Goddess Locs – How to DIY with B Btrice

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DIY goddess locs

Most of us have surely admired goddess locs, but wondered how and who could do it for us. Getting your hairdresser to do certain coiffures for you could end up in a sham. Most especially when she’s that type who thinks she has done this for so long and obviously will get it right. When they don’t, there’s usually two outcomes – you either grumble unsatisfactorily and manage it for a week or take it out when you get home.

What do we end up doing – turn up to vloggers. They are amazing right, but most of them call stuff which some of us don’t have access to – Disappointing!

So I decided to search and give you the ultimate guide to getting goddess locs like Meagan Good. In the video below, B Btrice a beauty vlogger, gives us a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this awesome look. The amazing part is you can do it all by yourself, and with products in our local stores and markets. Just so you know goddess locs are very flexible and light.

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7 Habits you should Adopt to Age Well

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IYA Buea Christmas Season Events

Some people have really good genes, and thereby tend to look almost the same over decades. But that’s just with a  few. The rest of us cannot rely on “black don’t crack” while doing all sorts of unhealthy things. In order to age well, and look 25 at 40 you need these  habits to put you in check.

7 Habits which will Help you Age Well

1. Watch what you eat

You are what you eat. Nutrition plays a very great role in how your body ages. Adopt a diet made up of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. In contrast sugary carbohydrate-heavy, and fatty foods—think, chips, soda, and white bread—can speed up the aging process.


To age well, it’s better to opt for natural sweetener. Also, consume less salts. Good feeding will make you look young, and free you from diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, etc. Also, the quantity of food you eat matters.

2. Drinking

People who consume more of water, and less alcohol have great skin as they age. A little alcohol never killed anyone. But each person should consume in accordance to their system. What’s quite little to one person could be dangerous to another.

3. Exercise

Staying active will help you age well whereas being inactive makes you prior to obesity, heart disease and early death.  As you get older, it becomes even more important to remain active if you want to stay healthy and maintain your independence. You lose muscle more rapidly as you age, but exercise—resistance workouts in particular—can increase mass and strength.


 4. Rest

Not having enough rest has a negative effect on your appearance. During sleep, your body releases a growth hormone that helps restore collagen and elastin. They are essential building blocks of young and healthy skin.  Moreover, chronic lack of sleep adversely affects your brain’s function and speeds up the aging process.

5. Maintain a positive attitude.

You are what you think you are when it comes to aging. Seniors who think of age as a means to wisdom and overall satisfaction are more than 40 percent more likely to recover from a disability than those who see aging as synonymous with helplessness or uselessness, according to The Journal of the American Medical Association.

6. Social Ties

Friends and relatives can help you live longer. Those with strong social ties were shown to have a 50 percent higher chance of living longer than those with poor or insufficient relationships. Make out time to relax with friends and forget about stressful moments. Every smile helps you age well and increase your life span.


7. Protect your skin from the sun.

Too much time in the sun can cause wrinkles, not to mention cancer. But wearing sunscreen can help prevent your skin’s aging. And while the sun’s UV rays do trigger vitamin D production, which is essential for bone health, that’s hardly a good reason to expose yourself.



Buea Techies Accused of SCNC Activism Are Finally Freed

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SCNC Members in court|SCNC members

The  Buea Court of First Instance  has finally granted bail to the Isaac Kamga, Nyah Check and all 14 persons accused of SCNC activism who were arrested  on July 17.

The convicted persons were discharged yesterday Tuesday 30, August 2016, after a court session that lasted for only a brief moment. It will be very interesting to note that the decision to release the accused persons wasn’t made known in court. Eye witness accounts hold that the magistrate wrapped up  the court session  at the speed of light and never gave chance to any other lawyer to say a word.

It’s been 45 days, including the day of their release, since the accused and convicted persons were rounded up at a restaurant in Molyko, Buea for allegedly holding an unlawful meeting. Yesterday’s court session was the fourth with a couple of postponements. The accused persons were made to go through a rigmarole of court sessions.

It’s all been a case full  of drama. According to Cameroon Journal’s Charles Ekema report of August 29, the accused persons were charged under an old penal code.

