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Tell you something. When I arrived in Bamako in 1993 with 3 PC’s in my suitcases as a present of my employer I never thought how difficult it would become. I didn’t speak much French except some “Comment √ßa va” or “J’ai faim”, “C’est chaud” etc. My school French was quite different from the African tongues, but I did learn. And the Africans were tolerant and understanding – talking slowly so I could grasp a word now and then, and I lost my hesitations to speak. And since I learnt French NOT by rolling “r” in school I had a sore throat in the evenings and decided one day to adopt African French as good as possible. And it worked. I mean I had been to Asia, worked in the US, Canada and Australia – but this was different all the way.

But with time I started to like Mali, and finally I loved it, and it made me curious of other countries. Back in Switzerland I missed Africa so much that I decided to go back in 1995 to try it on my own. I knew that Africans are very open when it comes to first contacts, and of course I figured they would expect something in return from me for that hospitality. Only logical when one sees the general conditions they live in. And a “Toubab” can eventually be helpful, right ?

I was already into IT networks for a while and decided to get computers to ship them down. I asked Zurich Group, where I made my apprenticeship decades earlier for some used machines, and they gave me 110 Compaq Proliant PC’s. Well… finally I packed them into 2 containers containing an old car and some household to go with and got the stuff to Dakar, because I already had a business contact there, which was lacking in Mali. Gotta go where the chances are better, right ?

So the stuff got to the port – and sat there for 8 months, and the bill went skyrocketing to get it out of customs, because we didn’t know anybody in customs, didn’t have the needed cash, but finally my Senegalese partner got around to know some of the people who worked there, and we were ready to start. Since the police helped us to get it out, we set up a networking school for young officers so the police corps would have some experts in their ranks. IT was quite new at that time, you know.

It was expensive, true, but that project put our name quite up there since the newspapers brought articles about us, I had to give radio interviews in French….

We did other projects in the following until 2008, when the economic crisis hit us all, and I was forced to return home. After doing some small projects in Cameroon my partner from Dakar rang up and told me to get ready to restart in Senegal. He said: “You know, everybody wants to invest in Senegal now, we have the connections to the government, come down !” Of course that took me by surprise after all that time, but I thought: These people are truly wonderful. They haven’t forgotten us after all these years. They still remember the small Swiss Toubab.

And therefore I didn’t hesitate to start again – exactly what we’re doing now. We have learnt very hard in Africa. It’s easy to lose money there when you’re a Newbie. But EVERYBODY who goes to Africa loses first before he wins. At least until he has learnt the difference in cultures.

And that’s what we’re doing now with SW@XE consulting. We advise you on the do’s and dont’s, introduce you to the deciders. Because you will never make any business in Africa without getting ripped off until you’re friends with your client and his family.

And we do the endless paperwork you need until you can start making money. We like that job, because we would have needed somebody like us when we started. We’d saved up a lot of money then ūüėČ


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I could paste n articles from n sources here about that creep and the gang he’s connected to. Some call it the 1%, I call them the new fascists in neocon clothes. One wonders how so few people could achieve the power to dictate the world’s course to that degree.

And he’s ONLY ONE of them. Beware of the rest….


Some have called me an anti-semite, accusing me of hating the Jews, which is not true at all. I DO hate all those perverted rich power freaks who only have in mind to model the world to their ideal, while killing millions, starting wars, playing chess one against the other so they profit in the end. And, funny, all the Rothschilds, Cohns, Soros and others in the world seem to have something in common…..when they were McCartneys, Smiths or Joneses, people would probably call me an anti-anglophone.

Is the rest of the world too stupid to realize that ? What is it, that keeps the couch potatoes off thinking ? The fight for a Wal-Mart job ? The ugly ass of Miley Cyrus on TV ? We’re enslaving ourselves and make selfies of that, send it to Facebook and dream of friends we will never have.

We are on the brink of a BIG change. And either way – it won’t end good. We have the choice of becoming a human race of brainwashed dumbphonies going over the WW3 cliff or we become conscious of whats happening but apparently can’t stop that drive.

