetings with real people. Have meetings with your teammates in offices and conference rooms.

What about the simple idea you wanted to pitch to a colleague or a boss. Hi bro, it’s coffee time. Pitch your idea to his/ her face and get real reactions.

Use this period as an opportunity to meet people physically and connect with them. This might be very effective if you focus on creating partnerships that can help you scale rather than trying to access your target audiences directly on your won.

You might even be able to achieve more with physical meetings than with the internet if you put proper thought into your strategy.

Co-working spaces, coffee shops or a place to call office

Oh! Yeah, all that won’t do. You still need the internet. Yes, of course. In the case of Cameroons’ internet blackout, ActivSpaces Cameroon is offering her co-working office in Douala for free to all software developers from internet-deprived zones.

You could subscribe to a co-working space (e.g. ActivSpaces or Jokko Labs), or pick a nice juice bar like Bonga Juice Bars, where you could spend your days working. Other alternatives include libraries.

The thing is, you always need a place to call an office.

Dating, Love and Free Accommodation or AirBnB

Daily commutes to distant cities just to access the internet is both strenuous and expensive. Hotels? Hmmm! Do not create a hole in your young startup’s pocket to cover hotel bills. Except you plan to cover those bills with your salary, your CEO, investor or bank account will tell you NO! You need to be creative.

The easiest way out of this is friendship. If you have close friends in cities with the internet, then you don’t have to worry. Talk with a couple of them and convince one person to host you. If you have no friends, then you need to be even more creative.

My idea is dating. Find a girl or boy you can like, start dating, and that’s it, you have free accommodation. This will sound sick if you equate it for exchanging sex for accommodation. However, if you get to love the other person, there’s nothing wrong with this. Or at least, not as bad as a government that cuts off the internet while young entrepreneurs are struggling.

As long as you can brainstorm, communicate with your team and partners, market, sell, deliver to clients, have a place to work and live, you are good to go.

Have any survival tip, drop it here in the comments area. Do same if you disagree with any of these tips.

6 Mobile Business Apps to run your Service Agency in Africa Like a Pro

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6 Mobile Business Apps to run your Service Agency in Africa Like a Pro

Running a service agency in this smart age is more fun. Business owners have little or no stress these days. With a myriad of mobile business apps, businesses can be run from any location. Contemporary entrepreneurs handle customers service, operations management and so many other functions with the aid of mobile apps.

Desktop PC apps are doing a great job keeping you on top of things at the office, but why stay chained to your desktop when you have a powerful computer right in your pocket? If I were you I would make use of these 6 mobile business apps to run and scale my service agency like a pro.

#1 Asana

Asana was founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and engineer Justin Rosenstein after they both left Facebook in 2008. This mobile app is best at managing teams (task management). With Asana you can allocate tasks to group members and track their level of productivity and exercise current control if any deviation from standard surfaces.
Asana has an email notifications system, which can send you emails related to your tasks. Asana should be a must-use tool to your service agency as it improves general management, improves work efficiency and increases collaboration.The app integrates with an impressive number of other services, including Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Slack, MailChimp, WordPress, and ZenDesk.

#2 Wave for accounting

Have you problems with accounting? Most people become skeptical when it comes to figures and calculations. Wave, a free, cloud-based program that supports 2.2 million users. This app helps you record daily business transactions via your mobile phone. The wave will definitely help your service agency create and send professional invoices, estimates and receipts in seconds. Track the status of your invoices and payments so you can know when to expect money in your bank account.
Wave offers further benefits such as Unlimited invoicing, Unlimited estimates, Contact management, Expense tracking, Personal accounting and Supports multiple businesses.

#3 Hootsuite

HootSuite is a pretty good mobile business apps to handle marketing for your agency. Service business and entrepreneurs can schedule posts for networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all from this apps. Hootsuite also includes a light reporting function that is free and more advanced reporting for a cost.