“In a very emotional submission that lasted for well over an hour, Barrister Nkea argued that the charge before the Court was laid in terms of section 231(a) of the old Penal Code whereas the new Penal Code does not have any such section.

“He pointed out that section 231(a) of the old Penal Code under which the accused persons are charged relates to the provisions of the extant Penal Code and that under the new Penal Code the old section 231 now has a subsection (1). That going by the new Penal Code “the accused persons ought to have been charged in terms of section 231(1)(a).” He concluded that since the coming into force of the New Penal Code on the 12 of July, 2016, the provisions of section 231(a) of the Old Penal Code ceased to exist,” Charles wrote.

With clarifications given on the wrongful application of the law, Barrister Nkea then urged the court to grant bail to the accused persons. But no bail was granted. The court session of that day ended with Barrister Nkea  pleading with the Court to hear him as this was an application in equity.

ReadEye Witness Account – The Drama as Played Out in Buea Court Hearing of SCNC Case.

What could really have been the reason behind the arrest of these people? No one is certain yet, at least for those who have been going to court to learn of the crime they commited. As it will always be, people are forced to stretch their thinking abilities to areas far off when they can’t find answers to the questions they are asking. According to this report, should one also think that the two techies, Isaac Kamga and Nyah Check, were the targets of the arrest?

SCNC members

Some SCNC activists at the Buea Court of First calling for the releasing of the  15 imprisoned members

Yesterday’s court session was very brief. According to some eye witnesses, the Presiding Judge, Justice Beatrice Nambangi Ntuba, didn’t spend much time to adjourn the session neither did she give any opportunity to the other lawyers to say a word. The court then went to place the accused persons under the Legal Department at the disposal of the State counsel. At this point, pressure started mounting as placards could be seen brandished out of the court and chants heard, calling for the release of the persons accused of SCNC activism

The State counsel finally ordered the release of the persons accused of SCNC Activism later in the evening and the case was adjourned to September 5, 2016.


Mark Zuckerberg Visits Nigeria and the Tech Ecosystem

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Mark Zuckerberg Visits Nigeria

Mark Zuckerberg visits Nigeria! This is his first ever trip to Nigeria and the Sub-Saharan Africa!  Africa is the next gold mine, don’t be surprised to start seeing giant tech companies relocating to Africa. Africa is worth it!  Nigeria is noted for its vibrant tech startups whereas Cameroons Buea not long ago was proclaimed the new home of innovation by BBC .


Facebook’s founder is presently in Lagos looking forward to seeing how Facebook can be improved in Nigeria so as to support business and tech development in Africa in general. He met today with some key players at the Co-creation Hub Nigeria (CcHUB) in Yaba where he talked to kids at a summer coding camp and entrepreneurs who come to CcHub to build and launch their apps.

Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page: “Lagos! This is my first trip to sub-Saharan Africa. I’ll be meeting with developers and entrepreneurs, and learning about the startup ecosystem in Nigeria. The energy here is amazing and I’m excited to learn as much as I can.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook visits Co-Creation Hub, Lagos, Nigeria

Notwithstanding, Nigerians have always been a set of  smart people. They seized this golden opportunity to learn from this great entrepreneur. They were fortunate  to learn and get inspired  during questions and answers session with the billionaire. Below are the wise and motivational words uttered by Zuckerberg  when he met with the techies at CcHUB, that every entrepreneur must keep in mind.

  •  Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”
  •  People don’t care about what you say; they care about what you build or do.
  • Actions speak louder than words. You cannot keep mouthing off with no evidence to show for it. Take time to build; invest in the foundation of your building, your systems, your relationships. A house built upon the sand will crumble.
  •  The biggest risk is not taking any risk.
  •  We don’t build services to make money; we make money to build better services. Perspective. Perspective. Perspective. Think, why do you do what you do? Why are you in business? To make profit, to solve problems, make a difference, what? Let your motive be right.
  • We look for people who are passionate about something. In a way, it almost doesn’t matter what you’re passionate about. Passion is the fuel that drives the mission. Find your passion and plug it into something.
  •  You are better off trying something and having it not work and learning from that than not doing anything at all.
  • Loose the fear of failure. It’s a noose around your neck. Don’t be afraid to lay your hands on something new. You can never tell what it stands to become in the nearest future.