KENfm – the end of democracy

Sorry, in German. It’s simply impossible to find an equivalent in the anglophone media. It seems that the anglophone regions have their own way of reasoning which doesn’t allow other views to published.

Or am I wrong ?


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Do you remember your childhood ? Do you remember incidents which were not important at the time, and in fact they aren’t now, but they somehow stayed in your mind up to now ?

And….do you really think you are the same person NOW as you were back then (given there’s some decades at least in between). ?

To me it is strange. I often believe I’m living several lives, having several personalities, although I know it’s always ME, it always was. I lie in bed at night quite often and some memories come to mind. I remember living in Zurich, my father was an insurance agent, office boss, that’s why we never got along after. He prepared my future as his successor, and I said, forget it, no interest, and went off to Asia for 6 months. That’s what I thought at first. I came back after 3 years having surrounded the globe and with no idea of being glued to an office and working something that didn’t interest me at all.


Dry work. You sell paragraphs you can’t relate to. You try to sell bullshit to people that but don’t believe in what you sell yourself. Don’t work. Smart people will figure that and you DON’T sell, therefore. I felt I was alive before and now some want to kill me mentally.

Childhood is fantastic. You are open to everything and, that’s the difference to when you’re grown up, everything is NEW. That’s why it stays in your memory. Time don’t pass because so many new impressions show up. When you get older, you have to look for these impressions consciously, because they don’t come day to day anymore. When you’re young, you have no problems. You are eternal. When I was 9, I was afraid of becoming TEN. I remember lying in bed the day before birthday and I was afraid of getting OLD ūüôā

So, I did as I was told and wasted 4 years on an aprenticeship in insurance. And on the weekends I was a hippie playing punk. Just before I was about to follow my pals into the depths of sugar and cocaine, I left my country.

When I was 20, I was in New Zealand picking wool as a rousie, listening to the Police when they walked on the moon, and life was great.

When I was 30, I felt the need (?) to get a wife and family, so I gave in to my hormons and did it. But I shut out my mind. So – that didn’t work. Because I knew already what freedom is, and I thought I chained myself. Love has no borders and no conventions, as long as your people know that you love them – no matter where you are. It’s not about responsability. I have learnt from my family: Better to have a father who isn’t always available but who is loving, than a father who is always around but takes his frustrations into the family.

When I was 40 I was in Africa. I’ve tried to be a good family father when back in Switzerland but I failed. Why ? All the love I had and still have couldn’t cover up my frustration about our Western society where hearts are STONE and doors are SHUT. I lived in places which were different, and couldn’t get that out of my mind.

So I f…ed up on people I love, they couldn’t understand it at first, tried to talk to me then, but nevertheless I failed. I shouldn’t have taken the responsibility and then find out that I can’t cope with it because I saw my life MUST be different.

Luckily for me I was given the chance to explain – and people didn’t agree, but they accepted it, because they knew that I would not have lasted in a life where everything is planned – not by myself, but by the society we live in.

I had so many lives. I have families in several countries, not my OWN families (blood), but people who have gracefully accepted me to be member of the family, and that’s the biggest honor I can imagine. And no – it’s not about money, as I think most of you will think now.

So, now, all those years later, I find myself going through all those stages of my life in my mind, still thinking that the 9-year-old listening to the Beatles was someone else but not me – or not ? ūüėČ

I wonder and will never stop wondering if that kid was really me…it’s so damn strange to realize that life can take so many turns, and that humans can change so much during such a short time, and will be shaped to become something so different than what the parents and/or the environment planned to….or would you have thought at 20 that you’d be so different in later life ? I guess not.

5 Easy Excel Shortcuts Every Business Owner Should Know

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5 Easy Excel Shortcuts Every Business Owners Should Know

Microsoft excel has become an essential tool for small and medium size businesses in recent times. Recording daily transactions in journals other vital information is a good culture. But the benefits of using an excel sheet to record business transactions will enable businesses to digitalis data for further analysis. We present you 5 excel shortcuts to help you be more efficient at using a spreadsheet to record business information (data).