#4 Feem

Feem is an amazing app you haven’t discovered. This app is absolutely the best to handle all file transfer from one mobile device to another without any need for an internet connection. Feem is more advantageous than Bluetooth as it transfers music files, pdf, videos, apk files etc faster than you can imagine. Feem has got a messaging feature that you can probably use to chat with team members within a local network.

#5 MTN Mobile Money

Mobile money is gradually taking over Africa’s banking as it provides an easy and convenient way to transfer money from one party to another. Most small businesses accept money from a client via mobile money. This money stays in their mobile phones and could be withdrawn at their convenience. As an Africa service business, I think mobile money is not obscure to you. Save that time of your from bottlenecks trying to effect a single transaction at the bank. Payoneer MasterCard will take away the stress of receiving money from clients abroad.

#6 RescueTime

I know a lot of digital distraction come from facebook, WhatsApp twitter etc. But the truth be told, RescueTime can hold you accountable. It breaks down where you spend your time by application and website and lets you set productivity goals. A premium version even lets you block certain sites, track offline activity, or set notifications (like if you’ve spent too much time on one activity, for instance). This App will help you manage your time and hold you and your business accountable

There is no need for worries. Just with a smartphone and an internet connection, you can pilot your agency from anywhere you found yourself using these stellar mobile apps. I don’t see the need why you spend the time behind that office desktop whereas you have got a smartphone and an App store. Download the above -mobile business apps to run and scale your business.


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Now, this is what we German speakers call a hot iron, or “Heisses Eisen” 😉

Everybody knows NetanYahoo, I guess. And everybody knew Ariel Sharon (by the way there’s a washing detergent in Germany and Switzerland called “Ariel”…) too. The people who never tire of inventing whatever dangers come from the bad and vengeful Arabs surrounding them.

Vengeful ? Maybe. And … there might be a reason for that.

One has simply to ask why they are vengeful. Maybe because some people long ago decided that they want their own country as predicted by some doubtful scriptures (or wishes) about 600 BC, and they decided to realize that by telling the people who lived there to fuck off or be killed ?

THEN they have a reason to be vengeful.

There are more than millions of delusional minds on that planet who dream of restoring ancient kingdoms or countries which were predicted in religious scriptures and books, dreams of superior races who have a direct connection to some kind of floating spirit lingering above and checking all of our behavior…

Holy shit. Where are our brains ? Do these idiots REALLY believe that crap or are these just visions produced for their ignorant “followers” ? Does Erdogan really think he can restore the Ottoman Empire ? Or Putin the USSR ? Or the US trying to copy the British Empire by immigration of billions of Ronald McDonald’s into all five continents ?

I don’t know. Humans are as stupid as they can get, and Homo Idioticus seems to be the standard, even now in the 21st century.

If they weren’t, they’d have understood that no empire ever lasted, no god has ever decided anything due to a lack of existence, and that planet doesn’t care about all this anyway.

Just getting along the short time you’re able to live. Isn’t that enough ?

Win $20,000 from Facebook’s Bots for Messenger Challenge

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Win $100

Facebook invites developers across Africa and the Middle East to contest on a USD $20,000 offer by creating innovative messenger bots. This award shall be shared to six winning team of this challenge. Bots for Messenger Challenge strives to recognise and reward developers who are able to create the most innovative new messenger chat bots.

Facebook has a history of promoting tech startups across Africa and the middle east. These startups are usually provided with essential tools needed to build, grow, monetize and measure effectiveness. This bot messenger challenge is open to developers across the Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa in these three categories of gaming and entertainment: Productivity and Utility:  Social Good

Deadline April 18th, 2017

Apply here in Fast Company’s List of Most Innovative Companies

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Njorku was named among Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Africa for 2017. Njorku is a Cameroonian startup based in Buea, Cameroon, a city named by BBC as “Silicon Mountain, Africa’s next tech hub”.

Fast Company is a leading American progressive media brand with a unique editorial focus on innovation in technology, ethical economics, leadership and design. Amongst it’s several publications and magazines, Fast Company releases a yearly list of most innovative companies.