Mark Zuckerberg visits to Nigeria, is a clear sign that Nigeria is doing great as far as Tech Innovation is concerned. Moreover, his words of motivation will probably inspire a lot of tech founders and startups. As an entrepreneur, I am convinced  the above words from Facebook’s founder will make you redefine and inspire you to achieve your goals.




Meet Snazzy, Founder and CEO of Lion Nation Entertainment

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Meet Snazzy

Hello guys, here comes the voice of  Luma Terence a.k.a , Cameroon’s Finest  artist, founder and CEO of Lion Nation Entertainment Record Label based in Limbe, South West Region of Cameroon . Snazzy is a young talented Cameroonian artist who is so passionate about music, reggae/dancehall, in particular. This young talent has a vision for Cameroon’s music industry as he spends late night hours  at his studio working on music beats and training younger talents.

Afro Hustler had the opportunity to meet with this hustler to dig deep and know more about the Lion Nation Entertainment Record Label. Please just be patient enough to get a full story of Snazzy, Lion Entertainment Record Label and Cameroon music in this short interview.


Snazzy, Founder and CEO of Lion Nation Entertainment

 How did you get started in the music and entertainment industry?

First of all, I will start by thanking  Afro Hustler  for this interview and with this, people can get a little about what surrounds me and the label. I started all this music stuff by dancing . At a tender age, I loved dancing  which was a hobby to me. I remembered back in secondary school I did stage performances, inter-school competitions. Singing was a part of me as I used to write and sing songs  that began entertaining my class mates. Sometimes while in class, I get inspired and write rhymes at the back of my note books . Entertainment then got its birth as I could easily pull up a crowd to watch me sing.

Were you influenced by old records and tapes? Which ones?

Yes. I got inspired by some great artists I loved so much – Bob Marley , Buju Banton , Mr Vegas , Shabba Ranks , Sean Paul , Beenie man , Lady Saw, etc. I love listening to their songs, lyrics and beats which helped in grooming me to become a great artist today.

How did you go from doing music to owning a record label?

Well it has almost been my dream to  own a record label made up of talented people , ready to work for success and to attain the goals of an artist.  So this is a dream which has been realised by God’s grace.

Tell us everything about Lion Nation Entertainment

Yeah… Lion Nation Entertainment is an independent record label  whose mission is to supply nothing but good music to our people, train young talents and make Cameroonian music great again. We also indulge into promotion and event planning. We are here to give our own part of what Cameroon can offer to the world’s entertainment.

How many artists do you have under your record label (mention their names, and their works)

It will be so fast to conclude the number of artists which are under Lion Nation Entertainment for now. Notwithstanding,  we got a few I’m hoping to fully say they are with us . Nevertheless, I stand as the first artist and for professional reasons I will not call names until everything is confirmed.

How has the journey been so far?

The journey has been tough, challenging but we are progressing, we thank God. We are at work and expect something to keep you up. Remember when reggae hits you , you shall ask for more.



Let’s talk about Cameroonian music. So much is going on right now, but what do you think is lacking?

Hmmm. I have to be very careful while talking about Cameroon music industry. From my point of view so much is lacking . We don’t sell records , little or no record deals, the endorsement deals are absolutely low to keep an artist or label running. Companies have to appreciate our art and pay more to our artist than foreigners. DJs and media bodies should promote our music and reduce the rate of foreign music so our fans can consume what we offer to them. When this is done  companies will have to pay high for an artist. We got a lot lacking since it is still a baby industry but I’m happy we are fast growing.

Which Cameroonian or International artist will you love to work with?

I do reggae/dancehall. My genre is kind of rare in Cameroon but a blend with Alpha better boss   will make a perfect match because he steps on a reggae beat like wow. But still I could work with any artist and  serious . In regards to  international artists I will love to work with Busy Signal , Popcaan , Stonebwoy , Spice, Wizkid and Burna Boy, etc.

What last thing do you have for us?

Lastly I will want to encourage the Afro-hustler team to keep up the good work , so we can build our music industry together . Please Stay positive… Jah bless …Call me Snazzy representing Lion Nation Entertainment.