Truth be told, data is the backbone of every business and excel will do alot for your data. If your business fails to keep data then get it clear, your planning to fail. Mastering excel shortcuts will save your business time and money. Shortcuts will definitely assist you to replicate columns. Advanced formulas in Excel can turn manual processes that took weeks to complete in the 1980s into something that takes only a few minutes today.

Trust me, after you meticulously read through these 5 easy excel shortcuts, you will eventuality become proficient and effective when using excel spreadsheets. These shortcuts below will help your business thrive.

Excel Formulas


Let’s say you want to determine the profit you generated from a list of leads who are associated with specific area codes, or calculate the sum of certain employees’ salaries — but only if they fall above a particular amount. Doing that manually sounds a bit time-consuming, to say the least.

With the SUMIF function, it doesn’t have to be — you can easily add up the sum of cells that meet certain criteria, like in the salary example above.

  • The formula: =SUMIF(sum_range, criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2, criteria2], …)
    • Sum_range: The range of cells you’re going to add up.
    • Criteria_range1: The range that is being tested using Criteria1.
    • Criteria1: The criteria that determine which cells in Criteria_range1 will be added together.

In the example below, we wanted to calculate the sum of the salaries that were greater than $70,000. The SUMIF function added up the dollar amounts that exceeded that number in the cells C3 through C12, with the formula =SUMIF(C3: C12,”>70,000″)



Email and file sharing are wonderful tools in today’s workplace. That is, until one of your colleagues sends you a worksheet with some really funky spacing. Not only can those rogue spaces make it difficult to search for data, but they also affect the results when you try to add up columns of numbers.

Rather than painstakingly removing and adding spaces as needed, you can clean up any irregular spacing using the TRIM function, which is used to remove extra spaces from data (except for single spaces between words).

  • The formula: =TRIM(“Text”)
    • Text: The text from which you want to remove spaces.

Here’s an example of how we used the TRIM function to remove extra spaces after a name on our list. To do so, we entered =TRIM(“Steve Peterson”) into the Formula Bar.



Let’s say you have a line of text within a cell that you want to break down into a few different segments. Rather than manually retyping each piece of the code into its respective column, users can leverage a series of string functions to deconstruct the sequence as needed: LEFT, MID, or RIGHT.


  • Purpose: Used to extract the first X numbers or characters in a cell.
  • The formula: =LEFT(text, number_of_characters)
    • Text: The string that you wish to extract from.
    • Number_of_characters: The number of characters that you wish to extract starting from the left-most character.

In the example below, we entered =LEFT(A2,4) into cell B2, and copied it into B3:B6. That allowed us to extract the first 4 characters of the code.


  • Purpose: Used to extract characters or numbers in the middle based on position.
  • The formula: =MID(text, start_position, number_of_characters)
    • Text: The string that you wish to extract from.
    • Start_position: The position in the string that you want to begin extracting from. For example, the first position in the string is 1.
    • Number_of_characters: The number of characters that you wish to extract.

In this example, we entered =MID(A2,5,2) into cell B2, and copied it into B3:B6. That allowed us to extract the two numbers starting in the fifth position of the code.


  • Purpose: Used to extract the last X numbers or characters in a cell.
  • The formula: =RIGHT(text, number_of_characters)
    • Text: The string that you wish to extract from.
    • Number_of_characters: The number of characters that you want to extract starting from the right-most character.

For the sake of this example, we entered =RIGHT(A2,2) into cell B2, and copied it into B3:B6. That allowed us to extract the last two numbers of the code.


This one is an oldie, but a goodie — and it’s a bit more in depth than some of the other formulas we’ve listed here. But it’s especially helpful for those times when you have two sets of data on two different spreadsheets, and want to combine them into a single spreadsheet.

