Most of us can’t even remember what we were doing at the age of 13. Probably spending holidays visiting one friend to another, and committing all sorts of mischievous acts. We could as well console ourselves that times have changed; things were different back then. Not about us anyway it’s about this teenage fashion designer. Her hard work has put her on the spotlight as 2016 Teenpreneur.

Essynce Moore is a 13-year-old clothing designer from New Jersey. She said she started by doodling, but soon turned her doodles into clothes. She launched her clothing line Essynce Couture, LLC  in 2013 with the motto “A Child’s Passion for Fashion”.

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In addition to her doodling, Moore admits, “I always loved going shopping but I was never satisfied with the clothes. I always wanted to change them a little. Her mother encouraged her to move her ideas off the paper and into reality. After finding a seamstress, she started to sell the clothing online. “I got good reviews and lots of likes for my T-shirt line, and they were selling quickly, so we went on from there,” Moore recalls.

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Moore wasn’t done. In 2015, she opened the Essynce Couture Spa and Boutique in Passaic, New Jersey. According to Black Enterprise, the spa is a place where children, tweens, and teens can go for “manicures, pedicures, hair-cuts, athletic foot treatments, athletic hand treatments, and more.”

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For 20 years, Black Enterprise has supported youth entrepreneurship in hopes of inspiring young Black leaders. The Teenpreneur contest is a way to get visionaries under the age of 19 “committed to the tradition of black business achievement” and “of inspiring youth to view business as an exciting option, to develop a basic understanding of business principles, and to be ambitious in their career goals.”

Runners up in the 2016 Teenpreneur contest were 19-year-old Ryan Hyde and 17-year-old Khareem Oliver. Hyde created “Ignited Innovation” deemed an “environmentally safe alternative to a fire pit.” On the other hand, Oliver created Find or Found, a technology-enabled tag linked to an app and a website to help owners track their pets. But Essynce Moore still managed to grab the 2016 Teenpreneur award.

If there’s one thing parents should learn, it will be to encourage each child’s potential.


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