Follow Snazzy @

Twitter : snazzy_Lionn



Cameroon: Pan African Institute for Development Seeks Accreditation

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Pan African Institute

On Friday 19, August 2016 the Minister of Higher Education announced that Pan African Institute for Development (PAID) was not accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. PAID happens to be the biggest Private institution for higher education in the South West region, as well as one of the country’s largest. News spread wildly about this, most especially on social media. It got so many people thinking and saying this was all some political stunt. But it appears it wasn’t.

According to CRTV, on 21st August, 2016 Pan African Institute for Development requested for a meeting to discuss the accreditation process of their institution as a higher learning institute. The Minister, Jaque Fame Ndongo, granted them the request. The meeting was held and presided over by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Some directors of the Ministry of Higher Education and a delegation of four persons from the Pan African Institute of Higher Learning all proceeded discussions on the possibilities of accreditation.

On Thursday 1st September 2016, another meeting will be held. This time, an inspection team will be sent by the Minister of Higher Education to the Campuses of the Pan African Institute for Development in Cameroon. It is based on the reports which the team will bring back that the institution shall be granted  or not granted their accreditation.

This only gets one to wonder if going to any private institution in this country is safe. To think that for over the years, thousands of Bachelors and Masters degrees have been issued to students is a shame. Why is it only now that we are getting to discover that a very prestigious and big institution like this one is not accredited. It will be very important for the government to fish out all these institutions, so poor parents don’t spend hundreds of thousands in schools which are not recognized.

$312,000 In ICT4D Grants and Award 2016

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5 New Year Resolutions for Small Businesses

Stop searching! We’ve got good news for you this time around. Ambitious entrepreneurs are out there searching for such ICT4D grants. We all want  seed funding to launch our  projects and realise our dreams. Afro hustler is here to help you out!  Make use of these three grant opportunities and one award program which can  uplift the facelift and bring new resources to your programs.

ICT4D is an acronym for Information and Communication Technologies For Development. Better information and communication systems have the ability to further the development of the society. ICT4D has an acute reliance on technology but  also requires an understanding of community development, poverty, agriculture, healthcare, and basic education. Apply for the following  ICT4D grants and award program below:

$250,000 Data Innovations Grants

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data has a new multi-million dollar funding initiative to support innovative collaborations for data production, dissemination linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Apply before September 1st, for up to $250,000 per project implemented in low and low-middle-income countries.

$50,000 Development Innovations Grants

The Development Innovations program is awarding $50,000 grants to support civil society organizations and private-sector companies who can propose creative approaches to address development challenges using ICTs.

Apply before August 26th, for up to $50,000 per project implemented in Cambodia.

£10,000 Indigo Trust Grants

Indigo Trust funds mobile and web technology work aimed at improving transparency, accountability and service delivery in sub-Saharan Africa, including access to information, legislative transparency, budget data work and parliamentary monitoring.

Apply now, for up to £10,000 per project implemented in sub-Sahara Africa.

$3,000 ISIF Asia Awards

The ISIF Asia Awards acknowledge the important contributions Internet technology innovators have made through creative solutions to the Asia Pacific region and are granted to initiatives on the last stages of implementation.

Apply by September 15th, for AUD 3,000 plus a travel stipend to attend the awards ceremony.

For more of such opportunities visit afrohustlers.com


15 Indispensable Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

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Young entrepreneurs

A young entrepreneur is one who is ready to take a business plan for the purpose of  making money. An  entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by innovation and risk-taking. All young entrepreneurs under the age of 20 have a strong vision and goal of their life , which is to  succeed in their various businesses.

Andrew Medal, a Contributor, Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist, Web Designer, Author, and Volunteer has mentored about 15,000  young entrepreneurs from all over the world in his closed Facebook group, and he is happy to provide an  insight in entrepreneurship.

He stated thus “Entrepreneurship saved my life, it’s the purpose of my existence and it’s what I wake up for every single day. Of course, I want to give back to other entrepreneurs”. Andrew, as an entrepreneur, is basically concerned with empowering the young entrepreneurs to understand the various laws that guide a business creation and management.

A young entrepreneur  must be guided by his or her own vision, passion, and purpose, and must be one who is ready to take risks because it  is Essential to  becoming  a Millionaire. An entrepreneur is someone who understands his or her business strategy and has a unique brand.