My colleague, Rachel Sprung — whose “How to Use Excel” tutorial is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn — uses a list of names, email addresses, and companies as an example. If you have a list of people’s names next to their email addresses in one spreadsheet, and a list of those same people’s email addresses next to their company names in the other, but you want the names, email addresses, and company names of those people to appear in one place — that’s where VLOOKUP comes in.

Note: When using this formula, you must be certain that at least one column appears identically in both spreadsheets. Scour your data sets to make sure the column of data you’re using to combine your information is exactly the same, including no extra spaces.

  • The formula: VLOOKUP(lookup value, table array, column number, [range lookup])
    • Lookup Value: The identical value you have in both spreadsheets. Choose the first value in your first spreadsheet. In Sprung’s example that follows, this means the first email address on the list, or cell 2 (C2).
    • Table Array: The range of columns on Sheet 2 you’re going to pull your data from, including the column of data identical to your lookup value (in our example, email addresses) in Sheet 1 as well as the column of data you’re trying to copy to Sheet 1. In our example, this is “Sheet2!A:B.” “A” means Column A in Sheet 2, which is the column in Sheet 2 where the data identical to our lookup value (email) in Sheet 1 is listed. The “B” means Column B, which contains the information that’s only available in Sheet 2 that you want to translate to Sheet 1.
    • Column Number: The table array tells Excel where (which column) the new data you want to copy to Sheet 1 is located. In our example, this would be the “House” column, the second one in our table array, making it column number 2.
    • Range Lookup: Use FALSE to ensure you pull in only exact value matches.
  • The formula with variables from Sprung’s example below:=VLOOKUP(C2,Sheet2!A:B,2,FALSE)

In this example, Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 contain lists describing different information about the same people, and the common thread between the two is their email addresses. Let’s say we want to combine both datasets so that all the house information from Sheet 2 translates over to Sheet 1.


5) IF

There are times when we want to know how many times a value appears in our spreadsheets. But there are also those times when we want to find the cells that contain those values, and input specific data next to it.

We’ll go back to Sprung’s example for this one. If we want to award 10 points to everyone who belongs in the Gryffindor house, instead of manually typing in 10’s next to each Gryffindor student’s name, we’ll use the IF-THEN formula to say: If the student is in Gryffindor, then he or she should get ten points.

  • The formula: IF(logical_test, value_if_true, value of false)
    • Logical_Test: The logical test is the “IF” part of the statement. In this case, the logic is D2=”Gryffindor.” Make sure your Logical_Test value is in quotation marks.
    • Value_if_True: If the value is true — that is, if the student lives in Gryffindor — this value is the one that we want to be displayed. In this case, we want it to be the number 10, to indicate that the student was awarded the 10 points. Note: Only use quotation marks if you want the result to be text instead of a number.
    • Value_if_False: If the value is false — and the student does not live in Gryffindor — we want the cell to show “0,” for 0 points.
  • Formula in below example: =IF(D2=”Gryffindor”,”10″,”0″)




The Implications of Biya Stopping International Money Transfer in Cameroon

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The Implications: Biya Stopping International Money Transfer in Cameroon

The 8:30 pm news broadcast on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, on state media CRTV ¬†informed the public of President Paul Biya’s decision to STOP money transfer agencies from sending and receiving money internationally. Money transfers will be done at the national level. This decision of Biya Stopping International Money Transfer to and from Cameroon has got dire implications on the economy, entrepreneurs and other organisations depending on international money transfer to unfold.

Biya Stopping International Money Transfer is perceived by many West Cameroonians as a move to sabotage the gofundme project. ¬†I know folks in Cameroon who earn a living from freelancing precisely in the Silicon Mountain of Buea. These tech engineers, graphic designers and digital marketers, etc. rely on the western Union, MoneyGram and the world remit to receive payment from clients abroad. President Biya’s decision to stop the international movement of money to Cameroon has received a huge criticism from Cameroonians in general.