This year 2017, the list marks it’s 10th annivessary with companies like, Facebook, Nigeria’s Andela and Silicon Mountain’s Njorku among the few companies to make the list. is the largest  job search engine in Africa founded by Mambe Nanje Churchill, a self-taught software engineer who believes in technology entrepreneurship. Njorku plays an important role in the life of African job seekers. The job search platform enables users to discover relevant jobs from search queries and the platform also sends relevant job recommendations to subscribers who upload and update their CVs regularly.

Njorku presently suffers alongside other startups based in Buea Cameroon as the Cameroonian government has cut of internet connection from the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon for political reasons.

Cameroonian startups and techies in the South West and North West Regions have continuously shown how they can stand above these difficult times. Just like, Collins Nji,  a 17 years old from the North West Region of Cameroon was announced as the Grand Prize Winner for Google Code-In on the 30th of January 2017. Collins is the first Black and first African the Google Code-In Grand prize.

Congratulations to, Collins Nji and all entrepreneurs struggling with their heads above the drowning waters to not just survive, but emerge victorious in the international tech and business communities.



5 Ways African Entrepreneurs Can Use Facebook Live for Self Promotion

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As Facebook gives priority to live video on the news feed, African Entrepreneurs probably may want to exploit this opportunity for self-promotion and to engage customers online.This platform has got over 1.1 billion active daily users. Facebook live is making waves and has gained a huge user acquisition lately. Brands around the globe are making use of this novelty. African entrepreneurs can use Facebook live for self-promotion in the following ways.

#1 Address topics and questions that your audience is interested in

This feature creates a forum where businesses can address pertinent issues about their brand to customers via a live video. Customers may feel satisfied when they have been attended to via a live video. Many brands rely on facebook live to respond to blog questions and other further questions about your product and services.

#2 Tease New Products

After developing a great product, facebook live video is a good platform to give a sneak peak to customers about the features and benefits. This may trigger excitement and eventually, a customer may express their opinions about the product. Many will pose questions by commenting and automatically get instant feedback. For example, whenever Apple comes up with a new iPhone or features, they engage customers via facebook live video by talking about it live and providing a link directing customers to their online shop.

#3 Perform live Customer Care

Customer care plays an essential role in business. Customers always have complaints that need attention. The Facebook live video is a great platform to address customers’ worries. The live video provides interaction between you and customers. Customers may use the interaction buttons to express their satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
Businesses may also use facebook live video to approach frequently asked questions. This will give the customer a personal interaction and fulfillment.

#4 Promote an Upcoming Event

Do you want to create awareness and promote an upcoming event? It is a pretty good option to use facebook live video to relate with customers and sensitise them about your event. Endeavour to insert a URL directing them to where they can register and get tickets. Use traceable URLs to tell which social platform is getting you the most signups for your event.

#5 Give an Inside Look at your Business

With Facebook Live, you can give your customers behind-the-scenes look at your business and how it works. Customers may associate with your brand after watching a live video showing the inside look of your business. For instance, your restaurant may do a live video showing the various hygienic conditions and process of getting a meal ready. This builds trust and brand integrity as customers will perfectly understand the various facets of your operations.

Cameroonian Hacker Develops an SMS Car Tracking App

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SMS Car Tracking App

Opportunity has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door in the form of disappointment. The recent internet outage in Anglophone Cameroon has recorded quite a number of innovations in the silicon mountain community. Developers have begun to think out of the box building products that don’t require the internet to function. Zoomed “SMS Car Tracking App” which is a fruit of the internet shutdown in English Cameroon. Zoomed is a car tracking app that uses just an SMS to track the location of cars without the internet.

Zuo Bruno, Cameroons ethical offensive hacker was challenged with the recent internet outage. He had already spent enormous time developing a car tracking application to support car owners and the automobile industry. Initially, his aim was to build an app that will function with the use of the internet, but unfortunately, his intentions were threatened with the internet outage. So he decided to switch from an app which will function via the internet, to one which functions with the use of SMS.