Below are the 15 tips that Andrew shares with young entrepreneurs on how to create and manage future businesses;
1. Connect with everyone.

As a young entrepreneur, to build up your network , you must get connected with a lot of people in varied walks of life, especially on email, social media and also by doing a lot of reading and research and you should be able to link up with them for  guidance, which of course, will boost your achievement.

2. Focus on your personal brand.
As a young entrepreneur, you should know what makes you unique and build your brand from it.

3. Exploit your age to attract mentors.
Being a freshman in the field, it’s beneficial for you to take the advantage by meeting successful entrepreneurs for business mentorship and counseling. Showing your interest for mentorship is beneficial to you as a young person.

4. Leverage all resources.
Being a young person who wants to become a successful entrepreneur, you should be able to know some entrepreneurs who live around your area, as well as asking friends to assist you, do research online, and also make use of the resources available.

5. Get started.

Starting now will give you exponential experience and growth potential. You’ll learn as you go, just like every other entrepreneur. Stop analyzing everything in your life, and just start. Stopping being afraid of making mistakes or failing. Every failure is a blessing in disguise provided it teaches some needed lesson one wouldn’t have learned without it.

6. Write.

Writing is beneficial for so many reasons. It helps improve your grammar and vocabulary. It helps you communicate better, and it will be great to follow your personal growth and development by going back and reading your previous thoughts. Always have your thougts put down in writing.

7. Live at home.

Living at home is more advantageous because it reduces the cost on bills and other expenses. You must mind how you spend. This doesn’t mean that if you have the bucks enough and think that staying away from home will facilitate the achievement of your goal, that’s your call to make.

8. Get a part-time job. Maybe.

Getting a part time job helps in assisting financially, so you can be able to handle your bills as well as being financially viable in case you are to open your own company for financial stability.

9. Learning is more important than money.

As a young entrepreneur, you must always learn. Learning is more important than money. You have plenty of time to make money, and your evolution will help expedite your money-making process.

10. Stop looking for investment.

Most at times before we take off with a biz idea we’ve our gaze casted on some virtual investor. As a young entrepreneur,  don’t get blinded by  propaganda. You’ll raise money when you need to raise money. For now, focus on your product validation and customer/user experience. That’s what matters most.

11. When you’re ready for investment, go to friends and family.

The three F’s are your best in attracting funding for your company. You’ll need to put together the right documentation, learn about investment instruments (convertible notes, etc.) and show how you plan to use that money. When you’re ready, meaning you’ve validated your idea and have some attraction, the most probable place you’ll find funding is through the three F’s ( friends, family, and fools).

12. Ask for help.

As a young entrepreneur,  it’s  beneficial to ask for help. Some entrepreneurs or some people in general are unnecessarily proud, which is not a spirit an entrepreneur should uphold. It’s easy to ask for help. Just ask. Ask all  the time, and use the help given you.

13. Take aggressive risks and trust your gut.

Even at a young age, you have an idea of what you want in life. If something doesn’t feel right, learn how to trust your intuition and make decisions. Now’s the time to think and  take big risks. You’ll learn and you’ll grow. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, you learn. Either way, you win. Move across the world, create that app and whatever you envision, take the risk.

14. Don’t use age as an excuse.

There are plenty of people who have done more at a younger age. So using your “age” as an excuse as to why you can’t accomplish something is dull. Use your age to your advantage, and you’ll accomplish more.
15. Have a  rule or  dogma.

As a young entrepreneur do what is best for your life. Don’t let family or friends dictate your decisions. In every big choice you make, analyze the reason you’re choosing that direction, and make sure it aligns with your own vision for your life. This is your life, you need to do what is best for your dreams, visions, and goals.
Life is all about choices. We have the freedom to make the choices we want, and every choice will have a consequence, whether intended or not. Learn from others, figure out your vision, test ideas and trust your gut. I believe in you, so go believe in yourself and make that huge impact you know you’re going to make.

Create an idea book. Look at every successful person in history and see what they all have in common. You must have  an idea book. This includes works of mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and others. They all have (or had) idea books. Jot down your ideas all day long, carry it with you always and review your book every day and night.