According to the world bank, about 120 million people in Africa receive money from about 30 million relatives and friends who left their home country, for a total of USD 60 billion. Moreover, Africans in the Diaspora sent home $33 billion in 2014 to their relatives or friends to help pay for living expenses, education, health care and even to start a business.

Biya Stopping International Money Transfer in Cameroon will hinder not only the sales of digital products but will greatly affect our fashion designers who have a huge customer base abroad. This vicious act of the government of Cameroon will cripple so many businesses and solo-preneurs who carry out international transactions on a regular basis.

The implications of Biya Stopping International Money Transfer into and out of Cameroon are as below:

  • Low sales made from Cameroonian selling online as ¬†money derived from sales stays out of the country
  • Freelancers and those working online whose clients are abroad won’t have access to salaries
  • Tech startups will find it difficult to receive¬†money from the sales of their solutions from foreign customers.
  • Families back in Cameroon depend on their love ones in the diaspora for financial support. When these families can’t receive¬†money abroad they will probably face difficulties in sustaining a living.
  • Economic wise, the movement of money to and from Cameroon benefits the economy as it keeps it booming.

As an entrepreneur, an institution which depends on international money transactions to sustain or survive in business should look into the solutions provided below:

  • Open an account in Nigeria. Nigeria is not far from Cameroon. This could enable you to travel to go get your cash from your bank in Nigeria¬†and bring it to Cameroon.
  • Use bank to bank transfer. Still, in good faith, you can, however, inform the sender to use his bank to forward the money to your bank. There is a little¬†disadvantage here as you’ve¬†got to wait for 3 working days for activation.
  • Use online payment processor such as PayPal and Payoneer MasterCard to retrieve your money
  • Create bank accounts in several countries
  • As for family remittance, diasporans may ship their credit card to Cameroon. This option is quite expensive, though, but the lives of our loved ones back home matter as some retired parents need these cash to maintain their health.



Social Media Facts Check: How do I Know What is True Online

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Social Media - How do I know what is true online?

The Internet sphere of Cameroon has experienced a surge of viral content on social media over the past couple of weeks. Most of the viral content serve to stir up emotions or create an alert and with such content, people don’t question what they are told simply because emotions are involved. It is really simple; because it feels true that makes it true. The question on the minds and lips of everyone is; “How do I know what is true online?”

Social Media is a very fertile ground for conspiracies, propaganda and hoaxes. So much information is being circulated and made available on social networks and this nurtures the phenomena known as confirmation bias which is the urge to believe only things that only confirm what you already believe to be true, among users of these networks. We human beings have a very strong inclination to believe what favours us, even if it is clearly unrealistic. We just may ask: “Why spoil a good story?”

In the social media era with conspiracies, propaganda and mistruths flying around like dust particles, there’s an urgent need for us to be careful with the information we consume, for the information and the facts need to be checked. Every man has a right to be wrong in his opinion but no one has the right to be wrong with facts. Facts are facts!!! Yet despite the critical nature of facts, politicians and propagandists keep breathing mistruths (like their lives depend on it) and we keep believing them ignorantly.

The culture of fact-checking is conspicuously absent as many people don’t care and those who dare verify the facts don’t always seem to believe in the new information thanks to confirmation bias. The essence of fact verification is to erase misconceptions especially in the present era of social media dominance.

The audience is attracted to people who appear (and are not necessarily) more politically knowledgeable, sophisticated and are deeply interested in politics. This same audience is good at ignoring information which is against their ideological preferences. They really like believing what their side believes and they seek but information that confirms those beliefs. They have a strong tendency to incorporate any new information in a way that supports their present opinion. Worth knowing is that the most misinformed people are also the most confident in their misinformed ideas and many of them resist correct information when it is presented. Now that’s ludicrous.

Our various Christian doctrines teach us that the truth shall always prevail but we can’t help but wonder why lies and hoaxes flourish out there and particularly on media. These falsehoods get repeated more than a lot via media. This repetition helps a lie stick to the brain of the viewer or the reader for it is easy to believe in an idea which is more familiar. Hence, the strong believe in viral contents. Because of mistrust in the system, there’s a lot of confirmation bias in the consumption of information especially when their beliefs make the other party or the system look bad. It is really hard to change people’s minds once they believe a piece of misinformation even when there is new and better or contradictory data.