Bruno began trying different ways of how to adapt his innovation to fully work on the SMS platform. Behold, after sleepless nights of writing codes and scripts he found a way forward. His imagination and dream came through. He finally developed a car tracking app that exclusively works without the internet.  With this app, you can track your car from any location on the planet via SMS. The creation of this incredible app shows a possibility, that more technology products that require zero internet shall spring up.

How the App Works.

In order for it to work, an MT3336 GPS Chip which has been programmed with a sensitivity of -159dBm has to be installed in a car.  It allows for GPS signals to be received even in the remotest parts of the planet. To track the location of the car, you simply call your car and it will drop the call after two rings and reply with an SMS showing the current Location, speed and car direction.

The app comes with other features such as:


This gps car tracking app lately got a paying client Mr Bisong Kevin- a young businessman who owns a fleet of commercial vehicles. Bisong has a set of dishonest drivers who always play over his intelligence when it comes to respecting policies and balancing daily revenue. Ever since he installed this app in his cars, his daily revenue has increased as the drivers cannot lie anymore. The app monitors their every move via SMS.

Bisong shows gratitude as  sms car tracking App effectively helps him manage his assets saving him from all the losses due to dishonest drivers.

Necessity has always been the mother of invention. Zoomed is a blessing to car owners and the automobile industry in general. This app will go a long way to foster security and management of automobiles. There’s no hideout for people who are fond of stealing cars.

For more information go to

Call: 243807560/676376624


Paul Biya, Donald Trump. World Changing Val’s Day Romance Stories.

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Valentine’s day is here! Sorry if you lost your boo and bravo to you who could snatch one – Very smart. Unlike us, you won’t be sleeping and groaning over how lonely you are. Some people are mending up their broken souls, and marriages. This is the time for reconciliation and we were just wondering the most amazing reconciliations that could happen tomorrow and go down in history. From Cameroon, let’s travel the world and see if these miraculous reconciliations could come true.

Government Reinstalls the Internet in West Cameroon.

This will be the greatest reconciliation ever!  This is more than walking into dinner with sweet scented roses all over the floor, beautiful candles, and dim lights, an orchestra and your man by you looking all dapper. All Southern Cameroonians might just as well decide to stay at home and enjoy their long-lost internet. It’s been almost a month of no internet- they might just want to enjoy that moment for fear of the government changing their mind on 15th February. Talk about a dream come true.

Trump Falls in love with International Muslim Community.

How sweet will it be to have Trump make a surprising speech tomorrow, uplifting his ban on the 7 Muslim countries? He’ll begin by saying As-salāmu ʿalaykum (peace be upon you) and later on uplift the ban which got him in almost everyone’s black books. He will make sure he doesn’t apologise for his actions and of course issue out some hideous threats. That’s why he is is Donald Trump.

Britain Decides to Rejoin the European Union

This divorce process which has pulled on longer than we thought has even been more strenuous than being in a relationship with you. At some point, we felt we will be better off without you, but it’s high time we came back home. We just realized how painful this will be on our part, and trust me we are not ready (Theresa May speaking). IFS calculates that there will be around £60bn worth of austerity by 2019-20. Of this £12bn (20 per cent) will be raised from cuts to welfare. Some £16bn (25 percent) will come from tax rises. But almost all the rest – by far the biggest chunk of austerity – will come from slashing spending by Whitehall departments. Who wants to go through this?

Western Countries Decide to Stop Swindling Africa

This is going to be the trillion dollar reconciliation, which will lighten up the continent like a glowing splint. The beginning of a new time when we will stop suffering from the curse of trading with big guns like the United States, Europe, and China. Finally, we will get to know our worth, what we produce, who consumes what, and what is sold. A love relationship which will not be bound by hidden agendas, or clouded with selfish reasons.

Africa is finally going to be free from the hands of its manipulative so-called business partners and investors. A few stomachs and pockets are going to scale down, because of a change in their egocentric behavior.

Of course, most of us can’t dream of any of these happening but it could be an exciting day if just one of these reconciliations made the day’s headline. #BringBackOurInternet, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Brexit #FreeAfrica.