From the 15 tips highlighted above if  carefully followed , it will go a long way to empower you, as a young entrepreneur.

To learn more tips, visit: entrepreneur.com.

Mugabe Orders the Arrest of Zimbabwe Olympic Team

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Robert Mugabe orders the arrest of Zimbabwe olympic team

Robert Mugabe is known for his outspoken, funny, and sometimes ridiculous words and deeds. This time around he might have taken this whole thing too far. The 92-year-old Zimbabwean president showed he is not the one to contend with failure when he ordered for the arrest of Zimbabwe’s Olympic team. During the Olympic games at Rio, Zimbabwe was represented by 31 athletes. The closest any of them came to winning was the 8th position.

Mugabe met with the commissioner general of Zimbabwe police republic, Augustine Chihuri and asked him to arrest and detain the whole Zimbabwean Olympic Team members immediately they arrive the Harare International Airport.

“We have wasted the country’s money on these rats we call athletes. If you are not ready to sacrifice and win even copper or brass medals (referring the 4th and 5th positions) as our neighbors Botswana did, then why do you go to waste our money,” he said.

”If we needed people to just go to Brazil to sing our national anthem and hoist our flag, we would have sent some of the beautiful girls and handsome guys from University of Zimbabwe to represent us.”

He further on went to say it turns out to be a soft loan which had been given to the team. Does this imply that they will have to pay back what the government had spent on them to participate in the games?

“This situation is like an impotent man who is married to five women, what is the essence? I will make sure we share the cost across the board for all of them to pay back to government chest even if it takes 10 years to recoup, now it turns out to be a soft loan we have given them to go and visit Brazil as tourist, they are useless,” he concluded.

Do we think if this was done to Cameroonian athletes, it will bring some change? Drop your comments below.

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Meet Nadia, Cameroon’s Female Auto Mechanic

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Is it strange to have a female auto mechanic? Some would say yes, of course. And others still might um…

On one of my usual hustling rounds, I found a true female afro hustler in the town of Legendary Hospitality, Buea, Cameroon. She’s not in  an office but in a garage. I was awestruck when I saw this lady loosening and tightening bolts, I mean, doing all the things I’ve always seen male auto mechanics do. Together with a classmate, they founded the Christopher Automobile garage in Mercedes Street, Bokoko-Bonduma village in Buea about 3 years ago.

I couldn’t resist the urge of wanting to know why she chose the profession and how it feels like to be a female auto mechanic among male colleagues. Ride on with me to discover more about her story.

Temfack Niugfack Nadia is the fifth child from a family of six children. She hails from Menoua (generally called Bamileke) in the West Region of Cameroon. She’s single and has no child. She received training in auto mechanics from Cameroon Opportunities Industrialization Centre (COIC) from 2004 – 2006. She later underwent a 1 year 6 months internship  at Alfa Auto, a Canadian company  in Douala, where she improved her skills in auto mechanics and also learnt automotive electrical systems.

She left Douala back for Buea to continue with her training. To ensure her training attained a rock solid form she spent 6 more years polishing up her skills at Tanjong David Downtown Garage Automobile situated around Fako Ship Bondouma.

She tells me she’s been working as a professional auto mechanic  for 5 years now and that together with her male colleague and former classmate, Akum Christopher, they started their own garage which has been operational for four years.

Temfack Niugfack Nadia

Temfack Niugfack Nadia is an auto mechanic who co-founded her garage at Mercedes Street, Bonduma, Buea

Curious to know how she came about with the decision to become an auto mechanic, she said, “I was born to be an auto mechanic because first, my father was a truck driver  and a truck mechanic. I can say I was born inside a mechanic field. I was the only person who was taking my father’s footstep and he supported me.”

Nadia goes on to talk about how it wasn’t just easy for some family members to accept that she would become a female auto mechanic. You know it’s hard for most parents to just accept some choices made by their children. So it was too for Nadia who faced a lot of resistance from her mother who tried to influence her decision.

“From the beginning, my mother could not believe I was doing this. You know this is the field of a man and seeing any woman doing it will obviously be strange. Later on, she realized I loved the profession and was doing it well, even more than some men. Customers would come looking for from home to come service their cars.