Fact checking serves to increase the credibility and trustworthiness of the information in articles and documents. And this is based on independent research and proper reporting skills.

To attempt an answer to the question of who checks the fact checker that has been trending on social media these days, I would say the author of the fact (those who carried out the acts) are the ones to check the fact checker and this could be through public statements or press releases by the authors of the facts.

So while consuming information, you are advised to consume wisely and responsibly for even salt looks like sugar. One thing is ever certain, ignoring the facts doesn’t change the facts.

By Nkwain Carlson


Cobweb App: The Easiest Way to Buy & Sell Your Own Stuff Online

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Cobweb App: The Easiest Way to Buea & Sell Your Own Stuff Online

Cobweb, one of the most recent startups in the Silicon Mountain has got great potentials of channelling new and fairly used gadgets to ready customers. This startup has got an interactive linking e-commerce app known as Cobweb App. It’s designed to link buyers to sellers. This upcoming App will enable parties to a transaction to acquire cheap and quality products from the right source to customers willing to purchase. It helps you sell your own stuff.

Cobweb¬†is a Cameroonian Tech startup founded in the Silicon Mountain that creates software. It is founded by Ngashu Wilson Jr, Cynthia Ngue Adanze and Bate Williams.This startup also renders network marketing and referral marketing to answer to the needs of customers in the ecosystem. The aforementioned ¬†App is envisaged to be the MOST reliable linking platform where buyers meet sellers at all levels. “I started linking buyers to sellers since 2015 under the acronym of Cobweb”, co-founder Ngashu Wilson jr affirmed.

Since the waves of entrepreneurship struck the shores of Cameroon, Buea (Silicon Mountain) has become the home of Tech Innovation in Cameroon.  Through this tech community, many young Cameroonians came to believe in creativity and entrepreneurship and this has been the springboard for their creating businesses and providing job opportunities to many youths. Cobweb is a baby company with a great potential to accelerate growth. The company provides a service culture that enables Cameroonians to grab the e-commerce culture.

According to this innovative team, the app is user-intuitive and friendly. This Cobweb App is designed to run the various operating systems in the likes of Android, Windows, Blackberry and iOS, respectively. Selling your own stuff online without the necessary assistance from an online savvy professional is a way forward for a layman to enjoy the benefits of e-commerce. Afrohustler shall inform you about the official release date of this interactive app.




A Message from the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Consortium

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A Message from the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Consortium

In the early hours of today, Monday 9th January 2017, the  Cameroon Anglophone Civil Consortium sent out a fervent message to  West Cameroonians in relation to their safety during this period (Ghost Town). An array of pictures over flooded the social media confirmed the effectiveness of the planned ghost town. Teachers and students are resolute as they collectively ostracised school this morning. Fewer or no taxis ply the streets, shops in Buea and other towns in Anglophone Cameroon are close.

Culled from the ¬†Cameroon Anglophone Civil Consortium’s facebook fan page, this body advised the public as seen below:

“Please, fellow brothers and sisters, we apologize for our last post earlier. It was not meant to carry our letterhead. Kindly share this post and once again, we apologize for the mix-up. The Consortium urges all parents, sons and daughters to stay at home and avoid any street March or demonstrations. We will continue to update you. Thank you.”

After all the failed attempts from the government officials to persuade anglophone traditional rulers, teachers to resume to class, parents to send their children back to school. The government thinks she can outsmart the people’s course with money. The government knows quite well that there is a problem and to resolve any conflict you diagnose the root cause rather than the surface cause. The voice of the people is the voice of God “vox populi vox Dei” If a government can’t listen to her subjects demands and provide a solution then she is not worth governing these subjects.