“On one journey from Dschang to Douala, my mother sister’s car had a breakdown because the lubricant of the brake system was leaking. I told my mom I was going to fix the problem but she tried to stop me. I insisted and handled the problem and the car was up and running again. We drove right to Loum and then my aunt told my mother that I’m good at what I do. That’s the moment my mother accepted I’ve chosen what I like best and since then she’s the one who has been seriously encouraging me to go on.”

Nadia and her colleagues

Nadia and colleagues fitting the screen of a client’s car

We all have had tough times in life and when faced with such situations we are required to make decisions. Nadia shares an experience whereby her male classmates in the auto mechanic department doubted that she was in the right place. They needed some proof of her decision to be part of them and she came up strong and gave them what they wanted.

“I’ve been having a lot of experiences…It’s not easy to do something when you are the only woman among men. From the beginning, it wasn’t easy to deal with men because it appeared like a challenge to them. They didn’t quite welcome me from the start. Some even thought I was a hermaphrodite. Later on, they came to discover I was doing things just like them and so we started discussing together.

“Let me share an experience at COIC that I will never forget, one of the attempts my  male classmates wanted to discourage me. I came one morning and place my overall and safety shoes on my bench and all of sudden our class prefect seized them. He asked me if I wanted to specialize in auto mechanics and I accepted.  He then said since I’ve made the choice then I’m a man like them and asked me to go on and do things like them, that is change into my working gear in their presence.

“I wanted to dress like a woman, wearing my overall before taking off my skirt. He refused, requiring me to take off my skirt and top before putting on the overall. I had no choice than to do what they wanted to prove to them that I was here to learn auto mechanics. I summoned some courage and took off my clothes in their presence. They were all staring at me, I mean just my bra and underpants on. I felt my world closing in on me but I was determined to go on because it was my decision. That’s the moment they accepted I was part of them.”

Nadia in the company of her male colleagues

Nadia in the company of her male colleagues

She made mention of  woman who encouraged her back in her school days, stating she was her mains source of encouragement when she started her professional journey back at COIC.

“I have a role model lady called Hanna. When I enrolled at Cameroon OIC she was two classes ahead of me. She now works at Razel in Douala. She gave me a lot of advice. She would tell me that if I was forced to choose this profession then I wouldn’t make it through, but if it’s all my decision to become an auto mechanic then I should get on. She would tell me to forget about the intimidation from they men and stay focus. I owe her so much gratitude and respect,” .

Nadia says her friends who didn’t see her getting through with her training to become a female auto mechanic now hold her in high esteem.

As a female auto mechanic, she’s had a tough time with some male clients who from the beginning were not convinced a woman could be a good mechanic.

“When some of the male clients come around to repair their cars they refuse having me to the job because they are not convinced I’m fit for the task. Some are afraid I wouldn’t tighten their bolts well. I wouldn’t just accept their refusal to have me do the work. Sometimes I insist that let me work on the car and when I’m done they should test, like men, if the bolts were properly secured. With this, I’ve succeeded to convince some men who now have confidence in me.

“When some women come with their cars they are surprised to see a woman working in a garage and so they get excited and insist that I be the one to work on their cars. These ladies encourage me a lot,” she talked about her clients.

Nadia is very ambitious. She mentioned that in the next 5 years she would want to own and run an institution that will train youths, especially girls. She also told me that if I happen to come around her garage in 5 years time I wouldn’t believe my eyes because the place would have been completely transformed. Since she co-founded the garage, she’s now a boss, you know like a boss lady. Presently, she’s mentoring for girls who look up to her as a role model.

“I used to have regrets why I chose this profession because of the unfriendly attitudes of some male classmates but that’s no longer the case. If I couldn’t quit back then with all the challenges I faced with classmates, then nothing can cause me to feel regrets. I’m now a boss on my own,” said Nadia who is very confident with the decision she took some years ago and is poised to go on no matter what.

“I know ladies like to do and keep their makeups to look beautiful. I wish to call on them to start thinking differently. They shouldn’t just think about specific professions. There are some of them who can perform better than some men in given fields. I’m inviting many girls and woman to join my profession because they will discover something new and different when they join the profession.”676226760

Contact Nadia via +237 676 226 760