Breaking News: Message From Mancho Bibixy to West Cameroonians

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Breaking News: Message From Mancho Bibixy to West Cameroonian

Yesterday the 5th, Jan 2017, West Cameroon’s activist Mancho Bibixy, the initiator of the coffin revolution sent out words of encouragement to his fellow anglophone compatriots. This southern Cameroon freedom fighter has gain recognition due to his effrontery to speak out for his people. His sheer tenacity to influence change makes him one of the figureheads in the anglophone struggle of liberation. Mancho Bibixy believes in the restoration of the statehood of West Cameroon and vehemently¬†kicks against the French rule in this English speaking territory.

On his facebook account, he stated as below:

liberation movement for southern Cameroon(LMSC) initiators of the coffin revolution.This is the text format of our latest audio. We the initiators of the coffin revolution congratulate you all for the resistance this far. We asked you to stay off streets and give time for dialogue. It was a trap and the enemy fell in it big time. Now you agree that la Republic du Cameroon (lrc) has nothing to dialogue with us. Again, we are 2 equal states and any dialogue must include a neutral body which must be the U.N.O. This protest has shifted from teacher/lawyer to a liberation problem. Our demand has shifted from other things to complete independence. We appreciate the efforts of our diaspora and our social media warriors.

Next phace of our resistance begins on monday jan 9 at 7am all over the nation of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) the consortium has spoken and we must follow. All school owners, principals, parents, teachers and students must stay at home. Govt offices, banks, mobile phone service providers, transporters, markets and every economic operator must shut down. Our past actions have set in some activities at the UNO in our favour. We must continue now or forever be slaves.

We assure you that you will celebrate Xmas 2017 as a new nation. A nation with the best currency, where education will be free. All hospital lab test free and private school teachers paid by gov’t. Where police will dress in white n soldiers and their families live in luxurious barracks. That nation is next door. keep up the fight,watch and pray. This is God’s time for our freedom. All 4 one, 1 for all.


Samsung Invests $150 Million to Support Early-Stage Tech Startups

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Samsung Invests $150 Million to Support Early-Stage Tech Startups

Samsung’s new year resolution is probably geared to support and promote global entrepreneurship. This electronics manufacturer is known for her huge market share and brand integrity when it comes to mobile gadgets. In an effort to make the world a better place for young tech entrepreneurs and startups at all levels. Samsung NEXT (formerly the Samsung Innovation Centre) plans¬†to empower tech entrepreneurs by¬†Investing $150 Million to Support Early-Stage Tech Startups around the globe.

Samsung NEXT is aimed to partner with tech innovators to take them to the NEXT level ‚ÄĒ build great ideas into products, grow products into thriving businesses and scale businesses that leverage and transform the Samsung ecosystem.

Earlier today,  Samsung NEXT (formerly the Samsung Innovation Centre) announced its intentions to build upon its multi-stage global innovation platform to empower tech entrepreneurs with funding, resources and deep-domain expertise.

The Samsung NEXT Fund is a $150 million venture capital investment geared towards increasing Samsung’s support of early stage startups pursuing advanced software and service innovation. The fund targets pre-seed to Series B investments with a focus on virtual reality, artificial intelligence, IoT and other emerging technology frontiers across the globe.

Several tech startups such as Converge Industries, Dashbot, Entry Point VR, Filament, Intezer, LiquidSky, Otto Radio, 2Sens, SafeDK and Virtru ‚ÄĒ have already received capital from the fund, Samsung affirms. Samsung believes that the¬†NEXT Fund¬†will help accelerate the growth of startups and ultimately ensure their success.

Samsung NEXT is launching multiple offices across the world in line with its effort to expand continental-wise and maintain a global balance.  Samsung NEXT office was lately launched in Tel Aviv in September 2016, following offices at Mountain View, New York, San Francisco and Korea.

At CES 2017 Eureka Park, Samsung will be showcasing startups from its portfolio that are pushing boundaries with new frontier technologies and innovative solutions.

Don’t hesitate to get more information on how to gain access to the fund, visit